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Travelog for: Läpsy the Bat

Home, Helsinki - 7th August 2008

By: Marsu

So now is time to get some hosts from England to this little cutie. It would be good if persons lives different citys in England.
When I got six hosts, I send Läpsy to there.
I put little diary with her where every host writes daily. Läpsy wants to be three days with each hosts.
This is her first trip and it's a bit scary to her, so that's why trip is going to be short.
Send me pm, if you like to have her.  B)

ice bat.jpg

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Home, Helsinki - 16th August 2008

By: Marsu

Today my mom told me, that i'm leaving to England on Monday!
Two girls was sent a message, that they would love to host me.
Thanks and see you hopefully soon!

elokuu08 009.jpg

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Nottingham, England - 23rd August 2008

By: lickle-babie-laura

Well today i arrived safley. Glad i did was getting a little lonley on my own. Today i am going around and about local but tomorow i am off on holiday so will not be in touch for a couple of days mum. I am so excited although can-not wait. See you soonish x

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Selston, England - 28th August 2008

By: lickle-babie-laura

Here i am in sunnny selston .. relaxing in the garden


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Yorkshire, England - 28th August 2008

By: lickle-babie-laura

Here i am at Ryecroft burial ground which is a very old grave yard. For many years it was left, nobody tended the graves. In recent years a family living in the house next to the graveyard have brought the land and have cleared the grounds.


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Yorkshire , England - 28th August 2008

By: lickle-babie-laura

A walk accross the mores gave me chance to look at this old farm house which is being renivated.


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Matlock, England - 6th September 2008

By: lickle-babie-laura

Hows this for size?


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Matlock, England - 6th September 2008

By: lickle-babie-laura

Having a witchy time!


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On the Highway, Germany - 19th October 2008

By: Blurchen

Today we drove to Germany - to the relatives from my hosts boyfriend.  He was really happy to see them again.


Here you can see me hanging arround and looking outside of the window. We´ve been somewhere in Bayern (Germany).


After a while my host told me to look the highway along to the cool bridge we´re soon passing.



I enyoed the great view of the sun and  I´m looking forward to see more different places in Germany. =)



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Lathen, Germany - 20th October 2008

By: Blurchen

So.. after a long ride and a short night we got up to get some stuff out of the town.
On our way home we stopped at the "Transrapid"-station to´ve a look at the magnetically levitated train.

At the moment there was no train driving and so we had a look at the model and at the station.




We saw those great drawings in the sky and so we made a small walk to see them better.



After we had a look to the futuric train we found an old train on the way back to my hosts boyfriends family.


And we ´ve been totaly happy, because after we saw the next generations and the old generation of train, we also saw the trains of this generation.


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Papenburg, Germany - 20th October 2008

By: Blurchen

The afternoon we spent in Papenburg. We booked a tour through the "Meyer Werft" (Meyer shipyard), which´s located in the town.
When we arrived we had still some time and so we made a walk through the center of the town.
We found a lot of very nice sights. =)





Than it was time to visit the Meyer Werft.

Here you can see the building.


Inside we could see the nearly finished cruise ship from the company "Aida". We told us a lot of nice stuff about going on a cruise and.. yeah.. now I really want to go on a cruise - is there anyone, who could talk me on a cruise!?



Here they´re building a new ship - there´s still a lot of work to do!


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Dörpen, Germany - 20th October 2008

By: Blurchen

Those sweets you can´t buy in Austria - sadly - and so my host took a lof ot them with her.

I was also allowed to buy a pack for myself. =)


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Bourtange, Netherlands - 21st October 2008

By: Blurchen

Christians family´s living next to the dutch border and so one afternoon we went to the Netherlands to Bourtange.
In Bourtange there´s a big fortress, which was built in a star form.
More about the fortress you can read here: Bourtange

Here we´re entering the fortress.



We walked through the fortress...




They had quite funny toiletts... =)




Inside there was also a small church.



You see - I can be a great guard! =)


Inside they had also a special candy shop. My host bought her boyfriend a lolly pop and he was so nice to share it with  me! =)


But the lolly pop was not all we bought. We found also special pop corn - sweet pop corn! =) We bought one for at home.
Hopefully I´m allowed to try it.


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Heede, Germany - 21st October 2008

By: Blurchen

On our way home from Bourtange we passed Heede. In Heede there´s a 1000 year old lime-tree (Linde).


It´s quite big, huh!?


I loved it - it was perfect for me! =) .. Here I could stay.. but.. yeah - I know that I had to go back home with my host. I want to see a bit more from the world. But that doesn´t mean that I can come back once, or!? =)


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Emmerthal, Germany - 22nd October 2008

By: Blurchen

Today we visited Castle Hämelschenburg in Emmerthal.





After we made a tour through the castle we also made a tour arround the castle. Behind we found a small river and this! =)


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