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Travelog for: Lucan

Richlands NC , USA - 9th March 2009

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi everyone! I just got my activation details so now I can travel! I live in North Carolina and I want to see the world.  I love candy and would love to have my picture taken with candy that is not found in the USA.  Of course for my USA host's any candy will do!! I look forward to meeting all of you and seeing your town!!

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Amadora, Lisboa, Portugal - 17th March 2009

By: carinafernandessousa

Greatings from Portugal!

I’ve arrived safely after 8 days of travel! Traveling across the ocean was great – I wasn’t afraid at all!!!


I met Carina this afternoon and gave her the presents I brought with me – she loved them!


The thing I liked the most was the reception! As soon as Carina opened the package two little Toy voyagers jumped to see me! And a little after I learned that there is one more Toy Voyager in the house!


We are four and we already had a meeting to decide where to go next!


Carina works with children (she is a soon to be Kindergarten teacher) and I’m hoping she takes us to visit her classroom!!!

See you soon!

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Lisboa, Portugal - 18th March 2009

By: Pixiedustlady

Updating google maps :)

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Amadora, Lisboa, Portugal - 22nd March 2009

By: carinafernandessousa

Hi everybody!

In the last few days I was able to rest from the big trip. Yesterday we didn’t go out but we took the time to enjoy a little of homecinema.


We all helped Carina making butter flavored popcorn!


The movie was really funny! We watched Robert Downey Jr. and his great performance on “Iron Man”.


See you soon!

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Belém, Lisboa, Portugal - 22nd March 2009

By: carinafernandessousa


Today I woke up very early! We planed a little trip to Belém – a historical and cultural place much appreciated by the tourists.

To get there we had to take the bus! We sat together and enjoyed the trip.


At some point I just had to take a peek out of the window and enjoy the view.


As soon as we reached Belém we visited the CCB (Cultural Centre of Belém) and we explored all the museum.


There’s a picture of me with a piece of art from Berardo’s Collection!


After the museum we made a quick stop at Belém’s Starbucks and the famous house of the “Pasteis de Belém”.
We returned home by car and we even had time to take some pictures on the way!


The Pasteis de Belém were great – with a little cinnamon and icing sugar – one of the best thing I ever tasted!


After the big day we took a nap  :)


I tell you more of my adventures soon!

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Amadora, Portugal - 8th April 2009

By: carinafernandessousa

Hey everybody!

Sorry for the long time without news. Carina has been sick and we have been helping her get better. She is feeling alright now!

Today arrived two more little friends and now we are a family of six! Look at the great photo Carina took us!


We have already watched a movie together – Get Smart  - and we had a great time.


Carina told me a little secret…. Thursday we are all going on a trip! Yes! We are going to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal – Leiria! The trip takes one and an half hours by car so in the way I can get to know Carina’s family, Carina and my new friends!

I hope Thursday arrives soon!

See you soon.

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Leiria, Portugal - 1st May 2009

By: carinafernandessousa

Hi everybody!
Sorry for the late news! Carina had a little problem but everything its all right now!

Here are some photos of me and my fellow Toyvoyagers in our trip to Leiria!


This is me, preparing for the trip! Safety first – seat bet is on!


A little moment to look at the view… not much at this speed!


The morning after the trip – a little journey to the town center! This is me and my new friends at “Luis de Camões” garden. Luis de Camões it’s a well know Portuguese poet.

We sat and got some sun… and we even played hide and seek! Look! Is that me?!


Finally we had a little time to take a picture with Leiria’s Caslte behind us!


It was a really nice trip and I hope for more real soon!

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Richlands, NC, USA - 4th August 2009

By: Pixiedustlady

Well my owner had to reincarnate me because the last host seems to have dissapeared off the face of the earth and never updated my travel journal :(  I just found out that I am going to go to Sweden!!! I am soooo excited to finally be traveling again!!


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Gunnebo, Sweden - 13th August 2009

By: MintTe

Hi everyone!

I’m in Sweden now, I arrived today. I'm the ony toy here  :thinking:

Ingrid have told me that it’s a typical Swedish summer, sun in the morning and in the afternoon it starts to rain. So just now it raining cats and dogs. 



