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Travelog for: Fllama

Glen Lyon, PA, USA - 13th August 2008

By: samsmith621

I am at my owner's house, she told me she is sending me on a journey soon! I can't wait to go. I hope I get to travel all over the world! Look, I am practicing to fit in your mailbox! :D


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Glen Lyon, PA , USA - 13th August 2008

By: samsmith621

Sadly, I say goodbye to my bunny friend Kirby. She lives with my owner. :(
I leave tomorrow for Virginia, I hope I make more animal friends there!


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Glen Lyon, PA, USA - 14th August 2008

By: samsmith621

My owner told me I am departing today. Here's me in the car getting ready to go to the post office so I can begin my journey!


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Between PA and VA, USA - 16th August 2008

By: samsmith621

I am currently in an envelope on my way to Virginia! Surprisingly it has been a smooth ride thus far. I can't wait to get to Virginia... I wonder where I will be visiting!

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Fairfax, Virginia, United States - 17th August 2008

By: wmphimu

Hello from Virginia! I had a quick flight, and arrived here yesterday, with Plaid Moose being the first to greet me!
Everyone here is really excited about the Olympics, so I joined them all to watch.
The best part was last night, when Michael Phelps set a record by winning his 8th gold medal!

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States - 21st August 2008

By: wmphimu

I am having so much fun so far! My host is a huge sports fan, so I've been watching the Olympics and baseball. And Tuesday, Plaid Moose and I hopped in her bag and went with her to the Baltimore Orioles-Boston Red Sox game! Here I am in Camden Yards (the stadium), watching batting practice:
Before the game started, we walked along Eutaw Street, where there are markers to show where players hit balls onto the street. We found a marker for David Ortiz, one of Mara's favorite players!
Can you imagine hitting a baseball 430 feet?? Wow! Then we watched the game. Here I am during the game (you can see Eutaw street where we walked earlier behind the scoreboard/bleachers in front of the Warehouse):
What a wonderful trip! :)

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Vienna, Virginia, United States - 24th August 2008

By: wmphimu

Friday night Plaid Moose and I got to go to our first ever rock concert! We went to Wolf Trap, which is the only National Park for the Performing Arts. It is a beautiful pavillion with a lawn that people picnic on and watch the show! Here I am with Plaid Moose before we went to our seats:
It's hard to tell how big it is...here is a picture we found online!
Here I am before the show at our seats:
And here I am during the first band:
We saw two bands - Great Big Sea (that's who is in the picture) and Eddie from Ohio. They were both FANTASTIC!

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Washington DC, United States - 30th August 2008

By: wmphimu

What a busy week I've had! Not only did I help Mara run some errands, I went with her into Washington DC not once but twice! My first trip was a quick one - Mara went to meet an old friend for lunch, so not too much sightseeing, but we did get to ride on the metro! Here I am with Plaid Moose at the station (you can see one of the trains behind us!):
And here we are on the train checking out the metro map!
After our metro trip, we had a yummy lunch outside at a cafe in Dupont Circle (one of the neighborhoods in DC). Plaid Moose and I shared a sandwich - doesn't it look good? :)
And on the metro ride home we switched trains in Alexandria, so I got to see the George Washington Masonic Temple!

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Washington DC, United States - 30th August 2008

By: wmphimu

Today we took the second trip of the week to Washington DC. This time we went in to do some sightseeing. It's a holiday weekend here, and Mara and her husband wanted to see a special exhibit at the Smithsonian about Jim Henson. Since it's the weekend (so there's not as much traffic), we drove in this time. Here we are in the car - it's a sort of blurry picture, but the huge building behind us is the Pentagon!
After we parked, we walked to The Mall. That's the area of Washington DC with the Smithsonian Museums and a lot of the monuments. Here we are on The Mall - that's the Washington Monument behind us!
Further down, we stopped by this cool sculpture outside of the Air and Space Museum:
Then we went to the National Museum of the American Indian. We couldn't take pictures inside, but here we are outside. Mara says it's the newest Smithsonian museum, and she thinks it's the prettiest!
After that, I got to see the Capitol building!
We couldn't take any pictures at the Jim Henson exhibit (but it was AMAZING!), but here we are outside of the Smithsonian Castle...
...and here we are INSIDE the castle!
One last picture of the Castle and the gardens as we walked back to the car!

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Fairfax, Virginia, United States - 7th September 2008

By: wmphimu

Well, it has certainly been an exciting few days here! On Friday, a package arrived for Mara. Since it sounded like it was snoring, she let me and Plaid Moose open it!
It was Jimbo Elephant - the snoring was him taking a nap!
Here we all are - it's fun to meet an elephant!

Yesterday we all watched Tropical Storm Hanna from the dining room window. You might have seen Fairfax (where I'm staying) on the news - Fairfax got hit really hard by the storm, and the lake by Mara's house flooded. So the bottom part of her neighborhood was evacuated and her street was on the news! We're all ok - don't worry Mommy! - our house is nice and dry, and it was fun to watch all the rain with my new friends!

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Fairfax, Virginia, United States - 9th September 2008

By: wmphimu

After all the excitement of the tropical storm, we have been taking it easy here. But today, a package arrived. Mara let us open it...
...and out popped Ebba!
What fun to have a new visitor!

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On a flight to Florida, United States - 11th September 2008

By: wmphimu

Well, I have had a wonderful visit, but it's time to move on to my next host. I said goodbye to my new friends yesterday, and hopped on a flight to Miami!
So you know, I am on USPS #04799941765005066435

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Miami, Florida, USA - 12th September 2008

By: tarepanda

Wow I am here in Miami, Florida the Sunshine state!! 


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Key Biscayne, Florida, USA - 14th September 2008

By: tarepanda

Today we go to the beach.

Here is the street of Miami on US1.  It looks very different from where I come from.


Ah, I can tell we are getting close to the beach.


What a nice day to just sit and relax.


There are lots of palm trees.


And as it's weekend, a lot of jetskiers too.  I think it must be very exciting to go on one?  But I am afraid of falling into water because I don't know how to swim!


You can see the Miami skyline.


Oh look the paddlers are back on their dragon boat.  That means lunch time!


There is rice with nuts and parsley.


And oh look, Chupe De Camarones!  That's the Peruvian shrimp chowder!!  I am so happy to find Peruvian food.  I get myself a big bowl. 



After a spicy soup on a warm day, some watermelon is perfect!


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North Miami Beach, USA - 2nd October 2008

By: tarepanda

Today we go to Krispy Kreme, a doughnut place where our host says has the best doughnut.  We can watch the doughnuts being made.  They travel around on the belt, go into the fryer, then into the sugar for a coat, and fresh and warm into the boxes. 

We try some and it's yummy indeed!  We have to hurry to take the pictures or else the doughnuts are all gone!


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