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Travelog for: Bubu

Santiago de Compostela, Spain - 24th April 2009

By: -María-


I'm Bubu and I live in Santiago de Compostela, a small city located in Galicia (North West of Spain) which is also quite well-known for being the destination of the way of St. James (this is apparently, according to María, something that may attract some TVs to come here since the way of St. James or "Camiño de Santiago" is a historical pilgrimage route since the Middle Ages :o). Anyway, I already visited every single place here and I need some adventures! I'm looking forward to visiting you! :D. I promise I'll be a good bear.


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Santiago de Compostela, Spain - 29th April 2009

By: -María-

I'm in my way to Austria!... I've never been so happy  :D

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Graz, Austria - 30th April 2009

By: marcie08

Hi Mom,

I just wanted to let you know that I arrived safely here in Graz today!

I also met another toyvoyager, Germania.

And I arrived just in time for breakfast!

Bye for now,


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Graz, Austria - 1st May 2009

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Today I was invited for dinner and I enjoyed traditional Austrian food. I had Grießnockerlsuppe (it's a soup made of beef and has semolina dumplings in it) and  Tafelspitz, which is the meat from which the soup is made. You serve it traditionally with potatoes and apple-horseraddish.

I really liked it! And I also enjoyed a glass of Styrian wine! But don't worry- just a small one  ;)

Baba (Bye) for now!



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Graz, Austria - 3rd May 2009

By: marcie08

Hi Mom,

I wrote you a postcard today! It is on its way! Hope you like it!

Love, BUBU  :D


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Graz, Austria - 4th May 2009

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

It's me again. On the weekend we finally had a beautiful day and so we had a little icecream-feast  B) But don't worry - I haven't eaten everything on my own!

And I started sightseeing! I went to the Palais Saurau in Sporgasse, where a Turk with his dagger is looking down from an opening just below the cornice of the Palais. There are many different stories about the Turk there: One is that the Turks had taken Graz, except the fortress on the Schlossberg. When a Turkish pasha was having dinner in today's Palais Saurau, a cannon ball shot from Schlossberg and hit his plate with the delicious roast. The latter flew out of the window. What else could he do but gaze after it? In his rage, he ordered the withdrawal of the Turks from Graz.

As in fact, however, the Turks have never occupied Graz, the story must have been different. Opinions about the original function of the wooden figure with Turkish features are divided. Maybe the Counts of Saurau just followed a fashion which caught on after the great victory over the Turks in 1683, and decorated their house "alla turca".

Another story is that when the cannon ball hit the Palais, the Turk wanted to flee the place, but had eaten to many dumplings and therefore got stuck there.

Anyway, you can see me with the Turk in the background.

The next picture shows me and Germania on the Karmeliterplatz and the small fountain there!

Bye for now, or as they say in Austria: Pfiat di!


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Graz, Austria - 5th May 2009

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Did you know I'm an awesome gardener? It was so much fun! We first went to a garden center and we could almost not decide on what to buy!

We then bought some flowers and a lot of vegetables. We planted tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, a lot of different herbs and some fruit like cranberry and strawberry!

It was pretty hard work, preparing the pots with the soil and then planting! We had to clean up the balcony afterwards, because we TV's spilled the flower soil everywhere  :rolleyes:

So, what do you think? We did a pretty good job, didn't we?


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Graz, Austria - 6th May 2009

By: marcie08

Hallo Mama (I'm practising my German  :D ),

today we wanted to bake something! So Germania and I looked for a recipe which looked pretty easy to make...

....well, we must have gotten something wrong.... maybe we opened the oven to often? The cupcakes came out a little to dark, a bit to squishy in the middle and they had a crater in the middle  B) Oooops...

But we will try again!

Bye for now!
Bussi Bubu (Kiss)


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Graz, Austria - 8th May 2009

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Sorry I haven't updated my Travelog so often, but I've been quite busy as you will see now.

We did some more sightseeing! We went to the Burg (Castle complex) built by Frederick III.
In the Burg you can find the famous Gothic double staircase. You can see me sitting there on a picture.

Some monarchs chose Graz as their residence. That's why there's a big Mausoleum next to the Burg. You can see me in front of it.

Next to the Musoleum is the Cathedral, where I was resting on the stairs.


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Graz, Austria - 10th May 2009

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

Happy Mother's Day! Today, they are celebrating their moms here and we had BBQ and cake- too much of everything...

And here are some flowers for you:

Love you!


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Graz, Austria - 11th May 2009

By: marcie08

Hello Mommy,

I wanted to show you some of my activities from Mother's day!

You can see me in front of the BBQ- you have to be careful there because the grill is very hot! But it was really tasty!

Then we met my host-mom-mom's dog (the dog of my host-grandma, as you can say... :rolleyes: ) called Benni. She is really friendly, but huge! But after she had sniffed us we became friends quickly!

The weather was beautiful and it was warm. After BBQing we also had a taste of a delicious vanilla-raspberry-cake.

Bye for now!


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Graz, Austria - 12th May 2009

By: marcie08

Hallo Mom and "Grüß Gott" (it's a saying for good day- it's very traditional and has a Catholic origin)!

I went to the city center again and visited the number one meeting point The Weikhard-Uhr! That's a clock in front of a jeweller store and a place to meet for first dates or meeting friends!

Then we went on to the City Hall. You see me in front of it. The next picture is me looking in the atrium, where you can see the entrance of the Sacher, a café where they serve the traditional Sacher cake.

After that I had a nice coffee and a creamcheese bagle in a café.

At the end of my city trip we went to the Bärenland, a shop where they sell gummi-baers. Yummi!

That was fun!


rathaus innen.JPG

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Graz, Austria - 14th May 2009

By: marcie08

Hello Mom!

I did another visit to the city center today! We started in the city's oldest warehouse, the Kastner and Öhler. They are building a new restaurant up there on the roof. You can see me in front of the construction site!

Then I went on to the Mehlplatz, a place in the inner city, where you find a lot of cafés and restaurants! It's so nice to sit there!

Then I went to the Glockenspielplatz, where you can find a carillon. But the figures didn't come out... Look it up here: Carillon - Glockenspiel

And then I had a very nice cake at Frankowitsch. I almost didn't know which cake to try, they all lokked soooooooo delicious!!!!

I really enjoyed the cakes!!! You have to come here and try them yoursellf!

Bye Mom, hope you don't miss me too much!


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Graz, Austria - 15th May 2009

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

I visited the opera today! Just from the outside though. You can see me on the balcony of the small opera, which was built for the blind, so that they can feel what the building lokks like.

And I also met Beethoven  ;)

Next to the oper is a piece of modern art, built during the Styrian art festival Steirischer Herbst.



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Graz, Austria - 17th May 2009

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

I went to the Farmer's Market today. We bought some vegetables!
And then I played on the playground with Germania.

That was fun!

Bye for now!


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