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Travelog for: Mimosin

Santiago de Compostela, Spain - 10th May 2009

By: -Marķa-

Hello, hello!

I'm Mimosin and I'm a little bear (I'm not heavy so you'll be able to carry me everywhere you want :) ). I'm looking forward to meeting many different people and other TVs because, even though I may be very shy at first, I'm a true party boy!  B)



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Schenectady, NY, USA - 22nd May 2009

By: MoonlitxDesire

I finally made it to my destination: AMERICA! I am so excited to start my journey over here. I hear this is much to do! Today Nicole is taking me to one of her jobs. She says it's not a lot of fun, but I get to eat ice cream!


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Schenectady, NY, USA - 23rd May 2009

By: MoonlitxDesire

Hey mom! Everything is going fine over here in New York. Yesterday Nicole took me to work and it was so boring. I sat and watched her run around all day waiting on people. The lottery over here is a huge deal. I saw this one man spend over two hundred american dollars on lottery tickets, ALONE. Scary. Nicole makes a lot of coffee at her job and yesterday she made over 50 pots of coffee in the nine hours we were there. I can't believe how much coffee these Americans consume! I almost fell into one of the pots because I was curious as to what it tasted like. But, no worries! I am safe and sound. Nicole caught me before anything bad could happen.



My first night was lonely, because I missed you. But she has a bed full of other stuffed animals and so I had plenty of friends to meet. This morning Prance arrived home from the first part of his journey. He was so happy to see Nicole. I bet he had missed her very much. Nicole was happy to see no damage done to him and was glad to see him. Right now she's looking for European hosts because Prance told her that he's tired of America.


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Clifton Park, NY, USA - 9th June 2009

By: MoonlitxDesire

Hey Mom!

We have been very busy these past couple weeks. Nicole just moved to her new apartment last week. She put me in her purse and made sure I was put on the highest shelf while she unloaded so I wouldn't get lost. Her camera had been packed, so she couldn't get any pictures. I did help her unpack though!

On Sunday I went with Nicole to her photoshoot. I wanted to get my picture taken with her, but I was called a "Child's prop" which made me feel bad. Photographers are picky. But, I had a lot of fun sitting with her best friend and watching!

Today Nicole and I are being lazy. She doesn't feel very good, so we've been laying in bed. She's reading some new novel she bought at the bookstore last night. Mom, this girl reads fast!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I will get a new picture for you as soon as I can. Pinky swear. Love you!  :D

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Schenectady, NY, USA - 13th June 2009

By: -Marķa-

(Updating Mimosin's map =D)

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Clifton Park, NY, USA - 26th June 2009

By: MoonlitxDesire

Hello mom! Today Nicole took me to Alive @ 5, which is an outdoor concert event in Albany, NY. It was a lot of fun! She wanted to take a picture of me there, but there were so many people that she didn't want to risk losing me (I guess she has bad luck).


This is me on the way home from Albany! It was 88 degrees out which is HOT.

When we got back to her apartment, I helped Nicole's boyfriend with the t-shirts they are making. Nicole is taking me to see Taking Back Sunday tomorrow. I guess it's her favorite band of all time. We're going to leave the state and go to a different one. New Hampshire. This should be fun!


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Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, USA - 28th June 2009

By: MoonlitxDesire

We took a road trip this past weekend. Nicole brought me to Hampton Beach and we had a great time. The ocean was really pretty and very cold. I had a lot of fun.



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Schenectady, NY, USA - 27th February 2010

By: MoonlitxDesire

Mimosin has been found amongst a lot of different suitcases and bags. I am glad he is not lost!

He is not traveling safely back to Maria so he may continue his jouney!


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