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Travelog for: Mr Bananas

Bristol, England - 9th May 2009

By: DeliciousJu


I am currently with my owner in Bristol - i have left the work office & my fellow team mates @ Motability Operations, i am just hanging out with Baubles before she goes to Spain & Pisoni who is staying with us at present.

We are having great fun!

I am on the hunt for a place to go on an adventure .... very exciting:)

I have had so many offers from host's to stay with them - it's going to be a busy few months:

Was with: Babyamy in Germany
- thank you very much for lovely stay!
Coming home for few weeks to go on holiday to Mexico
Next host is: arasmi


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Bristol, England - 13th May 2009

By: DeliciousJu

Went out Clubbing this weekend with Baubles & Pisoni - we had such a great time!

Then the weekend just got better as on Monday some new friends arrived: Claire Tamias & Rattie - I am still on the hunt for a new adventure, but until then we are all off to tour Bristol this weekend, Girls Aloud concert next Wednesday & then theme park Alton Towers next weekend - going to be awesome:)

tv on decks.JPG
New arrivals.JPG

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Bristol, England - 17th May 2009

By: DeliciousJu


I am now all sealed up & on my way to see smaug in Canada - i cant wait!

It's going to be a really long flight, but will be worth it when i get there - looking forward to starting my adventure:)

Mr B

Mr Bananas Leaving.jpg

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Calgary, Canada - 26th May 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum!

I have arrived in Calgary :D Wow, what a trip was that! It ended with the postman squeezing my envelope into Smaug’s letter box, that was tight  :stare: But this evening the box opened and a hand took me away. Then I found myself somewhere where I could hear lot of voices..


...and when eventually the envelope was opened I was surrounded by toys. There are other two TVs here, Sully Monster who is visiting from Australia and sammino who is a stay-at-home-TV...whatever that means  :rolleyes:  There are also a lot of other friends here who are not TVs, wow :)


They are all very nice and friendly and when I asked them if they wished to share what is left of my travel supply (I have been very good, I only ate a bit of the chocolate) they were even nicer  ;)


Now I have to go, Smaug told me that it’s time to get some supper and go to bed as I must be tired after such a long time in the envelope...actually I am, yaaawn, very sleepy, it feels like it’s 3am and it’s still only early evening, this jet-lag is terrible.
I’ll write again soon  :)
Mr B

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Calgary, Canada - 29th May 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

What a week! I was just about recovering from my trip when a new guest arrived, Purple Haze! She is from UK like me and she is having her first trip too :D Now she is very tired, so, after a bit of chatting Smaug sent us all to bed...I guess we will keep going with the chatting after he falls asleep  ;)


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Moraine Lake, Canada - 30th May 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we went for a trip into Banff National Park. We all took a place on the back seat and spent most of the driving time chatting and reading the newspaper.


Our destination was a place called Moraine Lake  :). Smaug explained us that the lake (as many others in this area) is fed by glaciers up in the mountains. These glaciers scrap from the mountain rock a fine mineral silt and damp it into the lake. This silt is called “rock flour” and gives to the water a strange opaque and milky colour. A catch of this glacier activity is that this particular lake is usually fairly dry until the thaw starts up at the higher elevations and today it was still partly frozen and almost empty: its area was less than half of what it usually is in summer so we could not really appreciate its typical colour. As it was very windy Smaug tried to take some pictures of us while we were “anchored” inside the backpack.  Hei, you can barely see me in the first photo  :stare:

This one is better  :)

After exploring a bit the lake shore we tried to follow a trail that was still quite covered with snow. After some time we got a bit uncomfortable as we could hear a lot of thunders but the forest was too thick to see the sky. Feeling a certain unrest in the backpack (no one among us really fancied experiencing a thunderstorm while stuck on an uncomfortable trail 1 hour from the car) Smaug stopped and helped us looking through a gap in the tree branches: the thunders were not actual thunders, but just the noise made by avalanches falling from high up on the surrounding mountains  :o. The news did not exactly improve our extreme lack of comfort until he told us that the trail was very safe, mah.
On the way back we managed to take some pictures of the valley downstream of the lake....nice, wide and, most important, safely away from any avalanche  ;).


