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Travelog for: Aimee

Mechterstädt, Germany - 13th July 2009

By: iloveletters

My  hosts:

AbbyB - Canada  - Thanks for hosting!
Pixiedustlady - USA  - Thanks for hosting!
Elen - Belarus - Thanks for hosting!
Credo - South Africa - still on the way...

What's next?

Hello everybody!

I am a new TV and would like to introduce myself:

I am a little French girl by the name of Aimee. I came to Germany some time ago through postcrossing. That's why my mom cannot really remember my birth date... mh.

Here is a picture of me again. I am about 17cm high and not very heavy. Pretty slim too, so I can fit into an envelope without problems.


Well, after hosting her first TV Florentine my mom thought that it would be a good idea for me to see a little bit more of the world. And I am also so excited about this adventure.

Here is me and Florentine:


Now, I will stay a little bit with my mom for her holidays in Hamburg next week but then I am curious about my first host!  Anyone interested?

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Gotha, Germany - 15th July 2009

By: iloveletters

Today we went on a trip to Gotha, a nearby town, about 15 km away.

My host had a job meeting at castle 'Friedenstein' where we went first. I went with Florentine and if you look into her travelog you can see some pictures of our visit.

Later we went through the town and did  bit of sightseeing and shopping. In the background you can see the town hall of Gotha and the fountains on castle hill:


We took a rest in the 'Orangerie' gardens before we went to the train station:


Here is me and Florentine in the park:


In front of the train stations there are these columns with sights of the region:


We had a great day out!

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Mechterstädt, Germany - 17th July 2009

By: iloveletters

Yesterday evening we (Florentine, me and my host) enjoyed watching the film '101 Dalmatians'! What a romantic but also sad story.


It was also the farewell evening for Florentine as she is moving on to another host. Today I waved her Goodbye:


But I am sure she will have a great time with her new host in the Netherlands. I am looking forward to reading her entries in the travelog.

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Hamburg, Germany - 24th July 2009

By: iloveletters

Hello again!

The last days I was away on a holiday trip to Hamburg. That's why there hadn't been any updates lately.
But then, here is the news:

On Monday, on our way to Hamburg, we took a stop at the 'Serengeti Park' where you can see wild animals and funny monkeys face to face.


In the evening we arrived at our hotel near 'Reeperbahn'. I was very exhausted and relaxed on the bed, watching a bit of TV.


The next day we started to explore the city, went to the harbour, also took a bus tour through the city. Later we went to the Hamburg dungeon, oh very creepy :o



In the evening my host went to see the musical 'Lion King'. She had a great time, however I had to stay in the hotel  :(

We also visited the museum of Hamburg history, a journey through all the centuries of the city - pirates, trade, costumes....


Yesterday we travelled back home. On the way we visited the 'Tank Museum' in Munster. Well, my host is not a fan of military vehicles but her boyfriend.... Still it was intersting to see all those giants.



Today we'll stay at home and take a rest.
Weather is terrible again - rain.

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Chemnitz, Germany - 25th July 2009

By: iloveletters

This weekend we took a trip to Saxony. My host's parents live there and we went to visit them.

But first of all we went to Chemnitz to visit the industrial museum.



In the museum you can see a lot of things related to the history of the town.

As you may know Chemnitz was called Karl-Marx-Stadt during GDR times. Here is an old old town sign:



Here is another real East German thing:
The car that used to be the treasure of almost every family - the Trabant. It was very expensive in relation to no comfort and people had to wait for years, about 10, to get it!


They even had a camping version with a tent on the roof!
Isn't that funny?!



At the moment the museum offers a special exhibiton about numbers. It was so interesting to learn about numbers in all areas of life:




Counting sheep....


And my favourite one: Aimee in numbers!

A crazy computer programme transfers all people and things into numbers. And the image really looks like me - unbelievable!



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Amerika, Germany - 26th July 2009

By: iloveletters

Today we went to Amerika!!  Yes we did!!



Ah, well. As you can see from the pictures: Amerika is a village in Germany  :cyclops: What a crazy name for a place!

