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Travelog for: Florentine

Hildesheim, Germany - 2nd May 2009

By: Elayoe

Today I was released at a medieval faire in Hildesheim. There were a lot of people and tomorrow, too.. So I hope that somebody will find me and will take me on a little journey.

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Hildesheim, Germany - 2nd May 2009

By: Trillianity


I found Florentine yesterday in the evening sitting near the knight tournament place on the medieval fair in Hildesheim.

I thought that a child had lost her, but then I read the note. I never heard of this website before, but I think its a great idea and so I will help her travelling around a bit.

She will drive home to Peine with me this evening, pictures will be following then.

Best regards,

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Peine, Germany - 3rd May 2009

By: Trillianity

We are now at home. Here are the pics I promised :). Not very special, Florentine is only seeing my everyday life ;), but better than no pictures at all.

- Not yet a dalmatian, but at least a dog: Florentine with my pet Nana.

- At my computer.

- Learning e-tech for university.


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Hannover, Germany - 9th May 2009

By: Trillianity

Today Florentine visited the zoo in Hannover. She made a trip with a boat on a river and saw a lot of animals, e.g. giraffes, monkeys, lions, wolves, and many more, as you can see on the pictures.


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Peine, Germany - 6th July 2009

By: Trillianity

Hey, here are some news from Florentine:

I finally found a new host and continued my journey today :D! I hope that travelling with the German mail is comfortable, save and fast, so that I will arrive soon. I'm so curious what I will see next! Unfortunately there are no pictures of my departure because the camera refused to work  :(.

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Mechterstädt, Germany - 7th July 2009

By: iloveletters

Hallo from the green heart of Germany - Thuringia!

I arrived today after a short trip. I had a warm welcome and got to know my new host for the next time. She showed my around the house and I met some of the other cuties living here. They said hello to me very nicely!


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Mechterstädt, Germany - 7th July 2009

By: iloveletters

I really love this place and I think I will be able to complete one of my life missions: My host showed me the mountain I will climb! The mountain Inselsberg is the second highest mountain in the Thuringian Forest (916m) and I already had a view at it from the window.  And the name for Thuringia is so true - everything is so green around here.


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Mechterstädt, Waltershausen, Germany - 7th July 2009

By: iloveletters

Puh, today was a very long day. I am very tired now, but I would like to tell you a little bit more before I go to bed.

In the afternoon my host had to work and I helped her with some advice. She is a teacher and has to prepare her new classes.


And here is an aerial  view of the village where I am now. Pretty small, don't you think? But I like the quiet.


Tonight we went to the local Italian restaurant my host's choir usually goes to after their rehearsal every Tuesday.
We also took the chance to see the local sights: the church and town hall of Waltershausen.
Afterwards we enjoyed a white hot cholcolate, yummy !
I also met a toy friend who was at the restaurant.
We had a great time and lots of fun!





Good Night!

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Erfurt, Germany - 8th July 2009

By: iloveletters

Today we went to Erfurt in the afternoon. It is the federal capital of Thuringia. We only  took a short stroll through the city as my host had an appointment later on. Here are  a few pictures:

In the background you can see Erfurt cathedral:


Here is the park 'Hirschgarten'. 'Hirsch' is stag in English and you can see me riding one:




After our visit to the city we went to the local IKEA store and had dinner there. Look what a huge Schnitzel we ate!



Tomorrow will be a lazy day. Weather here is teribble at the moment, very cloudy and rainy  :( 

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Mechterstädt, Germany - 9th July 2009

By: iloveletters

This morning we did some postcrossing as my host has been a postcrosser for some years. We wrote a card to Canada, to Poland, to Malaysia and Spain.


Well, there is nothing really going on today. My host took the time to read a book - uh, a very exciting crime story.  And there are pets (cats and dogs) as main characters which is pretty funny.
Unfortunately the weather is so cold that you cannot enjoy  time on the balcony  :(


The best news:
We got the film '101 dalmatians', so I  will be able to complete one more of my missions!
We'll maybe watch the film tomorrow evening.


See you!

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Mechterstädt, Germany - 10th July 2009

By: iloveletters

Well, I wish I could write something more interesting, but due to the bad weather here, it is impossible to go anywhere outside.

For that reason we took time today to sort out digital photographs from the last years and order print copies online.
Puh, it is  a lot of work you can't imagine.


Later on we actually went outside to mail yesterday's postcrossing cards. My host also wanted to show me around the village but because of the rain (once again) we did not stay outside very long.

However, here is at least a picture of me and the local stream 'Hoersel':


And here is me in front of the church (the picture is not very good, but because of the rain and the umbrella it was difficult to take pictures):


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Mechterstädt, Germany - 11th July 2009

By: iloveletters

Today started lazy. We got up late, around 10:00 am, had a shower and some breakfast.





After breakfast we cleaned our teeth, and look who I met:
this little time-taking-lady on the mirror shelf. Isn't she cute?!


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Niederpöllnitz, Germany - 11th July 2009

By: iloveletters

In the afternoon we went to a US motorbike and US car meeting in a little village called Niederpöllnitz, near Gera.

Here are some pictures on the way. We went along motorway A4 and passed  castles called 'die drei Gleichen' and the town Jena:



We also came through a village called 'Lederhose' which is leather trousers in English - what a funny name! Here is me in front of the local pub:


Unfortunately it was rainy again and because of this there were not many toys at the motorbike meeting. But I met a little American bear on this rat motorbike:


These American cars are gigantic, look at this one:


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Mechterstädt, Germany - 13th July 2009

By: iloveletters

Another day at home....

Well we did some work. My host had to translate an old article about convertible cars. It is from April 1976. My host was not even born then. Look at this old piece of paper:


Later on I met this little French girl Aimee. Soon she would also love to travel as a TV. She is looking forward to her first host so if you are interested send a message!


And just now while I am telling you today's stories there is a cake in the oven that we prepared some minutes ago.
It is made  with coconut , which I love. I will tell you later how it tasted. Maybe today we can sit outside for some tea as it has not been raining yet for the whole day  - wow.


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Mechterstädt, Germany - 13th July 2009

By: iloveletters

Today's afternoon was great - the sun was there again after days and days of rain. We sat outside and enjoyed the brilliant weather with some delicious coconut cake - yummy!




You can see the 'Inselsberg' the background if you look sharp. I will probably climb this mountain on Thursday - looking forward to it!

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