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Travelog for: Zeke

Flagstaff, Az , USA - 1st October 2008

By: ashl_bee

Hey everyone! I am Zeke the Zebra and I am planning on heading out to travel the world. I have been cooped up for way too long!

First I thought I would give you a little but of my life story.

On November 1 1996 I was born to Ashley Marie the same day her little brother was born. I have been with her ever since living on the end of her bed. In 2005 Ashley went away for college and I got packed away for ten whole months. That was a really long nap for me. Then one day I woke up and realized we had moved to a farm. That same summer Ashley unpacked me and took me to Flagstaff with her. Ever since I have been living the college life with her.

As much as I love it here I am ready to head out on some of my own adventures instead of just being an innocent bystander. Last night we found out that I am going to start my journey at Disneyland! We leave Thursday to drive from Flagstaff to Anaheim Ca.

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California Adventure, Anaheim, Ca, USA - 3rd October 2008

By: ashl_bee

Day 1 and 2

Thursday, Ashley packed up me, Hermies, and all our things to head out to Disneyland and California Adventure in Anaheim, Ca. We left around 4 in the afternoon and headed out west on Highway 40. After we got to Barstow we got on I-15 towards Los Angeles. Next, we took the 60 W which merges with 57 and takes us right to Disneyland Resort.

Here we are in the car.

The sunset at the gas station in Lake Havasu City, Az.

After 6 and a half hours of driving we finally arrived in Anaheim, and stayed at the Ramada Maingate. We had some friends waiting for us.
These are towel Swans. Aren't they cute?

Ashley fell fast asleep right after we arrived.

Friday, we got to go to...
California Adventure

I got to see the rest of mine and Ashley's family. Everyone stops and takes pictures in front of the letters. Ashley and her sisters and brother took a picture in front of the candy corn "A's" because our last name starts with an A.
We took one on the "N" for the Not All Beauty community. That is the community on Livejournal.com that Hermies' mentor is the owner of.

Here is the Halloween Time sign for California Adventure. It is attatched to their miniature Golden Gate Bridge. Ashley said the real Golden Gate Bridge looks very similar, but much much bigger and more beautiful. I am hoping to go back the Bay Area one day.

Next we went to a really cool interactive show about bugs! It was really exciting. The entrance looks like you are walking through an ant hill. Then you go underground kinda, to the theater.

When you walk out you see a great view of Grizzley Mountain. It is the shape of a bear. Ashley told us that California's state animal is the bear.

As we kept walking, we encountered many things, including a pier area, and a boardwalk and other things that Ashley said were representative of different areas of California. Hermies and I had to go back into the backpack for a little bit while Ashley, Sam, Megan, and Ben rode some rides. When we came out we were at a little Fire Department water patrol boat.
That is Hermies! He is a great friend. I was too small to sit there.

We walked around some more and ended up on the other said of Grizzley Mountain, where there were geysers.

Next, we pulled over for a quick stop on ol Rt 66 in a little town called....
There were lots of cool road signs, and hubcaps from older makes and models of cars. We also found piles of tires and other car parts.

Soon after we all headed over to Rainforest Cafe with Mom and Dad. I have really missed them over the past few years. Rainforest Cafe has a jungle theme with lots of animals that move, make all sorts of noises and in general, just wreak havoc. It was fun.

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Disneyland, Anaheim, Ca, USA - 4th October 2008

By: ashl_bee

Day 3

We woke up bright and early to get in all the things we wanted to do. First our family stopped for a nice breakfast to energize them for the day.
Here is Hermies and I waiting with the family. I LOVE Tabasco sauce!!

All you need is Faith Trust and a little Pixie Dust,
And here we go....

Adventure Land was our first stop
Here we are hiding in the jungle terrain!

Going on the Jungle cruise.

Elephants!! Maybe we will see some of my relatives?!

Are those other Zebras? They are!!


After that and a few other rides, we made our way to Frontier Land and Critter Country. The Family went to ride Splash Mountain which is a log ride that results in a huge drop off a waterfall. To prevent me getting wet and possible drowning, I got put back in the purse. When we got off the ride, Ashley found a cute Hermies sized Critter Tree house. I was in Sammy's backpack so I missed out on this photo-op.

A few hours later we ended up at Nemo's Underwater Adventure. We took a Submarine ride to find Nemo and all his friends. Since Hermies had never been here before, we let him have most of the pictures.
Unfortunately, as you go deeper under the sea, the darker it gets. So because a lot of the ride had animated scenes with Nemo and his friends, it was too dark for Hermies to have good pictures with them.

Next was driving cars at Autopia in Tomorrowland. We rode with Ben. He has grown up a lot since I have seen him last. I dont grow up very much at all.
Look at him all focused so we stay centered in our lane and dont crash into slower vehicles.


After the cars the Family went to eat dinner and back to the hotel to change into warmer clothes. We came back and Disneyland has taken on a whole new look at night. Everything is all lit up and had a whole feel to it. It was very pretty!
Main Street Disney with all its lights!

This is Sleeping Beauty's Castle all purple and green. Ashley explained that it is these colors to show that it is under Malificent's Evil Spell.

Here is one last look at Tinkerbell before we leave.

And too finish it off, a look at the entrance to California Adventure at night as well. Look you can see the Golden Gate Bridge!

Bye Disneyland!!

