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Travelog for: SunnyHH

home, Germany - 31st March 2009

By: RikeH

We spent some time and updated my Travelog.

Then a new TV  Miily came to us - she is so cute and it is her first time away from home.
I am sure, that she will have a good time with my Mum.  :D

Now I will go to visit a new country and hope to have a lot of fun with vickyp in Greece. So I say goodbye to Carlisle and Miili and will write again from Greece.


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Thessaloniki, Greece - 7th April 2009

By: vickyp

Hi from Greece!

I have arrived safely today and the family is so excited to have me!
They say we are gonna have a great time together.

I just met the other toyvoyagers living in this house. Skippy Kangaroo , Kunigunde and Ladomar


We had to say goodbye to Skippy though because he is leaving tomorrow! His envelope is ready and he is packing his things tonight!

We had a small walk around the block this afternoon just to show me the neighborhood.



I'll update again tomorrow with more details about the family that hosts me!
Hugs and kisses

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Thessaloniki, Greece - 11th April 2009

By: vickyp

Hi mom,
today I though I would introduce you to my hosts.

So here is the family

Maria, is a 3 years old girl, she loves to draw, play and listening to her parents reading books. She also loves Winnie the Pooh


Konstantinos, is a baby boy 11 months old. He likes to play with his toys, to follow his bigger sister and to climb wherever he can!


Vicky, the mom. She is teaching computers in high school, she loves anything crafty and she plays with her kids all day.


Aris, the dad. He is a computer programmer, but in his spare time he loves going outdoors with the kids and his hobby is electronics and music.


In Greece they are Orthodox so Easter is next Sunday.Therefore this week you are gonna see many many Greek customs and preparations for Easter Sunday!
Tomorrow it's Sunday and we are going for a long walk, so we are gonna take many photos and update with sightseeing :)

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Thessaloniki, Greece - 13th April 2009

By: vickyp

On Sunday we had a nice walk at a park nearby.
The weather was great, warm and sunny (like me B)!


So a little sunbathing was what we needed! Here we are laying on the grass, smelling the flowers and looking at the park!








On Wednesday we are going to dye easter eggs and make "tsoureki" a traditional sweet bread ...

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Thessaloniki, Greece - 15th April 2009

By: vickyp

Hi mom,

Greeks celebrate Easter this coming Sunday so we dye eggs today among other preparations!


Here is a traditional natural way to dye red eggs!!!

You boil water with skins from dry onions.


and there you have it! Red dye!

A traditional way to make designs on the eggs is by placing flowers and leaves and then boil them in the onion dye !







so here is the result! not bad for a totally natural way don't you think?!


And here are some by using red dye from the market ...




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Thessaloniki, Greece - 15th April 2009

By: vickyp

We also made "tsoureki".  They make is for Easter and it is a sweet bread, great for breakfast of for tea!

Here we are helping our host with the dough










Here is a photo of us in the balcony waiting for "tsoureki" to be prepared!


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Thessaloniki, Greece - 16th April 2009

By: vickyp

Ever heard of mount Pelion and Volos?
Pelion is a mountain in Greece, with many traditional villages, a must seen destination when it comes to mainland.


We are going to stay there for 5 days, visiting grandmother to celebrate Easter all together! I'll have Internet access so hopefully you are gonna see many sightseeing photos!

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Volos, Greece - 17th April 2009

By: vickyp


we are visiting Volos and suburbs for a week so here are some photos from our first day here!

This is a park by the sea at the city of Volos






These statues stand by the sea... no idea what they are.... i guess trees


This tree has it's roots in the sea and it's called "salt tree"


I would love to go swimming but it's not warm enough for a bunny like me


This is a church at the main square of Volos center


These are the cafes by the sea! Today they were crowded cause it was a sunny day and Good Friday.



some yachts ... i wish i could sail with one of them!


A building from the University of Volos


Overlooking the sea





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Afissos, Greece - 19th April 2009

By: vickyp

Today we drove from Volos to a small village called Afissos.
Here are some photos we took from the car when we were driving to get there.




Afissos is a small traditional village by the sea, at the roots of mountain Pilion. Clear blue waters, stone houses and so peaceful.


Here is the village center





This is a yard from a village house


I found some lemons hanging on this lemon tree!!!


Sunbathing at the beach, if you don't like powder sand then this pebble beach is the best for you.



Olive trees are all over the place.


Finally here are a couple of photos of us at the summer house the family owns there. We are together with some big fish bones and other nautical staff.



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Thessaloniki, Greece - 29th April 2009

By: vickyp

Here I am again,

It's been a week or so that I haven't posted anything but things have been pretty quiet here. However today a new toy has arrived!
Meet Etwas


Etwas is a very cool toy, that came straight from Japan and has many stories to share with us!
We had a terrific time playing with toys





and playing music. Enjoy our music band!
I am the one playing the trumpet. Am I cool or what?!  B)


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Fredericktown, Missouri, USA - 11th May 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

Hey Mom!

