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Travelog for: Jelle

Rakvere, Estonia - 1st May 2009

By: minnihiiru

Hi everyone,
I'm Jelle and I would like to travel all over the world,I am ready to go my first trip.I would like to see Africa and elephants (:My very good friend Miily is also toyvovager (:

Travelling list :
June-July with Marjolein in the Netherlands
August-March with huppu68 in Finland,Helsinki
March-June with Blackcat in Germany
July- November with Apperveilchen in Germany
December- June 2011 with malrae in Austria
June- December Europe TVT
January- June. with TaisAfinskaia in Russia
June-September with mommy in Finland and Estonia
October-... with... in USA


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Haren, The Netherlands - 31st May 2009

By: Marjolein

Hi mum! I arrived in The Netherlands some time ago!

Today I went to Eurovoetbal with Marjolein! It's footballtournament for young people of the great footballclubs in Europe. We say FC Groningen, Schalke '04, Hamburger SV, Real Madrid, AFC Ajax, Valencia, PSV and much more! It where the youngsters of the clubs, maximum 17 years old.

We watched a match of Real Madrid against FC Twente from The Netherlands. Real won!

The tournament was won by Valencia.


I really liked the food they had, haha.


Hugs Jelle

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Wierumerschouw, The Netherlands - 1st June 2009

By: Marjolein

Today the wheather was the best! I went on a bicyclytour with Marjolein and her best friend Dieuwerke. We started and ended in the city Groningen. We drove about 26 kilometres and had a picknick in Wierumerschouw! Marjolein had also never heard of it, but apparently it's a very small village near the city Groningen.

In Wierumerschouw I saw this great bridge.



It was a very nice day!

Hugs Jelle

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Efteling, Kaatsheuvel , The Netherlands - 12th July 2009

By: Marjolein

Hello mum!

I went to a Postcrossingmeeting today! It was in the themepark The Efteling.

This is all of us:


Isagv (Postcrosser), Dandilion, holding Momo (Postcrosser and ToyVoyagerhost), Goofychicken (Postcrosser), Carolien25 (Postcrosser) and Marjolein holding me!

What I liked the most in the themepark where not the rollercoasters but it was 'Laafland'!




In the fairytaleforest of the park, I saw a big scary dragon! I was to scared to take a photo with him, but Momo was much more brave:


Can't wait for the next meeting!

Hugs Jelle

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Houwerzijl, The Netherlands - 19th July 2009

By: Marjolein

We went to a tea museum today! It's called the Theefabriek (tea factory) and is in the north of The Netherlands. We went there by car.


This is what most of the province Groningen looks like.


This is the Tea Museum in Houwerzijl. It's located in an old church and the house of the Pastor.


The Museum also has a very cool garden with roadssigns.


This is the entrance of the museum.



This is in the the place where you can actually drink tea and stuff you eat at a High Tea. And you see the sign to the teashop. (Theewinkel)


Marjolein had Turkish Appletea and a sandwich and scones with whipped cream and strawberryjam. Oohlala.


Of course we also got some :D

Hugs Jelle

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Postoffice -> Den Bosch, The Netherlands - 23rd July 2009

By: Marjolein

Hello mum,

I am coming home! Marjolein just brought me to the postoffice and I am on my way!

See you soon!

Hugs Jelle

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Rakvere, Estonia - 28th July 2009

By: minnihiiru

I'm back at home :)
Kitten wanted play a  lot with me and I saw Peti,Hinz& Kunz
I start travelling to Helsinki soon :cyclops:

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Helsinki, Finland - 19th August 2009

By: Huppu68

Hi Mom!

I arrived safely here in Helsinki today. My trip here went well, but I'm a bit tired now. I'm getting to know some new friends and we are celebrating Manu's (The most famous rubber duck of Finland :D) nameday right now :) Photos later...

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Helsinki, Finland - 21st August 2009

By: Huppu68

Hi Mom,

Yey, I'm finally updating my travelog with my host. We are really sorry it has taken so long, but my host has been too sick and tired to help me write here. Everything is OK and I've had lots of fun with my new toy friends here.

A few days after I arrived here it was the Night of Arts here and we went to the city. There were all kinds of artist all over the town, but I liked the teddy bear art most of them all. Here I am with my new friends Manu the Rubber Duck, Henrik the Moose and Mercury the Raccoon with all the nice teddy bears  :)


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Helsinki, Finland - 29th August 2009

By: Huppu68

On the last weekend of August we had a huge International Postcrossing Meeting here in Helsinki. It was awesome to see so many postcrossers at the same place  :) On Saturday we went to a café to write "some" postcards together and we wrote 545 cards - can you believe it mom?!? We also met a very special international guest Harris all the way from Malaysia. Here we are all with the meeting cards. Harris is the black one; at first I was a little scared of him, but once I got to know him better he was very nice and kind.


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Helsinki, Finland - 8th September 2009

By: Huppu68

On the 8th of September we had an international postcrossing meeting here again. This time the special guest was Ipuenktchen from Iran. Here you can see also my host's new rubber ducks from England and a few meeting pens. The cute new girl here on the photo is Pipi from Australia and she is a koala.


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Helsinki, Finland - 27th September 2009

By: Huppu68

Last Sunday we went to the harbour (or the Port of Finland) to meet my host's friend who came from a cruise. I noticed flags there and one of them was very dear to me  :) Now I know that one of these flags is Finland's and one of them is the flag of the European Union.


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Helsinki, Finland - 28th September 2009

By: Huppu68

It was a beautiful sunny autumn day and we went to for a long walk. Trees haven't changed the colours leaves yet, because nights have been still warm here, but my host told me that soon they'll look colourful and she promised we'll go to see them later. We also saw some important buildings of Helsinki on our way. The first big building is the Parliament House and the second one is the National Museum. Helsinki is a beautiful seaside city with lots of parks. We walked at the Töölönlahti area and my host said it's one of her favourite places of Helsinki; I liked the place a lot too  :)


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Helsinki, Finland - 29th September 2009

By: Huppu68

We got a new toy friend today. My host and we all went to pick him up from the city. His name is Sam and he is a squirrel - and a cute one, I think. We came back home by a tram and we had a big mint chocolatte latte and some delicious Finnish chocolate there on a tram to welcome our new friend. It was a nice small trip.


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Helsinki, Finland - 15th February 2010

By: Huppu68

Hi Mom!

It has been a long time since I wrote here the last time. My host has been quite sick, but  I've had fun with my new friends :)

It's winter here now and it has been cold for weeks. Here's lots of snow and everything looks beautiful. I'd love to get to some place where's warmer and sunny though... We'll celebrate Manu's (my rubber duck friend) birthday on Saturday, but I could leave after the party. Please mom, send the address of my next host to Kirsi if you already know where I'll go from here.


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