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Flagstaff, Arizona, USA - 13th October 2008

By: ashl_bee

So I finally have some hosts lined up! First I will be visiting raynekitten in Northern California and then heading to luv_lioness in Wisconsin!

Bye Hermies!

Reading the note Ashley wrote to send with me to my hosts!
Getting into my envelope about to head out to California! I am so very excited to embark on new adventures!

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Tracy, CA, USA - 25th October 2008

By: raynekitten

Hi, I just got here to Tracy, and boy is the weather hot. I got out of the envelope and there was my host sitting there with a box a halloween candy for me to munch on... She told me we are just picking up some flash lights and then going out to Del Osso Farms for some halloween-time fun.
Well I will upload the pictures and tell you more about it when we get back. Talk to you soon.


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Alameda, USA - 25th October 2008

By: raynekitten

Here is me sitting in the little cutouts they have.. im a postman hehe.. :)


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Alameda, Usa - 31st October 2008

By: raynekitten

Riding the bart train.. it goes so fast. it was lots of fun.


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La Crosse, WI, USA - 10th December 2008

By: Luv_Lioness

Hi Mom! I've arrived to a very cold Wisconsin (19F before windchill)!!  :cyclops:

Zeke 001.JPG

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La Crosse, WI, USA - 11th December 2008

By: Luv_Lioness

Today we ran some errands...

first stop was to the post office to mail off her toy voyager. She showed me the outside of the place too...

then we dropped off some food for the local food pantry...

this is a picture of me going down the highway (can you tell it's sunny out?!)  B)

a quick pause at a stop sign to show me where they have a fall festival called Oktoberfest. The grounds are also used for various events throughout the year too for other things.

Zeke 1 002.JPG
Zeke 1 001.JPG
Zeke 1 003.JPG
Zeke 1 004.JPG

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Riverside Park, La Crosse, WI, USA - 11th December 2008

By: Luv_Lioness

We were welcomed into the park by a friendly looking snowman. Right now they have over 2 million lights set up in the park for the Rotary Lights Display, a yearly event that raises $ for the local food banks. So the top hat of the snowman would be lighted at night.

Then I got to see Tecumseh; she said this was Native land long time ago.  The park is located right on the Mississippi River and these are two bridges that connect Wisconsin to Minnesota (she said that I could go over the border a little bit, when she visits her parents). The bridges are blue in color.

A picture of the Mississippi River frozen over.
A plane flying overhead (you can kind of see the landing gear already going down). Plus a nice shot of the blue sky! :rolleyes:

The American eagle in statue form. We were taking this shot as we were leaving the park.

Zeke 1 005.JPG
Zeke 1 006.JPG
Zeke 1 007.JPG
Zeke 1 008.JPG
Zeke 1 009.JPG
Zeke 1 010.JPG

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La Crosse, WI, USA - 11th December 2008

By: Luv_Lioness

Our final stop before going home was to see something very big!  :stare:

Zeke 1 014.JPG
Zeke 1 013.JPG

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La Crosse, WI, USA - 22nd December 2008

By: Luv_Lioness

Hi Mom!
It's been very cold and snowy here in WI! This morning's low temperature was -17F! Wind chills here are also making it dangerous, so we haven't been out sightseeing like she wants to. More snow is on the way too!

This is a picture of me next to the frost/ice on her window inside. You can see the thermometer outside!  :stare:

She made nice steaming hot spaghetti to keep warm!  :)

Me seeing the sun through the steam of the building in front of her place.

She says later this week it will clear up enough to go out and do things and not freeze the stripes off of me! So I'll write you more then!

:) Zeke

cold zeke 002.JPG
cold zeke 004.JPG
cold zeke 005.JPG

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La Crosse/Onalaska, WI, USA - 31st December 2008

By: Luv_Lioness

Today we ran some small errands...

This is a picture of me on the road.
Me in front of the clinic where she had to go. Pretty building.
Tweet Tweet... we saw some birds when we stepped inside.
Then we saw some pretty fish. There is that one fish that kept staring at me.

After her appointment, I got to see the official sign into La Crosse. The statue is of people playing the sport lacrosse, which is what the city is named after. Above are the flags for the US, Wisconsin, and the city.

(Onalaska is a "suburb" of La Crosse).

New Years Eve Day 001.JPG
New Years Eve Day 002.JPG
New Years Eve Day 003.JPG
New Years Eve Day 004.JPG
New Years Eve Day 005.JPG
New Years Eve Day 011.JPG

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La Crosse, WI, USA - 31st December 2008

By: Luv_Lioness

Went over to a friend's place and had lunch.
I got to meet his cat who seemed to like me!

At 6pm, on a bluff that overlooks the city, they did fireworks for little kids that can't stay up until the official new year. His apartment was a great place to view them! (The second picture is of the rocket going up to be shot off. The orange squiggly stuff are street lights). She says we will be going up on the bluff soon to see what you can see from there (it's amazing from what she has said).


New Years Eve Day 012.JPG
New Years Eve Day 015.JPG
New Years Eve Day 016.JPG
New Years Eve Day 018.JPG

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La Crosse, WI, USA - 1st January 2009

By: Luv_Lioness

:D :D :D :D :D


:D :D :D :D :D

(Fireworks are from the midnight explosions on top of the bluff).

New Years Eve Day 024.JPG
New Years Eve Day 032.JPG

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