My mom's parents live in a town nearby. One of their hobbies are vintage OPEL cars and every summer they organize a small vintage OPEL car meeting in Amerika. This was the fifth one.


And here are the cars of my mum's dad:



And here are some other ones:



They took a short tour around the area and met again at castle Rochsburg for an exhibition of the cars. Here is me at the castle:



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Mechterstädt, Germany - 26th July 2009

By: iloveletters

Today when we got back home a new TV had arrived in Mechterstädt: Hiro!

The little monkey had to spend over a week in the dark envelope - poor boy.

I gave him a warm welcome hug and I am sure he'll have a great time here in Thuringia.


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Post office Mechterstädt, Germany - 27th July 2009

By: iloveletters

Today is the great day: I started my world journey!

I said Goodbye to Hiro and I am on my way to AbbyB now.

I also have found many other hosts for the future already. Here is the present list:

AbbyB - Canada
Pixiedustlady - USA
Bookovka - Russia
Bamboo - China
eilidhkive - Scotland
Elayoe - Germany

Maybe I could stay in the USA a bit longer to see much more of this vast country or I could travel somewhere else.

So if you are interested in showing me your place get in touch with my mum!


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Maple Ridge, BC, Canada - 8th August 2009

By: AbbyB

Hi Mom, I have arrived in Canada!


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Coquitlam, BC, Canada - 11th August 2009

By: AbbyB

Today I played tennis.


At first I stayed on the sidelines...


But eventually I gave it a try.


I had a lot of fun!

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Vancouver, BC, Canada - 16th August 2009

By: AbbyB

Today I saw Comedy of Errors at Bard on the Beach.


This is the tent the mainstage is in.  The tents to the right are where the food is sold, and then past that is a tent with the studio stage.


In this tent Starbucks was giving away free coffee, so I had a cup (they are the season sponsers).



I couldn't take photos of the play itself, but it was very funny.  You can read about it here.

During intermission there was more free coffee, and also pastries.  I had another coffee and half an oat fudge bar.


All of the tables had flowers on them, and I stopped to have a look.



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Burnaby, BC, Canada - 20th August 2009

By: AbbyB

Today I visited Abby's school, Simon Fraser University.  It is a relatively new school, founded in 1965.  It is on top of Burnaby Mountain, which means that it is scenic in the summer and very cold in the winter.  Most of the original buildings were designed by the late architect Arthur Erickson, who is known for his use of concrete and water features, as you will see.

This is the track.  The building on the right houses the pools, and past that are the gyms and fitness facilities.


This is the convocation mall.  This is where graduations, rallies, events and large student gatherings are held.


This building is the library.  It is seven floors and includes a common area and archives and rare books.


This is the Academic Quadrangle, also known as the AQ.  I am standing underneath one end of it, and you can see the other end far off in the distance.  Most classes are held here.  The floors you can see are the fifth and sixth, which are mainly offices and seminar rooms, the 'fourth floor' is what I am standing on, and the rest of the floors are below ground.


This is on the roof of one of the buildings, looking North toward the mountains.  What a pretty view.


This building here is the Arts and Social Sciences Complex and it is the newest addition to the school.  Many of Abby's classes are held here.  The building itself won an architectural award in May.


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Aggasiz, BC, Canada - 23rd August 2009

By: AbbyB

Today I went with Abby's family as they went out for the day.  First we went to an independent cheese shop.


You could even watch them make cheese.


Wow, that's a lot!


Next we went to a hazelnut farm.





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Hope, BC, Canada - 23rd August 2009

By: AbbyB

Next, we visited the town of Hope.  There is not much to see in Hope; it was briefly a gold rush town, but now it is just a small community that thrives on the tourists that pass through.  Many movies are filmed here because it is inexpensive.  They seem to be particularly proud of Rambo.  Can you see me?


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Bridal Falls, BC, Canada - 23rd August 2009

By: AbbyB

We went on a walk to Bridal Veil Falls.




There they are!



The rest of Abby's family climbed up to get a closer look, but Abby was not exactly dressed for climbing, so we sat down and ate some almonds while we waited for everyone.


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