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Travelog for: Lúa

Santiago de Compostela, Spain - 10th May 2009

By: -María-

Hi! :)

I'm Lúa (Galician word for moon) and I'm a little girly bear. I started to think about travelling when I first saw Bubu's pictures in Austria! I'm so jealous. So all I can say is that  I'm really looking forward to beginning my journey around the world! Hope to see you soon  ;)




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Waterford, Ireland - 19th May 2009

By: MrPenfold

i have arrived!!!!! In Waterford! Thats in Ireland!! I'm so so excited, the travel was a bit dark, but it was okay. my new host Adam immediately released me to start my first adventure away from my mummy. My first adventure of many i hope, so here i am!
i'm so excited, i hope i will have a great time in Ireland, and i think i will adam has promised to bring me to lots of places and to do lots of things!
But now i'll take a little rest, the travel really made me tired.
i'll keep you updated... bye mum!!!!


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