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Find mushrooms in 9 different colors.

Sit on 6 different beaches.

Visit a host with fishes.

Be photographed with 5 different cruise ships (4/5).

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Travelog for: TobiHH

Airport, Malta - 14th July 2009

By: Spadge

After a couple of hours being rather squashed in Spadges hand luggage we have arrived in Malta! It's really hot and sunny, I hope Spadge has packed the suntan lotion - Queen Elizabeth I looks like she is burning already!

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Valletta, Malta - 16th July 2009

By: Spadge

Here I am in Valletta - the capital city of Malta.
The streets are very steep so it's a good job I wasnt walking! There are such pretty buildings everywhere you look so we spent a lot of time in Valletta.
Look what we found?! A toy museum! We wanted to go have a look but it was closed for the afternoon which was a pity.
After site seeing all morning Spadge and her husband were getting a little tired so we all stopped of for a coffee and a beer. (dont worry, us TV's didnt have any beer, that was Spadges!)

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Valletta, Malta - 17th July 2009

By: Spadge

Today we went site seeing again, back to Valletta and we saw a massive cruise liner which is part of one of my missions! Yay! I tried to take a picture myself but I appear to not be very good with a camera so it came out a little crooked!
Here are some more pictures of us all out and about in Malta
And here is our Maltese host Shaun!

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Mosta, Malta - 18th July 2009

By: Spadge

Here is the Mosta dome in Mosta where we stayed for the first week of the holiday. Mosta is fairly small but well known for the dome. We all wanted to have a look round but we ran out of time.

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The beach, Malta - 20th July 2009

By: Spadge

Today we are going on a day trip to the beach! Here we are on the bus, I must confess I did feel a little travel sick on the bus as it was a very bumpy ride.
It was worth it when we got to the beach though and visiting beaches is another of my missions so yay again!!

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Derby, UK - 12th August 2009

By: Spadge

I am off on my travels again to canada tomorrow so today is the last day i will be spending with tenderheart bear and queen elizabeth. We wanted to spend time outside but as usual the sun has gone in so we thought we would make some coffees
Coffee drunk. What to do now.....
hungry now, time to raid the fridge for some food....
Not so sure about olives tho...
Ok enough messing around, we have decided to help Spadge out by doing some washing.
Time to take out the washing
This is some big washing! We are all trying our hardest to pull it out of the machine
Its Gustav! He was a little mucky you see. Very brave of him to get inside the washing machine. Bet he's dizzy now!
Best put him on the radiator to dry
Now its time to relax as the sun has come out finally!
Spadge tells me these guys are all called bob - bobcats! They get to live outside all day, rain and shine.
Now for a read...

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Post office, UK - 13th August 2009

By: Spadge

Well its time for me to leave the UK now. Its been fun but now im off for a new adventure in Canada. The other two TV's wanted to come and send me off but Spadge had no room for them. Bye bye England!


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Post Office, Canada - 24th August 2009

By: Rennire


I have arrived safe and sound in Canada!

I was greeted by another TV, a lobster named Lysander who is from Scotland.


Since we are both so fond of the sea I think we will be great friends!


The weather here is very miserable right now. My new host Ren says that it's because a Hurricane just passed by. I'm glad I missed that!


I'm happy to hang out indoors with Lysander until the rain lets up!


Bye for now!


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Peggy's Cove Lighthouse, Canada - 31st August 2009

By: Rennire


I've been very busy these past few days exploring the area with my host and her cousin who was visiting.

The first place we went to was Peggy's Cove. It's a really pretty fishing town that is most famous for it's lighthouse.


The rocks are very warn down and smooth.


And slippery!


The waves were crashing!


There were lots of tourists visiting already, even though it was pretty early in the morning.


You can see the town behind me here peeking out through the fog.


Hmmm... Where will I go next I wonder?


I hope all is well back home!


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Lawrencetown Beach, Canada - 3rd September 2009

By: Rennire

Not long after we went to Peggy's Cove we all drove to a different town to visit a beach. It's famous for surfing and for being a hangout for young people.


Nobody was surfing today though, it was too cold and windy!


It was still pretty but we didn't stay very long.


Hopefully the next time we visit a beach it will be nicer!


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Saint John New Brunswick, Canada - 3rd September 2009

By: Rennire


Next our road trip took us to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia's neighbour province. We stopped in a city called Saint John because it has a big nature park by the ocean that Ren and her cousin love.

Here are the flags at the entrance!


Behind the flags there is lots of marsh land and walking trails and in front of the flags there is... A Beach!


Hooray! I love beaches!


We sat and enjoyed it for a bit.



I dipped the tip of my tail in the water. It felt nice and cold!


After the beach we got back into the car and drove up a hill to where there are walking paths through the forest. Look what we spotted on the way!


It's a wild fox! Wow!


Once we had parked the car Ren showed us the path we were going to take. It was the Seal Trail! In my honour!


The seal trail went through the forest at first and then it comes out to a bunch of ocean lookout points like this one!


Here is a forest part of the trail. Still so pretty!


Sometimes there are seals on these rocks but not today. I must say that they look like a great spot for seals though!


Here are some more lookout views:




In the distance here you can see the beach and the marshes where we started out.


We didn't have time to walk anymore trails because the sun was setting but there were lots of them in the park!

It was so much fun! I'm really glad that I was able to visit this place!


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Cambridge Narrows, NB, Canada - 11th September 2009

By: Rennire


I went with Ren and her cousin to visit the little cottage where they spent their summer vacations growing up. Unfortunately the weather was pretty bad so we mostly stayed inside.

Here I am on the porch:


And here you can see the lake peeking from between the trees.


I went down to see what the water looked like up close. Here is where a little stream drains into the lake.


I bet it would be very pretty when the weather is sunny!

Bye for now!


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Prince of Wales Tower, Canada - 11th September 2009

By: Rennire


Once the weather became nicer Ren took us to Point Pleasant Park in Halifax so that we could see an old military tower.

We started out down by the water and then hiked up a hill to the tower.


Here it is!


And here is some info about it:



1796 may not seem so old to Germany, but for Canada it is pretty old!

Where to next I wonder?


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Hammonds Plains, N.S., Canada - 13th September 2009

By: Rennire


Lysander is moving on to his next host now so we said our goodbyes.


He's going to visit western Canada now. I wonder if we will meet again somewhere?


I was a little sad to see him leave, but Ren had something planned to make me feel better!


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Hammonds Plains, N.S., Canada - 15th September 2009

By: Rennire


On the 15th it was my birthday, so Ren and I baked a cake together.


Ren says that she isn't really a great baker, so we used a box! Ren promised that it would still taste good!



I got to lick off the batter!


It seemed to take forever in the oven!


While Ren was still getting the cake ready I went into the other room where Rosalva was waiting. She even had a party hat for me!


And a card!


Finally the cake was ready!


I made a wish on the candles, but I can't say what it was or it won't come true!


Yay! I blew them out!


Ren put a sparkler on my piece!


And finally we got to eat the cake! It was really good!


I wonder where I will be on my next birthday?

Bye for now!


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