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Travelog for: Läpsy the Bat

Petzenkirchen, Austria - 26th October 2008

By: Blurchen

Today´s the national holiday in Austria. It´s a special holiday and so there´re a lot of austrian flaggs on the street.

Here you can see me on the streets of Petzenkirchen. Behind there´s also the church of the town.


Later my host showed me the daily newspaper, where I could read a bit about the holiday.


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Klosterneuburg, Austria - 29th October 2008

By: Blurchen

Today we went to the museum Sammlung Essl in Klosterneuburg.



It´s a museum for "new art". The most of the exhibits havn´t been my taste.. but some I really liked and so I asked my host to make photos of me with the art-products! =)






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Vienna, Austria - 30th October 2008

By: Blurchen

Today we spent our first day in Vienna! =) .. And it was sooo beautiful weather outside, that our mum let us travel in her bag trough Vienna - to see a bit more of this beautiful city! =)


We started at the "Heldenplatz" (Hero Square) with a great look at the "Hofburg - Nationalbibliothek" (Hofburg - national library).


We went on walking trough the "Volksgarten". On one of the beautiful ponts we stopped and made a photo.


From the Volksgarten you´ve got a great view to the "Wiener Rathaus" (town hall of Vienna). They started already with building the christmas market in front of us. At the windows of the town hall you can already see the big advent calender, which´s for everybody in Vienna. =)



At the opposite of the townhall you can find the "Burgtheater" (theatre).


Here you can see me in front of the Burgtheater with one of the old trams of Vienna. In Vienna the trams ´re called "Bim".


Next to the townhall and to the Burgtheater there´s the austrian parliament.



Here you can see me in front of the "Naturhistorischem Museum" (nature-history museum) of Vienna.


In the opposite of the "Naturhistorisches Museum" there´s the "Kunsthistorisches Museum" (art-history museum).


In the middle of those two museums there´s a place and a small park and in this park you can find the statue of Maria Theresia. She was once the empress of Austria.


That was our first trip trough Vienna. There´s comming more my host told me... and I believe her! Looking forward to see the rest of Vienna! =)

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