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Travelog for: Jimmy Early

Western Washington, U.S.A. - 24th July 2008

By: knittycent


My mom took me outside for a photo shoot today before she begins work on my cardigan and backpack for me to travel in. I'm a pretty easy going guy. Got to go out with mom today and pick up my new buddy, Riley. He'll be traveling like me, too.

I hope to post more pictures real soon.

Until then, http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3181/2699599228_d7b1452fa6.jpg
good day! :D

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Twanoh State Park; Belfair, WA, U.S.A. - 27th July 2008

By: knittycent

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3098/2708640368_7a2f22c271.jpgOh, I'm on? Well, hello there! This is Jimmy Early, saying hello from Twanoh State Park in Belfair, WA! Mom took myself and my TV brethern Riley the Liger here for some R&R before we ship off in an envelope tomorrow morning. I'll be headed off to California.

Before embarking on the lovely seashore, I posed in front of the state park sign.http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3267/2708645072_51e9b0ac4e.jpg I caught you staring at my manly chest, peeking out from my new handknit cardigan! ;)

Once we got to the seashore, Riley the Liger and I had to hang on to each other to keep from flying away!http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3164/2708642242_e359259fe7.jpg Sitting on the seashells wasn't the smartest idea, but we sure did have fun! :D

I couldn't help but to feel so small when I saw all of that ocean. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3271/2708637282_d3548f9fb7.jpgWhat do you think?  :) Well, I've got one more post that I hope to put up sometime tomorrow. Until then, ta-ta for now!

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Citrus Heights, CA, USA - 30th July 2008

By: pollunga

I made it to California! It's terribly hot here and I couldn't wait to get out of my envelope. I was welcomed by Ishah's other two voyagers, Scott and Tricks. Scott is a really buff lobster and Tricks is a small black and purple cat. They introduced me to Bear, the dog of the house. He looks huge and vicious, but he's just a big baby. I also took a tour of the back yard and laid out in the flowers for a little while to relax. But then the aroma of greasy, cheesy, yummy pizza got to me and I had to go in and get some for dinner. We are going grocery shopping this weekend and until then we get left overs and junk food.


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Citrus Heights, CA, USA - 1st August 2008

By: pollunga

Last night we hung out on the back patio since it was still warm after the sun went down. Scott and Tricks shared their stories with me and then we just sat around and enjoyed the evening.


I found a bike and tried to ride it but my feet wouldn't reach the pedals.


Then this morning it was discovered that Ishah is sick! I wasn't about to take any chances so I suited up. I plan to stay like this until her last sniffle is gone. Can't be too safe now-a-days.


She insists she is feeling better, but I don't know... We'll see tomorrow. Tonight we are going to have dinner at her mom's house. Tacos!

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Citrus Heights, CA, USA - 2nd August 2008

By: pollunga

Well, Ishah has convinced me that I don't need to wear a mask around her. But I made her promise not to sneeze on me. She is very nice and said that she wouldn't do anything to put me in harm's way. That's good to know.

Today, although she was feeling better, my host decided to just stick around the house and re-pot some plants. For such a small house she sure has a lot of plants! She let me chose which plants got to go in which pots. In the picture below, you can see what "great" care some of these plants have been getting. Not such a green thumb has she...


When we were done I got a picture with all of my new friends. Hopefully they do better than the last batch.


Next we had to decide where to put all of the pots. I suggested that some go under the window to get the "indirect sunlight" that their care cards said they needed. Hopefully by following the directions that came with the plant, Ishah and I can keep them alive. Hint hint to my host here. :)



We quickly ran out of room on the table near the window, so we decided to put some on top of the desk with the betta fish. That way he'd have some company. The fish doesn't have a name, but I hung out with him for awhile. Apparently he is kept way up here so one of the house cats won't drink all of his water.


I don't have any pictures of "taco night" because Ishah's mom got stuck down at the river until ten at night! Her friend had gotten her four-wheeler caught in the mud. Oh well. Tonight we are having a barbecue though, and I can meet some of Ishah and her husband's friends. I need to watch what I eat - my sweater is getting a bit snug. But we get to go grocery shopping tomorrow and will hopefully pick up some healthier food!

