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Travelog for: Casanova

Venice, Italy - 23rd July 2008

By: Marjolein

Hello, my name is Casanova and I love women! I live in Venice but I've just been bought by this lovely girl called Marjolein and she is going to take me to the Netherlands. I look forward to meeting Dutch women! And I heard we are going to Austria and Switzerland in a few days, I wonder what the women there look like! I said goodbye to Venice and I am very excited to go on a journey!

If you would like to help me meet looooooooooots of women, please pm Marjolein and she will send me to you!

Greetings, especially to all the lovely women out there, from Casanova!


hsuan1223 (Taiwan) Thanks very much!!
yumi (Japan) ?
iddewes (England)Thanks very much!!
Pixiedustlady (USA) Thanks very much!!
ashl_bee (USA) Arrived


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Groningen, The Netherlands - 3rd August 2008

By: Marjolein

I went on holiday with Marjolein! Check out the cool van we had to leave for the holiday! :D


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Gargellen, Austria - 4th August 2008

By: Marjolein

We arrived in Austria the same day. We stayed in a Landall Greenpark near the town Gargellen. The view was beautiful!!



We are going to do really cool things in Austria, lots of walking and swimming! 9th of August we will leave for another country!!

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Vaduz, Liechtenstein - 9th August 2008

By: Marjolein

On our way to our next holiday-stop we went through a very small country. Called Liechtenstein! We saw the capitalcity Vaduz. Unfortunately there wasn't much time to make photo's, but look at this one:


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Wildhaus, Switzerland - 9th August 2008

By: Marjolein

The next week of our holiday is in Switzerland! On top of the hill of the village Wildhaus is our very big house. For all of the family of Marjoleins boyfriend Kasper. This is a familyreunion! I met everyone!

This is our house:


And this is the view:


The family's name is Paping, so they had their own flag!!


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Wildhaus, Switzerland - 10th August 2008

By: Marjolein

We did really cool stuff. On sunday we went on a picknick on a mountain! We roasted sausages on a campfire! Look at the beautiful surroundings:



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Unterwasser, Switzerland - 13th August 2008

By: Marjolein

In Unterwasser, they have a very famous waterfall! The Thurwasserfällen.



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Wildhaus, Switzerland - 15th August 2008

By: Marjolein

The last day of our holiday, we stayed in because of the rain. We did saw a beautiful rainbow!


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Den Bosch, The Netherlands - 16th August 2008

By: Marjolein

Pfieuw we're finally home! It took a lot of time, because 38 km before Den Bosch, the car broke down!! We had to wait for hours and hours for someone to get us. But we did ride into a really big truck!!


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Groningen, The Netherlands - 24th August 2008

By: Marjolein

It was the open day of the Footballclub FC Groningen today! Marjolein goes here since FC Groningen playes football in the stadium the Euroborg, which is since 13 January 2006. It a really cool green stadium. We also went to the dressingroom of the players, it had a really big green bathtub!


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Eindhoven, The Netherlands - 28th August 2008

By: Marjolein

We went to visit Marjolein's boyfriend at his internship at the footballclub PSV Eindhoven! We weren't allowed to make photo's inside the stadium but we made some cool shots in front of the stadium. The stadium is called the Philips Stadium.


The guy on the photo is Coen Dillen. He was a famous footballplayer for PSV. He played at the club in the fourties, fifties and sixties. He stands in front of the stadium.


On the background is the entry-gate to the stadium. You can see the sign of PSV and the words: 'Eendracht maakt macht'. This means something like: United we stand stronger.


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kaohsiung, taiwan - 15th September 2008

By: hsuan1223

i arrived safely at taiwan,koahsiung!
thought my box is a little crashed,i'm ok.
i met bunny and tony who welcomed me gladly!
as my host needs to get a easy haircut,me and bunny met "uncle bear".
he is a barber who work at one of the subway station.
that's it for tonight~

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kaohsiung, taiwan - 17th September 2008

By: hsuan1223

we went to a theme restaurant for dinner.
there're many fun collectibles about taiwan in early ages.
cute mini bottles under the glass table
our order-a hot pot
then we visit a newly oped subway station.
it has a large and pretty stained glass ceiling.

* Posted Sep 17, 2008, 10:50 am [Quote] [View just this post] Go to the top of the page

k, taiwan - 24th September 2008

By: hsuan1223

today,we 're going to have some icecream.
it's supossed to be italian flavor icecream.
let me give it a try!
i think it's good but no icecream can compare with home-italia.
then we bought some brad home.

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kaohsiung, taiwan - 28th September 2008

By: hsuan1223

today,we just stay home.
a big typhoon is hitting tawain.
it has been the 3rd one in this month.
also is the biggest typhoon of the year.
so far we're been experiencing strong wind in kaohsiung.

* Posted Sep 28, 2008, 12:41 pm [Quote] [View just this post] Go to the top of the page

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