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Calgary, Canada - 6th June 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

brrr, where did you send me?? We are almost halfway in June and this morning it was snowing here  :stare: It soon became rain, but the rest of the day went on very cold and very rainy. So, since the day was not really good for any outdoor activity, Smaug decided to go to the office to do some work and brought us along  :)
First we had a look out of the window...rain, rain and more rain  :(


So we decided to play a bit on the computer screens...


...but since Smaug actually wanted to do some work he kindly moved us away from the computer and left us exploring the bookshelves.


Let’s have a look at this one, the front page looks colourful...


...so, yaaawn, interesting...zzzzz


When we woke up we had another look out of the window, ehi, a bit of sun  :) And you can see downtown Calgary in the background...of course, rain and clouds were back very quickly.


Wow, Smaug has some nice poster of his homeland  :)


Next week Smaug is going to work from somewhere on Vancouver Island and guess what? We TVs are all going with him. He told us that he is not sure that he’ll have much time to take photos but we have hope  ;)

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Campbell River, Canada - 12th June 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

as anticipated in the last update, this week we all went with Smaug to Campbell River on Vancouver Island  :), where he was working for a few days. Unfortunately his carry on baggage was filled by the laptop and other work stuff, so we were forced to fly in the checked baggage, how uncomfortable  :(


After a couple of boring days at the hotel we had a chance to explore the place. First we walked north of the town along the narrow bit of land (called the Tyee Spit) that separates the actual river called Campbell River from the Discovery Passage. The Passage divides Vancouver Island from Quadra Island and is the main route for cruise ships sailing to and from Alaska.

Here we are resting on some driftwood with the Discovery Passage and Quadra Island behind us.


Here I am at the very end of the Spit with the Discovery Passage on my left and Campbell River’s mouth on my right.


And here are another couple of pictures looking upstream along Campbell River.


Going north a few km, the Passage becomes very narrow and near its narrowest point there used to be an underwater island (called Ripple Rock) that in low tides claimed lot of ships and lives in the past. This navigation hazard was removed in 1958: putting there some warning signs might have been a simple and effective idea, but an even more effective solution was chosen and the whole top of the underwater island was blasted off in one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions in history  :o
On our last evening here we explored the southern bit of the town. As you can see the 50th parallel passes here, how cool  B)


And just south of the 50th parallel there is this big painted rock on the beach just within the high tide line.  It is actually called (you would never think of that!): Big Rock  :stare: It is supposed to be some remnants of the ice age, but one legend has it that it is a boastful grizzly bear turned to stone after not heeding the Great Spirits advice and just failing to complete his attempt to jump from the mainland to Vancouver Island. The tide was high and his back paw touched the water and, as the Great Spirit warned, the bear turned to stone.  By the way, grizzly bears are plentiful along the mainland coastal inlets but none are found on Vancouver Island.


Here we are taking a photo with the southern tip of Quadra Island behind us, while on our way back to the hotel.


And now back to Calgary....again in the checked baggage...where we spent a long long time since the flight was more than 4 hours late  :stare:

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Aylmer Lookout, Canada - 14th June 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

today we went for a long hike to a place called Aylmer Lookout. This used to be one of the fire lookouts within Banff National Park and , as all the other ones, it has been abandoned a long time ago. But the lookout  location is still one of the best viewpoints in the area, and can be reached via a 12km trail, so we were quite excited.
Most of the trail was in the forest and nothing exciting happened along it, so we didn’t take any picture, but once we reached the lookout, wow, it was worth the wait  :)

Here we are enjoying the view over Lake Minnewanka (almost 600m below us).

The lookout is usually visited by many mountain sheep, not today though.
This is us again looking up the valley leading to Aylmer Pass.

