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Travelog for: Tandy

Home, Singapore - 20th October 2008

By: raydance

Hi! My name is Tandy, Tandy the Horse.

Mom tells me that my name is short for "Andrew", which in turn means "valiant and courageous"!

Well, I certainly feel courageous, as I'm preparing for my first journey by myself without my mom into strange lands! But I'm prepared, and I want to visit places!

Mom says that I have to be brave for the both of us, and experience everything that I can while on my journey, because I need to see everything for the both of us. Mom's a bit sad that she can't be the one going, but I know that it's expensive for her to sit on planes, and it's easier for little me to travel by myself.

Well, I'm getting ready for my big trip, and Mom's arranging for me to travel around the world. If you're interested in having me over at your house for a month or so, do PM my mom!  :D I'm looking forward to seeing you!

My current travel plans (hosts may be shifted around)
- gingermuffins in Australia
- December: fam-united in Germany
- January: samsmith621 in PA, USA
- babyamy in Germany (not available Jan - March 2009)

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Home, Singapore - 22nd October 2008

By: raydance

One of the friends that Mom made on this website told her that it would be good if she could take some pictures of me and Singapore before I flew off, so Mom took me to work today with her camera.

But she found out to her horror that her camera battery charger had spoilt! So I had to spend my day sitting in her bag while she was busy with work. Phew, Mom gets so many emails a day for work, it isn't funny.

Anyway, when I got home, Mom borrowed a camera from her mom (confusing?) and snapped a shot of me!

Here I am!


I'm pleased to meet you, and I'm sure I'll be meeting some of you and your TVs in person too.

After she took that shot for me, Mom started writing in this yellow book. I asked her what it was, and she told me it was a journal for my hosts to write or draw or paste interesting things in. "That way, I can have something physical to remember where you've been too!" she told me.


She says that I'll be packed off to my first destination this weekend, I can't wait already!

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Orchard Road, Singapore - 25th October 2008

By: raydance


Hi! Mom had a real busy day today, but she still put me in her bag to travel around with her. She didn't really have time to take some pictures of me at certain interesting locations (like Chinatown), but I still got photographed at some modern places here in Singapore!

That's me on the bus there in the above picture.

Along the way we passed by this interesting building.


This is the Central Fire Station, the oldest existing fire station in Singapore. It's also a national monument!

Mom tells me that the station is still in operation and that she saw them in action once! The tower you see there is the hose tower, once the highest point in Singapore. (It's long been overshadowed, of course.) Now and then, visitors can go up to have a tour of the tower.


Mom later brought me to Orchard Road, Singapore's famous shopping district. It's very pretty during festivals, when the road is all lit up and decorated. But today it was pretty boring since a lot of the buildings were boarded up, Mom thinks that they're setting up their external Christmas decoration.


She did however shoot a picture of me outside Ngee Ann City, one of the landmarks of Orchard Road. It's a huge shopping complex - one side of it is Takashimaya, the Japanese shopping mall. The other belongs to all sorts of upmarket products like Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc. Mom tells me that she likes coming here though - not for the branded goods, of course, but for stores like Art Friend (her favourite art supply store) and Kinokuniya, the Japanese-owned book chain. The eateries here are pretty good too.


Here's me along Orchard Road again. You can't really tell in this picture, but there are a lot of cars in Singapore. To help control this problem, the Singapore Government tries to put a very high price on the Certificate of Entitlement that each owner has to have before buying a car. But this doesn't seem to help!

The building in the background is the Paragon, another shopping mall on Orchard Road that is famous for carrying upmarket brands such as GStar, Ralph Lauren and more. Mom rarely comes here, but today she wanted to pop by the Toys-R-Us that was in the building for some Halloween shopping. She was quite disappointed though... seems like she couldn't find what she was looking for.

Well, that's it for my day out! I should be flying off on my first adventure tomorrow!

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Casterton, Australia - 1st February 2009

By: gingermuggins


My host lives 35kms away from the town of Casterton. There are lots of pine tree forests all around her house and rough roads/tracks. Here I am looking up a track with pine trees on both sides. These trees have been growing for 7 years. In another 7 years time they will be cut down and taken to the mill to be turned into timber for houses, furniture etc.


Here i am sitting in a Pine Tree, it's rather prickly and doesn't taste very nice!


Here is the welcome sign to the town of Casterton!


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