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Travelog for: Floppy the Bat

Greenock, Scotland - 5th October 2008

By: Wyrdwood

Today we were planning to walk to neighbor town Gourock. wyrdwood and her friend took me and Brunswick with them. My host did not remember that Queen Elisabeth 2, The boat, was visiting the town and whole place was swarming with people talking odd languages. Even my host did not recognize some of them. The boat was huuuuuuuge, but wyrdwood told us that sometimes there was even bigger boats visiting the town.

We walked to promenade and had little stop at the Church. I was excited to visit old graves. but Brunswick thought it was a bit too yearly, there's still few weeks to Halloween, you know :)

toyvoyager 008a.jpg
toyvoyager 009a.jpg
toyvoyager 011a.jpg

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Greenock, Scotland - 8th October 2008

By: Wyrdwood

oh my, wyrdwood just told me than she is going to take me and Brunswick to LONDON!!

I better get some sleep now, we are going to wake up at 5am :(

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Turku, Finland - 13th October 2008

By: Wyrdwood

I had lovely trip to London to meet my new host. Brunswick and I had really fantastic time. Too bad wyrdwood had problems with her camera, but she managed to take few pictures. I really loved to see the famous Tube. We also took a race with wyrdwood's and her friend's new pets, I was riding Virus The Bunny and Brunswick rode with Emppu the pig. Don't listen Brunswick, I was the one who won ;)

I will post some pictures as soon as I get them...

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Turku, Finland - 16th October 2008

By: Wyrdwood

wyrdwood is helping me to update my journal. My present host is a bit busy at the moment.

Anyways, I Arrived to Finland after spending few days at London. It was so late when our flight landed, so we had to spend one night at my host's friend at Tampere. Early on the next morning me and my Host Lumisusi arrived to Turku, her hometown.

I was surprised to see that I was defintely not the only toy here. Lumisusi has like 30+ creatures here and some at her parent's place. How on earth I am going to remember all the names?

I managed to spend only few days at Turku before Lumisusi took me to cruise. I was really shoked when I realised I am going to meet my favorite singer, Kristian Meurman.  :cyclops:

Here I am with Kristian. This must be my most perfect moment in my life!


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Turku, Finland - 20th October 2008

By: Wyrdwood

I finally have some pictures from London, yay! Here we go... i bet you don't need any titles for the pictures ;)

lontoo 002.jpg
lontoo 003.jpg
lontoo 006.jpg

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