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Travelog for: Monica

Redcliffe Beach, Australia - 30th January 2009

By: innocencelost

Hello everyone,
                          Here I am in Queensland, Australia, staying with Bec. Yesterday we visited Redcliffe. I had a great day. We explored the ruins at the beach and then I cooked my first Australian barbeque at Settlement Cove lagoon. I'm having a wonderful time. Bec says we may visit the Sunshine Coast Hinterland on the weekend if she doesn't have to work. I am having trouble uploading my photos so I'll email them directly home. Have a wonderful day!

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Australia Zoo, Australia - 10th February 2009

By: innocencelost

Hi Everyone!
                    The rain in Queensland has FINALLY stopped for awhile so Bec and I went to Australia Zoo yesterday. I had a great time. We rode the Safari shuttle, saw a crocodile feeding, watched the tigers and fed and elephant. I also had my picture taken with a croc and riding a tortise - they weren't real but Bec didn't want me to get hurt. I had a fantastic day and all my photos have been emailed home!

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Burpengary, Australia - 22nd February 2009

By: innocencelost

Hi Mom!
              Sorry I haven't written for awhile but I've been really busy. Last week we all visited Bec's uni for orientation week which was a lot of fun, and next week she says she will take us again for classes. We went to Centeneray lakes for a picnic lunch and this weekend we visited the Mouse's House, an eco friendly resort with chalets created to be part of the surrounding rainforest. Our chalet was called Grumpy (after the dawarf) and we had our own waterfall. It was awesome, particularly when the bush turkey's, sugar gliders and possums came down at night to be fed. We also visited a museum, where I learnt about the history of the area I am staying in and bec says next weekend we are going to the city to take a city cat, visit the botanical gardens and see the museum and parliment house. The photos are going to be uploaded to flickr soon, so stay tuned,
                        I am happy  safe and well and I love you,

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Cairns, Australia - 14th March 2009

By: innocencelost

Hi there,
              I haven't headed off from Australia yet, because bec unexpectedly got the oppourtunity to fly to Cairns for work experience at the Cairns Base hospital. I am having a wonderful time! So far we have visited Paronella Park - a spanish castle with a wonderful story, Hartley's Creek Crocodile farm and today we're off on the Skyrail to Kuranda! Very exciting. I shall resume my journey next week when bec gets back to brisbane. Love Monica.

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Amadora - Lisboa, Portugal - 8th April 2009

By: carinafernandessousa

Hey everybody!
I’ve arrived safely after spending almost two weeks trying to get to Carina. I’ve finally made it!
The weather is warm and I can only think on visiting the beach.

When I arrived Carina took a photo of me and a group photo. In the group photo you can see our little Toyvoyager family.



We have already watched a movie – Get Smart  - and we had a great time.


Carina told me a little secret…. Thursday we are all going on a trip! Yes! We are going to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal – Leiria! The trip takes one and an half hours by car so in the way I can get to know Carina’s family, Carina and my new five friends!
I hope Thursday arrives soon!

See you soon!

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Leiria, Portugal - 1st May 2009

By: carinafernandessousa

Hi everybody!
Sorry for the late news! Carina had a little problem but everything its all right now!

Here are some photos of me and my fellow Toyvoyagers in our trip to Leiria!


This is me, preparing for the trip! Safety first – seat bet is on!


A little moment to look at the view… not much at this speed!


The morning after the trip – a little journey to the town center! This is me and my new friends at “Luis de Camões” garden. Luis de Camões it’s a well know Portuguese poet.

We sat and got some sun… and we even played hide and seek! Look! Is that Lucan?!


Finally we had a little time to take a picture with Leiria’s Caslte behind us!


It was a really nice trip and I hope for more real soon!

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