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Travelog for: Peti

Kellinghusen, Germany - 5th November 2008

By: babyamy

My first travelog update! I had to leave Hungary in a hurry to arrive in Germany in time at my first host, that's all I got to know. Well, it was a short journey, today I arrived at Katrin's house. When I crawled out of the envelope, a little donkey was looking at me. That's Stutz, who is staying with Katrin right now.

After a nice welcome I got to know the reason for the hurry in Hungary: we are going to go to Berlin, the German capital, tomorrow!
While Katrin was packing her things together, we were checking which train we could take.

Here we are, ready to go! Katrin said, that we will go to a special place tomorrow for dinner and she is very excited about it. We asked her again and again, but she didn't want to tell us...

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Berlin, Germany - 8th November 2008

By: babyamy

Stutz and I are going to Berlin! We are travelling with the InterCity Express (ICE), a very fast train. It just took one and a half hour from Hamburg to Berlin. Here we are sitting on Katrin's boyfriend's arms.

In Berlin we had to go some stations by "S-Bahn" (kind of subway) to go to the hotel. At the station "Zoologischer Garten" we had to change the "S-Bahn" but we decided to spend some time wlking around. We saw this cinema called "Zoo Palast" which seemed to be an important place for people who like movies.

On the opposite side of the street we visited the famous "Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche". The church has been build in honour to the Emporer Wilhelm I in 1891 and has been destroyed by bombs during the Second World War. Today there is a kind of museum in the hall of the church.

Katrin has told us about a special place to go for dinner and here we are: The Hard Rock Café in Berlin! Of course we had typical Amercan food, a big cheeseburger and french fries.

Then we had a look around the restaurant, it was so exciting to see all the guitars (yes, there was one from Bon Jovi, Katrin was happy) and posters, but the best place was this glass window with a picture of Elvis:

Guitars and a leather jacket from the German rock band Scorpions:

A broken guitar from Green Day:

The next morning Katrin had to go to the US embassy to apply for her visum to study for two month in the US. Katrin's boyfriend took us with him and we discovered this huge bear in front of a museum about Berlin history.  On the bear you can see sweets which were droped by parachute. This is a symbol for the Berlin airlift in 1948/1949.

Later we met Katrin again and went back to the main station where we discovered another big bear. Can you see me?

Now we were starting our trip to the "must-be-seen" places.
This crazy horse is standing in front of the station.

This is a restarant (?) in front of the station. In the fog you can the the famous "Alex", the TV tower which is located at the Alexanderplatz.

The river Spree and an old guy guarding the bridge:

Now we are in the gouvernment part of Berlin. This is the "Bundeskanzleramt", the building in which the chancellor is working.

Another highlight of our trip: Seeing "Trabis"! These cars were driven in the former German Democratic Republic when there have been two German states. The look a bit funny when you compare then with today's cars and the are very noisy.

The German Reichstag, in the building the German gouvernment helds their meetings.

This is the street called "Straße des 17. Juni". At the end you can see the "Siegessäule".

The next famous place: the "Brandenburger Tor". When you go through it, you go from the eastern part of the city to the western part. Today it's no big deal, but is a historical place since many people walked through it when the borders between the two German states were opened 19 years ago.

The river Spree again. Somewhere here has been the "Palast der Republik", the place where the gouvernment of the former DDR met.

This grey stones are the memorial for all the killed Jews during the Third Reich. It's nothing special at first sight, just a big place with these stones, but when you walk through it, it becomes more and more impressive.

And, finally, the famous Berlin wall. There is a place were you can see some parts of it, today with historical notes.

The Berlin main station. It is very huge, it's like a big shopping center and the trains are driving right trough it. ;)

The ICE back home, it drove 227 kilometers per hour! Pretty fast, you couldn't see much when you looked out of the window.

Back home everybody was tired but Katrin bought some great doughnuts in Berlin. There were pretty sweet, but they were great to end this exciting weekend.

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Kellinghusen, Germany - 9th November 2008

By: babyamy

Today I have to say goodbye to Stutz, he'll travel to his next host tomorrow.

