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Meet 100 cats. (including big cats and TV cats) (6/100 completed)

Collect (at least 10) recipes with lemons. (The cakes, soups, drinks.... anything will do.)

Fall in love.

Learn how to say "I love you" in as many languages as I can!

Go to concerts and meet favorite musicians in person! (See who I like in the first log.)

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Travelog for: Mr.Lemony

Chiba, Japan - 7th November 2008

By: kiskis

Hello everyone! I'm Mr.Lemony, a curious cat who wants to travel all over the world!!


My mom, kiskis, rescued me from the shop which was almost closing down. She stepped into the shop because she heard Interpol song playing there. So we met. And she has this weakness for cats and she couldn't resist rescuing me. I'm glad she helped me.

As the shop owner and Mom shares the love for music, they still meet and chat. So I can meet my shop owner and I am happy about that. She is really a nice person. She made me a music lover!!

I love musicians like Interpol, British Sea Power, The Music, The Coral, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Gavin DeGraw, Kyle Riabko, Toby Lightman, Tracy Chapman, Mando Diao, The Ark and so on. I listen to almost everything except Techno stuff. I don't know why but I feel dizzy listening to them. Well, I would love to go to their concerts and meet them in person!! Just thinking of it makes me purr!!

And I would love you to let me listen to your favorite music! I always love to expand my music world!!

By the way, Mom named me Mr.Lemony because I look like a lemon. You know, I'm yellow and chubby.


Mom treated me with those rice crackers. They were hand made one that her mother gave her. They were nice!! It is the kind called Suzu-chan. Suzu means the bell. Doesn't it look like the bell for cats?

The only sad thing is that it doesn't contain lemons. I really love to eat some lemony stuff. People think that the cats don't like citrus but I do love lemons and other citrus. I would love to try some of your countries' dishes with lemons!! Anything will be fine, like sweets, soups, drinks.... I will be able to drink when next birthday comes! I can't wait to have an alcohol. My Mom and Dad don't drink much but they love to drink with friends. I would love to drink with friends!!

While I was eating Suzu-chan, Sakura tried to get some of them.
But Mom doesn't want her to eat things like them, she couldn't eat any.

She felt sad so she went to Boots.
He's the biggest cat Mom has. He was found in the park that Mom and Dad used to go. He was a big mess. He had lost most of his hair and had a big ( it was as big as a new born kitten!) hairball on his back. He also had some scars. He was really friendly and he looked a lot like Weasley, their second cat, and they couldn't help helping him.  He is now this fluffy and puffy but he was really skinny and hairless when he actually came to our house.

Sakura can't stop purring when she is by Boots' side. She thinks he's her dad. She was rescued from the ditch nearby the bus stop Mom and Dad uses. They heard some meowing and found her under the lids of the ditch. They think that someone left her there on purpose as the ditch had its lids on all the way. There wasn't much chance for her to fall in ther on her own. She was supposed to be a month old when she was rescued. When she came to our house, Boots took care of her. He really is a nice guy, you know.

This is Weasley. He was born in 2007. His mother is my Mom and Dad's first cat, Momo. He is a gentle man. He loves to play but when Sakura comes while he was playing, he just give Sakura the toy. So Sakura thinks he's her brother and she also purrs when she is sleeping by the side of Weasley's. As Weasley is the only child, he seems to be happy having a sister!

This is Momo, the first cat. She is beautiful!! She was a stray cat that used to visit our house really often. One day, she came into the house without a permission and Mom and Dad decided to take her in. She is an elegant cat. She is not that friendly to other cats but loves to take care of Weasley and Sakura.

There is another cat in the house but she is under the kotatsu, the table with heaters and covers, so I couldn't take a picture with her. I will do that next time.

Well, there are so many cats in the house. But I would love to meet more cats in the world. Including big cats like lions and tigers and TV cats. Of course, cats like ours are welcome, too.