While driving back, just after leaving the car park, we spotted a black bear on a tree a few meters from the road side. How exciting, my first bear “meeting” in Canada, it was huge  :o Unfortunately Smaug didn’t stop to take a picture of each of us with the bear in the background, but just slowed down enough to let us enjoy the encounter and to take a picture of the bear (picture that actually came out dark and out of focus  :(). He explained us that stopping so close to a bear might help him in getting used to humans (and that is bad for both bears and humans) or might make him nervous and scared (and that is very bad for humans as you don’t really want to be close to a nervous bear  :stare:).
Will write again soon  :)

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Moose Mountain, Canada - 20th June 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

today we went visiting a place called Moose Mountain.  This is a fairly high peak (2437m) that lies on the eastern edge of the Rockies and have a fire lookout (still used) right at the top. To reach the trailhead we had to drive a few km on a gravel road littered with potholes...my spine is still shaken by the experience  :o.  Of course the road was quite dusty too, hmmm, what was the colour of the car?  :stare:


We could get the first glimpse of our destination through a gap in the trees.


After a couple of hours walking (well, Smaug was walking, we were chatting in his backpack  ;)) we reached the summit. Wow, there was a sea of peaks surrounding us on three sides


While on the opposite side the green sea of the prairies was disappearing into the east.


We didn’t linger much as the weather was turning ugly.


On the way down we managed to take a final picture of the summit...


...before it started raining cats and dogs, we even got some heavy hail. But eventually we made it back to the car park without getting too drenched.
During the drive back we stopped to take some more picture of the prairies (you might almost see Calgary’s skyscrapers in the distance...well, it's a bit dark, but they are there)....


...and we explored a natural gas extraction site...that’s not my head fuming  ;), but just the smoke from the gas works down in the valley.


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Calgary, Canada - 22nd June 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

today we got a "present" in the post: Pepita came back from BC to spend a few days here (guess there's something she wants to pack in her shell) before leaving for Germany. Wow, of course we spent the whole night chatting  ;)


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Calgary, Canada - 23rd June 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

today another guest arrived :) we were expecting PinkyHH to appear anytime soon, so when Smaug appeared with an envelope from Malaysia  we got extremely excited: and it was her!
Of course she was very tired for the trip and a bit confused by the jet lag so we let her falling asleep very early...we’ll have plenty of time to chat tomorrow  ;)

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Medicine Hat, Canada - 25th June 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

today we went with Smaug to Medicine Hat, a town South-west of Calgary where he had to attend a meeting.  The place is 300km from Calgary so we had quite some time on the road to look at the prairies. Well, here are a couple of shots that will give you an idea of the landscape.

But you shouldn’t think that the view was the same for three hours, there were plenty of changes like hmmm, the odd herd of cows grazing on the side of the road, the side of the road were the odd herd of cows was grazing on and of course the colour of the cows in the odd herd of cows, so exciting  ;)
You won’t be surprised that we spent most of the trip reading the newspaper and chatting.

We actually didn’t see much of Medicine Hat itself as Smaug was a bit busy so we only managed to get a picture with the biggest tepee in the world. It is actually a steel structure, much cooler if you are not too close to it B)

When we came back home Pepita jumped in her envelope and got ready to travel to her next host in Germany, wow  :)

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Moraine Lake, Canada - 1st July 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today was Canada day here and there was supposed to be celebrations everywhere, but unfortunately Smaug was working, so we were ready to spend the whole day at home  :(. But he came back early in the afternoon and we went out for a little (2 hours each way) trip to Moraine Lake  :D.

This time the lake was full, much better than last time we were here  ;); too bad the best location for photos was closed due to works on the path, but we still managed to take some pictures.
As you can see there was quite a throng  :stare:as a new TV, Orpheus, joined us and we had a guest from Europe, Sigfrido the moose.

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Calgary, Canada - 3rd July 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

today was the opening day of the Calgary Stampede, that the organizers call “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”  :o. Well, that might be an arguable statement, but it’s definitely something big. The core of the show are daily rodeos and chuckwagon races, so as you can guess the whole show has a strong western theme. To get in the atmosphere we decided to wear a cowboy hat before heading down to the Stampede Park...hmmm, finding a hat of the right size was a bit of problem so it was actually the hat that was wearing us B)


Down at the park it was very crowded: fun fairs, markets, animal exhibitions were all packed with people, but eventually smaug found a “quiet” spot where we could take some group pictures overlooking the park.
You can even see Calgary downtown  :)

What a long day! And when we came back Orpheus jumped in a suitcase to start his journeys, so we all wished him good luck  :)

and eventually went to bed  ;)

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