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Katrin's room, Germany - 10th November 2008

By: babyamy

Today I got to know why Katrin says about herself that she is a bit crazy sometimes. During her lunch break she was reading in some different travelogs and on her way back home she has decided to create a toyvoyager herself.
This means that she was looking for the wool she collects in a basket

There was too much, the next step was looking for rests of wool in many different colors because in her mind she was going to crochet a colorful worm... I helped her as good as I could.

Then Katrin started to crochet but the result actually doesn't really look like a worm...it's way to big! Then she was thinking about making a "thing"...well, her parents and her brother called her crazy.
After having a shower she decided to create a ghost (great ideas always come in the bathroom)...a very colorful ghost, this is how far she got today.

The ghost is still blind that's why I have to help him until he gets eyes...

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Kellinghusen, Germany - 12th November 2008

By: babyamy

When Katrin came home today, she just picked me and together we went to garage to get some apples. These are the last ones from the apple tree which is standing in the garden.

Then we went to the garden since there was a full moon in the sky and Katrin wanted to take a photo of me with it - which not really worked very well...The moon decided to hide again behind the clouds.

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Katrin's room, Germany - 12th November 2008

By: babyamy

Do you remember the "thing" Katrin started to create on Monday? This is how it looks now. It has grown a lot and tonight I helped Katrin to fix it's eyes.
The thing has become a toyvoyager, too, it's called Etwas. That's German for "something".

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Katrin's house, Germany - 13th November 2008

By: babyamy

Today Etwas and I decided to help Katrin's mum to clean the house. We swept clean the stairs on our own.


Then we started to discover the house. I like this flowers, they look so great!


This lady invited us to take a photo with her. She is welcoming all the guests when they enter the house.


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Hamburg, Germany - 14th November 2008

By: babyamy

Today I had a very busy day. Katrin took me to the place where she is working to earn some money while she is studying.

We went to Hamburg by train. Here we are waiting at the station in  Wrist for our train. Katrin shot this picture just a few minutes before the train arrived. We had to hurry to catch it. ;)

When we arrived at Hamburg main station, we discovered that they've started to decorate it for Christmas.

Katrin is working in an office, today she has to send to invitations for the Christmas party to all employees.

Later I helped Katrin to put stamps on letters.

Katrin had to bring some old files down to the archive. It's in the cellar and it's very scary down there.

This was our lunch today, sausages and roast potatoes. Luckily the office where Katrin is working is the campus of her university so we went to the canteen.

After lunch Katrin has to do her favourite part of her job: go shopping! Here we are on the way to the next grocery store. Well, this isn't the place where we want to do the shopping, it's Katrin's favourite Asia store where she likes to buy Asian food.

When we passed this building, Katrin told me that very known firms have their offices in there, like IBM and AOL.

When we entered the small mall where the grocery store is in, Katrin got very excited: there were these candy machines which she just knows from her stay in the US.

Look at this guy, I hope he'll find a nice family at Christmas...

This is what Katrin had bought: coffee and lots of sweets! In the end we had three full packed bags! Back in the office the boss came, looked into one bag and said "Ohhh, sweets! You're an angel" Then he took some sweets and left Katrin alone. She was tired, since the bags got pretty heavy after walking with them for about ten minutes.

This is Katrin's last task every day when she is working: bring all the letters to the mailbox. Today there are quite a lot! Katrin wanted to take a photo of me while I put them into the mailbox, but at the central station where to many strange persons (probably drunk) and she didn't want to loose me.

The last photos for today: Hamburg central station and our train back home. And again we had to hurry to catch it, but in the train we found a seat and everything was fine.

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Katrin's desk, Germany - 16th November 2008

By: babyamy

Although it's Sunday today Katrin has been busy writing her report about the practical work in the museum. She has read all her notes again and again and in the end she has written 9 pages!

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Kellinghusen, Germany - 16th November 2008

By: babyamy

These are the stairs to the attic of the house...
It looks dark and it seems to be cold, since cold air came down here when Katrin opened the hatch.

Katrin was looking for a box for her friendship book and diaries from her school days. She needed space in desk drawer, but she didn't want to throw everything away.

Then we had a quick look around. There were many packed things under these blankets and in these boxes, but it was getting too  cold to have a closer look and we decided to go back into Katrin's room where it's much warmer.