Well, I think I have written a lot this time. I'm going to go by now. See you guys soon!!

To my note. Here's my travel list;
Greycat (Austria) visiting
Blurchen (Austria)
Elayoe (Germany)
LydiaAbigail (Norway)
dejoloka (Brazil)
babyamy (Germany) sometime in May '09

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Chiba, Japan - 10th November 2008

By: kiskis

I've met other TVs; Beatritsche and HitchaRideDooey. They came here from the Netherland.
They told me their stories about where they have been and what great times they've had being TVs. I'm really excited about my future journey!!!

Well, as it's been really cold here, Mom made us some Oden. I love it so much! Her mom used to cook it a lot in the winter. Believe me, it is one of the best winter menu!!
With miso sauce, it is really great. (Of course, it is still great without it.)

As it's been raining and cold, I've keeping myself warm here at home.And as I have so much time and so little to do, I've spent so much time wondering how it feels like to fall in love.

I've never had a girlfriend. There are 3 girl cats in the house but they are like sisters to me so it is impossible for me to fall in love with them. Even dating them sounds so weird to me:P

So I've listened to some love songs.

And read some books and comics.

They tell us some things about falling in love and being love and I've tried to imagine how it feels like as hard as I can but I still can't get it.

But I think it must feel great! People fall in love and sometimes have their hearts broken. But they fall in love, again, even though they had been through the great pains before. (As I've never been in love, I can't imagine the pain, either. I really wish I would never have to feel the pain, though.)

Oh, I really want to fall in love. Have someone to love. I want to go on a date with a lovely cat:) I've never been on a date, either:P

Would my future hosts please help me find a girl cat?

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Chiba, Japan - 18th November 2008

By: kiskis

Hello guys:)

I've decided to start my journey. I'm going to visit Austria!

So I said my good-byes to my lovely friends.
Momo, Weasley, Umeko, Boots and Sakura. I'm going to miss them all!!!

And, of course, I'm going to miss my Mom and Dad.

As this is my first journey, I was so nervous starting it. But HitchaRideDooey has decided to come with me to keep me company so I won't be alone! He's going to tell me how it is like to travel all over the world;)
I'm going to write again from Austria, Mom!

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Vienna, Austria - 23rd December 2008

By: Greycat

Hello Mum!

Guess what, we finally arrived in Vienna! Yesterday afternoon our envelope was opened and we jumped out immediately. It's great no longer being stuck in this thing! Our hostmum introduced us to our host brothers Mortimer and Fluffytail, other TVs. When we arrived they just wanted to start a sightseeing tour, and we decided to join them. So we went to the most famous Christmasmarket around here, which is pretty close to some important sights. We saw the Viennese city hall and the main university, both are really beautiful buildings (of course you can see them on the pics). Finally we even took a picture in front of the "Burgtheater", which is an old, famous and pretty big theatre. It definitely feels like Christmas around here, and that's soo nice. Tonight we're going to celebrate Christmas with our hostmum's parents and grandparents, I'll inform you how it was and show you all the pics withing the next days!

Many hugs,


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Vienna, Austria - 2nd January 2009

By: Greycat

Hello Mommy, how are you? Conny says she's really sorry for not having updated earlier, but Christmas holidays were really stressful for her.
On the following pics you can see me and my friends in the Christmas tree, we were allowed to climb up there, I was really afraid! Fluffytail managed climbing up thet tree best.
On Christmas eve we even met the "Christmas rabbit", as you can see :D. He brought us some nice presents, but we already ate all of them. Can you guess what it was? :) Finally on December 30th we've learned an Austrian game, it's called "Bauernschnapsen" you play it in pairs with cards. Fluffytail and Dooey won, still it was great fun!
I hope you enjoyed your holidays?