Today I FINALLY reached Steph's house..and what a trip that was.  I was tossed about and left in a dark place for a few days in my envelope.  I was pretty scared and had no idea what was going on until Steph opened my envelope, comforted me, and told me of the storm that had come through on Friday and wrecked her entire town.  :(  Luckily, no one was killed.

News has been describing it as a mini-hurricane in the Midwest. There was an EF1 Tornado with winds up to 90 MPH that went through, as well as a Microburst with winds just slightly under 80 MPH.  Many buildings were damaged.  Power lines and trees were down throughout the entire place.  Steph said that it was a REALLY long storm, lasting about an hour...and I couldn't agree more.

The pictures are pretty big, but we wanted to keep it that was so that you could see the damages well.

Here is a shot we grabbed as we were going to down the road, so it's pretty blurry.  Sorry about that.  But, this was a photo of the woods next to the road.  Look at all the trees just hanging around.

This is an shoe factory, which received a lot of damage.  You can see the insulation strung everywhere (that's what all that yellow stuff is) and the semi-trailer pulling from its port and lying on it's side almost.  It must take a lot of power to tip one of those over.

Here are some more photos of the damage.  I'm not in a few of them.

If you look next to the tip of my right ear (your left), you can see a HUGE tree that was uprooted.  Trees seemed to be the biggest problem in the town.

Well, Mom, the electricity is still out and it is Monday.  They say it could be seven to ten more days before we finally have some out at Steph's home  :thinking:.
Well, I'm off to tell some ghost stories! Should be fun and a great way to pass the time!

Take care,

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Fredericktown, Missouri, USA - 13th May 2009

By: brilliantlyxx


Today was a busy day for me.  It started off with me helping out with the clean-up of the storm.

First, we boarded up the windows that had been busted out by a limb from a Crabapple tree.

Then, I helped cut limbs off of another Crabapple tree that was uprooted and ALMOST fell into Steph's garage!  This is the same beautiful tree Ricky the Rat took a photo in.  Kinda sad..it was really pretty.. :(  Steph said they hope to replant them soon...and I hope I'm around to help!  Maybe we can plant a carrot too!

After doing all that work, I was tired!  So, I decided to take a nap with Steph's dog.  He is a Great Dane and a VERY large one at that.  He weights 194 pounds!  He is very nice though and didn't even try to hurt me.  I really like him, Mom!  Why don't we have one of these at home?  ;)

When I finally woke up, I ventured around the house and came across a great ship, which I then named it USS SunnyHH! Great name, huh?  :cyclops: It was a LOT of fun playing as captain on this tiny ship.

After that, I continued on my adventure and ran into a pretty Calicou cat named Patch.  She's VERY friendly, although not very bright.  :D But, don't tell her I told you, Mom!

That night, we watched the news and got word that more severe storms were headed this way.  Someone even told us that they could be worse than what we received the other day.  :stare: I hope not!  Here I am, watching the weather radar on tv.  Look at all that red!  :(

But, it's okay, Mom! I'll be just fine! My new friend, Kobie, will protect me!  :D  He'll keep an eye on the radar while I sleep.

Well, I'm pooped from my busy day! I hope the electricity comes on soon!

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Fredericktown, Missouri, USA - 15th May 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

Hey Mom!

We FINALLY got electricity, so I just HAD to update my travel log! I hope you REALLY enjoy the updates.  They are kind of neat just to see all the damage.


I miss you already!

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Fredericktown, Missouri, USA - 22nd May 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

Hi Mom!

Today, Steph received a package and allowed me to open it! It was covered in a lot of tape, so I had to use scissors.  Don't worry, I was careful! I didn't cut my little ears off.  :stare:


I opened the package, peeked inside, and who did I find?


Emil! He's a little donkey and from Germany, too!  I can tell we'll get along just fine!


Well, tomorrow, we are going on a hike! I can't wait!  :cyclops:


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Millstream Gardens, Missouri, USA - 23rd May 2009

By: brilliantlyxx

Hello! SunnyHH here!

Today, we went to Millstream Gardens.  It's about 8 miles west of where Steph lives, so it wasn't too far at all for us to go hiking.  The St. Francois River runs right through here, and the rive is home to the Missouri Whitewater Races in March.


We stopped for a moment to read the poster and the rules, not to mention check out the map of the trail as well.

We didn't get TOO far and we could already see some remains from the big storm that came through.  Here we are resting on a tree that has been cut down so that we can get through.

We had to cross a few bridges along the way, but we weren't scared! They weren't very high, anyway.

And will you look at what we found, Mom! A REAL turtle just hanging out on the trail! We stopped to have a conversation and ask him what he has been doing...but he didn't seem to want to talk to us.  :( Must be shy..

After what seemed like an EXTREMELY long walk, we FINALLY reached the place where we could look at the river!  Isn't it pretty out here?

Of course, Emil and I decided to take a nap on one of the MANY benches.  It's a hard walk for a tiny TV...especially a mile!  :thinking:

On the way back, we found the coolest looking broken tree!  Someone had cut it so that the paved path was clear, but look at how it broke? Pretty neat, huh?

We got back to the car just in time from the hike.  It began to rain like crazy! Lucky us, huh?

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