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Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg, Germany - 17th November 2008

By: babyamy

Today Katrin took us with her to Hamburg. But here we are at the station in Wrist. Look at the beautiful sun rise, it's going to be a beautiful day.

In the morning the sun was shining into the huge room you have to pass to enter the office of the archive. We decided to to take a bath in the sun. ;)

This was Katrin's work for today: She has this photoalbum and has to scan all the photos of the cars. The next step will be to make entries for each photo in the database but this will be her work for the next days.

This is in front of the part of the museum, in which the exhibition of the Tempo-cars is. You can see old Tempo-cars on the photos of the photoalbum.

Then Etwas decided to go back into Katrin's bag because it was getting too cold. But I wanted to see more. This is the excavator which belongs to the museum. It's standing in the yard of the museum.

This is me in front of TRUDE, the drill which was used to build a tunnel under the river Elbe. It's so huge!

This is what Katrin likes about Hamburg: You have to walk just for a few minutes and it doesn't look like a big city anymore...

And this is the view when we turned around. ;) The old bridge in the background is used by the subway.

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Kellinghusen, Germany - 17th November 2008

By: babyamy

When we came home this late afternoon, Katrin's mum told her that there is a parcel waiting for her in her room. She didn't expect anything but when she saw the sticker on the parcel, she remember that she has ordered it a few month ago on the internet. Since it's been quite a long time, she had totally forgotten about it.

We opened it and it looks like a mess. It took Katrin some time to get through all the things and find out, what she got.

Here we are with all the stuff: Notebooks, a pen, an USB-Stick and this funny blue guy which is an alarm clock.
There also was a letter and Katrin remembered after reading it, that this parcel belongs to a project of students from the Hamburg University. They wanted to give useful presents to other students and this is the present box.

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Kellinghusen, Germany - 18th November 2008

By: babyamy

It's time to say goodbye to my strange friend. I thought, TVs would look a bit more like me, but Etwas is...different. Well, today was his last day, tomorrow he'll start his adventures...and visits my mum on his first stop!
Bye Etwas, have a nice and short trip to Hungary!


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Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg, Germany - 20th November 2008

By: babyamy

Today Katrin tool me to the museum again. I wanted to go with her because it is very boring sitting alone at home. Katrin told me, that there is another Tv on it's way to her but it'll take aome days until it arrives.
Well, the museum wasn't much better than waiting at home. Katrin had to fill out forms for all the photos of the photoalbum which she has scaned.

I couldn't go out to explore the area since it was been raining most of the day and Katrin was to busy with her photos....

Hey, let's have a look into this silver package. Katrin got it from her boyfriend when the met at the station this morning.

Ah, it looks like salami sandwich! It's his lunch for today and giving it Katrin means that he'll visit her around noon.

This old piece of paper has been written in 1752 by a German king called Friedrich. The text is about smoking and growing tabacco in Germany. The content is not very interesting, but the writing. When you look at it, you can hardly recognize any letters...

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Hamburg, Germany - 21st November 2008

By: babyamy

It's Friday again and Katrin took me to Hamburg to her work. Today we'll meet her boyfriend at the station and go home with him to Schwerin. There we are going to stay until Sunday.

Look at this, it's the first snow of this winter!

These are two buildings on the campus of Katrin's university. It has been a factory before, that's why it looks so old.

We are on the way down to the archives again. The door is the entry and the "statue" behind me... It's something technical, I think.

Then we had a quick look around the archive... How about a new chair?

Or do you prefer this old typewriter?

Look at this car, it came from a town where it has snowed a little bit more than in Hamburg. We took this photo in the afternoon and all the snow on the grass has already melted away.

Here you can see two buildings of Katrin's university. She is studying in the "blue tower" which you can see in the background.

Now we are at the main station, look, they have decorated it for Christmas!

This is the area, where you buy the tickets for the train. It's easy when you know how the computer work. At first you have to chose your destination at the computers in the front. You get a piece of paper with a code and go to the computers in the background. It scans the code and you have to pay for the ticket. It's printed when you have paid.

About an hour later: we arrived in Schwerin. The station has been chosen as "Station of the year". It's very beautiful when you see it at daylight. ;)

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