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Travelog for: Miss Plum

São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil - 15th August 2009

By: mizlilian

Hi there!

I'm miss Plum, a sassy little sttufed bear. There's two things I love to do more: reading and travelling!

I'm such a bookaholic. Reading takes me whatever I want.


Here I am, among a bunch of books. My mentor is a big fan of Janet Evanovich's books and that's why I'm called Miss Plum! :D


I love every kind of books - since they tell me good stories! Here I'm reading a chick lit. (C'mon, I'm a chick or what?  :cyclops:)

But now my mentor said it's time to know the world outside. So I packed my stuff and I'm reading to Canada. Wow! I can't wait to reach my destination. And I know that after Canada, I'll visit Japan. Both are fascinating countries and I hope to make friends with nice people there!


Here I go! Watch out, world!

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada - 27th August 2009

By: Lisag123

Howdy Mom!!! I have arrived safely to Calgary, Canada and to my host Lisa. Wow, that was a long trip in my little box! Calgary is wonderful! You won't believe that Lisa loves to read too and she has a huge collection of Plum books! I am in heaven here in Plum world. We are going to take an adventure around the city soon and even to the Rocky Mountains, I am so excited!


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Calgary, Alberta, Canada - 18th September 2009

By: Lisag123

Hello mom! I am still here in Calgary for a couple more hours but then I am flying with Lisa to Scotland for her vacation. I am so happy that she is taking me with her!


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Edinburgh, Scotland - 20th September 2009

By: Lisag123

Dia dhuit, Conás átá tú? That's Hello, how are you? in Gaelic! I am home now form a wonderful vacation with Lisa in Scotland! It was my first time on an airplane and it was scary but I fell asleep and before I knew it we were in the UK! Did you know mommy that they drive on the otherside of the road than how Lisa does in Calgary? And they have these buses that have 2 decks! I went to these wonderful places in Scotland: Castle of Mey which is where the Queen Mum had her vacation home before she died. It is left now the exact way it was when she left to heaven. It only changes when the Prince and Camilla come to stay. And I got to go to the Loch Ness! But there was no sign of Nessie, she was asleep at the bottom of the Loch. It was really windy that day and cold and rainy. I also went to see another castle called Eilean Donan on the Isle of Skye. It is the most photographed castle in all of Scotland. I am so glad I wore my sweater and scarf! I had a bit of a malfunction with my arms in Scotland so Lisa brought me home right away and is fixing me now. Don't worry mommy, I am okay!


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Banff, Alberta, Canada - 12th October 2009

By: Lisag123

Brrrr! It's freezing here in Calgary today mom! Lisa took me to visit the Rocky Mountains, which are only and hour and a half drive away from the city! I have never seen snow and guess what mommy, I got to play in it!! It was amazing but very cold. It has been snowing for a couple days in the mountains so it is all over the place. I got to visit the town of Banff and eat at McDonald's too. Then Lisa and her little friend Heyam took me up the Sulpher Mountain Gondola and I went right up to the top of the mountain. I wasn't even scared! The mounatins here are all so pretty. I think that  want to go to another place now because even though I'm a bear, it is way too cold here for me! Enjoy the pictures mom!


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Iwakura , Japan - 29th October 2009

By: recadosdri

Hi there! Konnichiwa!

I had so much fun in Canada but now it's time to travel around Japan. I'm glad that Adriana is also Brazilian as my mentor so I could be able to communicate with her in Portuguese and also learn some words in Japanese!


I didn't realize that a lot of people love Stephanie Plum! Brazil, Canada and now Japan!


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Osaka, Universal Studios, Japan - 1st November 2009

By: recadosdri

My first trip in Japan! Yay! We went to Universal Studios by shinkansen (bullet train)! I was excited! Adriana also showed me her city while we were walking to Iwakura station. B)


Here me and my friend care bear going to Iwakura Station


Iwakura Station


I was really excited. It was my first time taking a train in Japan and I can't wait to ride on the bullet train!
I've been looking over train maps, and they seem pretty confusing, so many different lines!


Purchasing train tickets at a vending machine in Japan is very simple =D


I saw different trains at Iwakura Station


Here I arrived at JR Nagoya Station. We were waiting for our shinkansen (bullet train), Kodama 693 to Shin Osaka. The distance between Nagoya and Osaka is 141 km (aprox 1 hour by shinkansen)


Yay! I was so excited, for the first time I saw and took a bullet train! It's really fast! The Shinkansen has far more room and comfort than any airline's economy class does. =D


View of Nagoya from the train platform


Nagoya Ekiben (Train Station bento boxes) Ekiben, a shortened form of eki bento, literally station box meal. Many types of ekiben can be purchased; at stands in the station, on the platform, or on the train itself. too bad... it was really early to eat ekiben... :(


1. our train arriving at Nagoya Station 2 and 3. Inside the shinkansen


I didn't have ekiben so this was my breakfast: Rilakkuma pancakes and Lipton milk tea... Yummy!


Some of the views from the shinkansen


Taking another train to go to Universal Studios


Universal Studios Japan CityWalk is a replica of New York's 5th Avenue and Los Angeles's Rodeo Drive. We walked along Citywalk which leads to the park


Hard Rock Cafe - Universal City Walk


Finally at Universal Studios



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Mayaro, Trinidad - 30th August 2010

By: Eshara

I've arrived tonight in beautiful Trinidad with my brother, Poppy the Dog!!!

So far we've already met some lovely pals that reside here and some other TVs as well!
I'm super excited to get going on my adventures with them all!

We all rested tonight and watched some local news & television!

I'm going to take a rest now so I can be all ready for all my Trinidad adventures with my new buddies!!!


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Mayaro, Trinidad - 31st August 2010

By: Eshara


Today was Trinidad & Tobago's 48th Independence day so my host had a day off!

Poppy and I got to bask in the warmth and sunlight from the window. It certainly is very green all over!

We had a lovely pasta lunch (and we got to eat ON THE BED...shhhhh) and watched one of my host's favorite movies, Twilight! It was such an exciting movie!

We all got to look at the awesome collection of postcards she has from all over the world! WOW!
She loves Postcrossing (exchanging postcards with others) and keeps a log of all her cards and has them nicely put in albums!

And tomorrow...we get to go to work with her at the bank!!! YAY!!!

I shall post more photos for you to see then!

Until then, g'night!!! <3


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Scotiabank T&T Ltd, Rio Claro, Trinidad - 1st September 2010

By: Eshara

Today we all visited the Bank where our host works!

She said she's been working there for a little over 10 years!!! And she really enjoys it!

She took us to have morning tea with her and showed us one of the first aid kits at the branch.
She is one of the official Red Cross first aiders for the branch!

She also showed is how to use the computer to help customer aaaaaaaaand we got to see some Trinidadian money! And lots of it too!

We also got to see some of the decorations the branch had put up for their Independence day celebration!


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Mayaro, Trinidad - 3rd June 2013

By: Eshara

On my way home! :stare:

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