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Gunnebo, Sweden - 14th August 2009

By: Pixiedustlady

Just updating Lucans Google Map :)

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Gunnebo, Sweden - 15th August 2009

By: MintTe

Hi everyone!  :D

Today have I been in the forest and picking blueberry. I have learn that in Sweden they have something called Allmansrätten, that will say the right of Public Access. It’s unique for Sweden

About the Right of public Access
You rely on the Right of Public Access whenever you go out in the Swedish countryside – whether it is to take a walk, go kayaking, climb a mountain or just sit down on a rock to think. The Right of Public Access is a unique institution. It gives us all the freedom to roam the countryside. But we must also take care of nature and wildlife, and we must show consideration for landowners and for other people enjoying the countryside. In other words: Don’t disturb – don’t destroy!


On the way to the forest


1½ liter Bluebeeries!

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Gunnebo, Sweden - 19th August 2009

By: MintTe

Hi Everyone!

Today I have learn about some about Finnish china and glass. My host, Ingrid, collect Moomin china and Iittala glass.


Moomins and Arabia
Rörstrand got a permission to establish a daughter company in Finland on 25.11.1873 and  Arabia’s first factory buildings were erected in 1874. In 1885 the Arabia factory became a limited company, Arabia Aktiefabrik. In 1881, Gustav Herlitz was appointed technical director of the factory. In the 1890s Arabia’s production capacity expanded quite considerably. The Swedish artist Thure Öberg and the Finnish architect Jac Ahrenberg were employed to improve the range of models produced at Arabia.  A product range exclusive to Arabia was slowly taking shape and Arabia started the production of its own models of tiled stoves, vases and sets of tableware. Arabia’s collection was awarded a gold medal at the Paris World Fair in 1900.

The first products with Moomin figures at Arabia, a set of children's dishes and a serie of miniature figures, came out at the end of 1950's. Still, the "Moomin boom" strated by the second launch of the moomin products in 1990.


Iittala is a Finnish design company specialising in houseware objects made on the principle of "modern Scandinavian design". The Iittala Group consists of a number of businesses within its portfolio of operations: Arabia, Hackman, Iittala, BodaNova, Höganäs Keramik, Rörstrand and Høyang-Polaris.

The most famous products to be fabricated by the Iittala company are the glassware designs of Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, such as the so-called Aalto Vase (or Savoy vase) (picture, right) from 1936, and the glassware designs of Timo Sarpaneva, who started designing glassware for the company in 1950. In 1956 Sarpaneva designed the Iittala i-logo. The founding of the Iittala company is said to date to 1881, when a glass factory was founded by Swede Petrus Magnus Abrahamsson. The first workforce had to be brought from Sweden due to the lack of skilled glassblowers in Finland.
In 1917, the company was bought up by timber refinery company A. Ahlström, who also owned the Karhula glass factory. These combined to become the Karhula-Iittala glass factory up until the 1950s. At first the factory specialised mostly in bottles for chemists and for holding lamp oil, though there was also some production of domestic items.
In the 1920s and 1930s, the company expanded into more experimental and artistic ventures, as well as producing more domestic products. One of the first major successes was the glassware designed by Aino Aalto, followed later by the glassware of Alvar Aalto.

The bowl are designed by Marimekko.


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Gunnebo, Sweden - 12th September 2009

By: MintTe

Hi everyone!

Remember those blueberry that we pick, today we turn them in to a pie! I have some photos to show you, but Ingrid camera run out off batteries. 


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Gunnebo, Sweden - 17th September 2009

By: MintTe

Hi everyone!

I have some fun news, because my host Ingrid have been working so much this month have she with and the family decide to take a short weekend on the west coast and do some shopping at one of the biggest stores in Sweden. So updates will come on Monday.


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Ullared/Tofta, Sweden - 19th September 2009

By: MintTe

Hi everyone!  :D

This weekend have been busy. Me and my host was to Gekås in Ullared, its ha huge store, the total selling space is 19 000 m2 and the store is annually visited by 3 700 000 customers with a maximum of 26,200 for a single day. And this day is was so crowded that Ingrid was afraid to lost me so sorry, no photos from inside the store.

We spend the night in Ingrid’s aunts house in a place called Tofta.     











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