Big hug from Vienna,


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Vienna, Austria - 4th January 2009

By: Greycat

Hey Mum,
how are you? I just wanted to send you this few pics from our Ne-years-Eve party and from Mortimer's farewell party. It was so sad when he had to leave, I've really found a  good friend in him. Still, we had a great time together and I enjoyed each minute of it.
Hope you like the pics as much as I do :)

Many kisses from Vienna,
Mr. Lemony


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Vienna, Austria - 28th January 2009

By: Greycat

Hello Mum!
I'm so sorry for not having updated my log earlier, Conny's camera was broken and it took a while to have it repaired. But yesterday she got it back, which was really good, as Luddie had arrived on friday. Today we were allowed to accompany  Conny to her mum's school (she's a teacher), where Conny is giving private lessons. As you can see, she taught us a little German. First we did a task Conny's mum does with children who don't know much German, afterwards Conny showed us how to write "My name is Mr. Lemony and I'm a Toyvoyager". That was fun. We also took a pic in front of the school. The sign says: "Primary school  of the City of Vienna". On our way back we stopped on a bridge leading across the so called "Donaukanal", where suddenly a whole bunch of seagulls appeared.
Oh, by the way, finally I could take some great pics with Micky, Conny's cat. She's really old, fat and lazy, like Garfield the Cat. But it's not her fault, she fell out of the window five years ago, since than she can't move properly. I hope you like the new pics!

Mr. Lemony

Lemony (2).jpg
Lemony (3).jpg
Lemony (4).jpg
Lemony (5).jpg
Lemony (6).jpg
Lemony (7).jpg
LLD (2).jpg
LLD (3).jpg
LLD (4).jpg
LLD (5).jpg

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Vienna, Austria - 1st February 2009

By: Greycat

Hello Mum,
guess what, within the last three days three more guests arrived here: Lucky Duck, Big Bird and Nintje. It's pretty crowded around here now  :cyclops:, but we have a lot of fun altogether, it's like our own little family ;). Today we decided to take a group picture, so we'd never forget each other. I hope you like it,

a big hug from Vienna,
Mr. Lemony


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Vienna, Austria - 2nd February 2009

By: Greycat

Today I went to the Prater to see the GIANTWHEEL of Vienna, but it was really,really cold outside! Greetings from my hosts, with love your Mr.Lemony :p


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Vienna, Austria - 12th February 2009

By: Greycat

Today I´ve seen the Stephansdom - the big cathedral in the center of Vienna, you know? And then I walked through the famous Kärntnerstraße to the Opera. There will be the world famous Viennese Opernball next week, on thursday. Pictures of this event are shown all over the world...and my host will be part of it. She gives her ´debut`, that means it´s her first time to visit this famous ( and normally really expensive) ball and this young couples "start" the ball with their dancing. They have to prove their abilities in vienna waltz and were selected, because they were good! So, pay attention, perhaps you will see her ;)?


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Vienna, Austria - 20th February 2009

By: Greycat

Hey Mum,
this are the pics from my last day in Vienna, it was very sad to say 'good bye' to everyone, especially with Dooey it was really hard.
Still, I'm looking forward to the next station on my trip!

Write to you soon!

PS. Carol the Mouse (one of Conny's TVs who's not yet started her travel taught me how to say 'I love you' in German! It's: 'Ich liebe dich'!) :)


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Hameln, Germany - 2nd July 2009

By: Elayoe

Hi Mum!

today I arrived in Hameln. I was nicely welcomed by Eatcookie and SillyWillyBlu:

I also brought a guest present with me:

I think I'll like it here in Hameln.

Mr. Lemony

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Hameln, Germany - 15th July 2009

By: Elayoe

Today we welcomed another guest: Migui and Gui.. also, if they look so dark, they seemed the be nice:


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Hameln, Germany - 16th July 2009

By: Elayoe

Before our host will move into another flat, we decided to show you her great postcard wall and the moving preparations:

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Hameln, Germany - 17th July 2009

By: Elayoe

Today we were at IKea for some last shopping for the flat.. we also took some food from there.. :) ah, the kanelbulle were so tasty:


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