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Travelog for: Atta

Graz, Austria - 3rd January 2010

By: marcie08

Hi Mom!

I'm a little sad right now as I had to say goodbye to 2 of my new friends....Landroval and Papelbon will leave for Germany respectively Belarus.
Here you see us saying goodbye first to Landroval, and then to Papelbon.

I hope they'll have much fun and great adventures with their new hosts! Maybe our paths will cross again in the future!


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Wassenaar, The Netherlands - 15th January 2010

By: MorgenSter

Hello Mummy !!! I'm writting to let you know I arrived safely in Wassenaar, where my new host lives.
She is a 23 year old brazilian girl who has been living in the Netherlands now for 6 months. she keeps saying this country is beautifull and i'll enjoy it a lot.

The snow here is melting slowly and i was hoping to go ice skating tomorrow...  As she worked a lot today, she couldn't take me anywhere yet, but tomorrow is saturday... and Im really excited with I can get to see here. We will be going to The Hague, a city known for its diplomatic history.

Here is me!!! The first picture in the country of the bikes!!! :D

And here a picture of me with Bombus, my host's TV ( soon going to Belarus)

Bye and "tot straks"

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Wassenaar, The Netherlands - 2nd February 2010

By: MorgenSter

Hey! The snow came once more, but my host had a terrible cof and throatache the whole time. But, we still got to go to the centrum of Den Haag, a city full of international atmosphere and cultural life.

First, a picture of the house I'm staying now

Me and Dottie Mouse playing the Wii with our host the boy she looks after.

Me in front of the old royal home in Den Haag

And here is a view of the Buitenhof :D One of the most pretty sights of the city

Hope to write soon !! bye Bye

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Wassenaar, The Netherlands - 13th February 2010

By: MorgenSter


One of the most curious and tipically dutch things you can find here is the bakfiets!!! There is no translation for this name, but once you see what it is, you get a picure of what it was designed for...
The bakfiets is a bike, not a regular bike... It has space for you to take children in it, so for an example, you can bike your kids to school.
My host told me that once she managed to put 6 children sitting in it!!! It was heavy, but it was very funny and everyone kept looking at them.

Me and Dottie Mouse on the bakfiets

Tomorrow our host is going to have us celebrate valentine's day together... but I still don't know what she is planning to do... but ... let's see :D

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Wassenaar, The Netherlands - 21st February 2010

By: MorgenSter


So saturday came and brought us sun and a nice weather. It wasn't all that warm, but after weeks of snow, it felt nice to go outside and feel the warmth that will come with spring. So our host took us to the Gemeente Museum and we also enjoyed a walk around town.

Me at the bus

With Dottie Mouse in front of the Museum

At the Museum


This clothing store is very famous here due to its building.


Next week we will all be going to Amsterdam :D So maybe a nice weather and nice pictures will come next  B)

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Wassenaar, The Netherlands - 4th March 2010

By: MorgenSter

Hello Mom!!!

My host was really happy to read from you through a PM. She is also happy that you are enjoying my trip. I know i am.
We did go to Amsterdam but I'll get to that later...

First, MorgenSter took me to a chinese restaurant where I had the chance to taste a lot of different cuisine. Her friends were happy and pleased that I joined and I heard them saying they will consider joining this in the future.

No, I wasn't the meal!!!

Laying in bed after a busy day

On my way to Amsterdam

In Amsterdam we joined a witches party. It had music and a lot of cool dressed people.

A famous Book of Shadows

We walked around in Amsterdam, but it was rianing a lot and so windy that my host thought she herself was going to fly with the wind if she didn't hold on to anything! So we didn't get to see much of the outside... but we will go back !


The front of the house is being rebuilt...

We attended my hosts dutch class :D

Ready to study some dutch !

Us with Morris at the playground

Bye Bye and see you all soon here :D

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Wassenaar, The Netherlands - 16th March 2010

By: MorgenSter

Hello!!! Here I am again :D
So last weekend we had lots of fun:D And I tried the most marvelous and delicious cheesecake I could find... just take a look!


We also watched kids practicing hockeu and it was really funny!

We also attended MauritsHuis museum, where we saw " Girl with the pearl earring"



I hope you enjoy the photos, though they weren't many...

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Wassenaar, The Netherlands - 18th April 2010

By: MorgenSter

Hello Mom!!!

I can't wait to see you !!!
I'm really glad I came to The Netherlands to get to know this amazing country. I had lots of fun with my hostie MorgenSter and many different Tvs I met around here.

Me and the gang saying our goodbyes!

Me getting ready :D

ByeBye House

Me and my hostie!!! Appearing here for the first time :D

Mommy!!! See you soon :D

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