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Citrus Heights, CA, USA - 2nd August 2008

By: pollunga

Our barbecue was just a small gathering of a few friends. It was a lot of fun though! I got to help with the lighter fluid! I think I may have over done it...


I had a hot dog. It was deliciously artificial. Mmmm.


I also got to know Ishah's husband and his friend Neal. They are huge dorks and seem to enjoy contorting their faces...I find it rather unattractive.


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Citrus Heights, CA, USA - 3rd August 2008

By: pollunga

We finally got to go grocery shopping! Here we are on our way there.


The parking lot wasn't too full, so we got to park close!


I got to ride in the cart! Ishah buckled me in so I wouldn't fall out. Our first stop was the produce department for some fruit. Good stuff.

And this is a lot of Jello. We didn't get any, but the aisle was impressive.


We then grabbed some generic-brand cereal. It's the same as the expensive stuff, it just comes in a bag with weird mascots like chocolate dinosaurs. And what the heck is an "Apple Zinger"?


At this store you can also buy things in bulk. Like cereal, baking ingredients, spices, and candy.


Lots of candy.


No shopping trip is complete without grabbing and take-and-bake pizza. And remember: it's not delivery, it's Digiorno.


When we went to check out, the cashier scanned me too! But a price didn't come up...I guess I am worthless... But then Ishah said that I'm not worthless, I am priceless!


Thankfully now we have real food around the house to eat.

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Citrus Heights, CA, USA - 10th August 2008

By: pollunga

Oh. My. Gosh. It has been terribly boring around here this last week. Well, for me anyways. Ishah has been gone almost everyday. She says she can't take me with her all the time because some places around here don't like it when you bring in cameras. She thinks it's silly, but doesn't want to get us in trouble.

This week we said goodbye to Ishah's own voyagers, Scott and Tricks. Then to celebrate the summer and the coming fall (Ishah's favorite season) we made a wreath for her gate! She let me play with the glue gun afterwards.

Hopefully this weekend we will do something fun. Or at least interesting. :)


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Citrus Heights, CA, USA - 11th August 2008

By: pollunga

This morning we got up and decided to make some pancakes. Yummy! I helped make the batter.


I stood watch at the stove to make sure that nothing got over cooked.


The pancakes came out just right! But as I was eating mine one of the cats was rude and jumped up on the table! The other two cats know better than this, but this one here is stupid and won't learn apparently. The little booger started eating my breakfast! Hmph.


Later we took Bear down to the river with Ishah's husband. He's old and kind of fat. The dog, not her husband.


There were benches already made so I had a seat and watched the river flow. Bear is a chicken and only goes in up to his ankles. If it weren't for my nice sweater I would have jumped in and shown him how it's done.


Oh yeah, by the way.. this is the American River. There is a bike trail that goes about 20 miles along it. All the way from Down Town, past Ishah's city, and on towards the foothills.


It's a big river...



It was really hot out today so we didn't stay too long.

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Citrus Heights, CA, USA - 17th August 2008

By: pollunga

This last week my host started a new job and has been getting ready for school to start to she has been busy busy busy. But last night we had a barbecue with a few friends and I stayed up until 2 in the morning! The heat was blown away by the breeze and I was glad that I had my sweater because it got a little chilly out. While Ishah doesn't drink (she is afraid she would become extremely obnoxious if she did) her husband had some "hard lemonade" and offered me some. Goodness! I felt rebellious and had a sip. Luckily I handle my alcohol well and didn't get too tipsy. While I had a fun night, I don't see myself going out to the bars anytime soon. I think I will stick with Ishah and her iced tea.


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Citrus Heights, CA, USA - 26th August 2008

By: pollunga

This week has not been very eventful. Ishah is working more now that she got a new (and better) job. I have stayed home with the cats, as she can't bring cameras into her work place. It's a big computer company that has strict rules on that sort of thing. The air conditioner broker here at the house, and I have been told it isn't going to be fixed. It's not too hot since my host keeps a lot of fans on during the day, but having a fur coat like mine sure doesn't help!

I will have some pictures this weekend for sure! We are going to celebrate the start of school and Ishah's new job by having what we always have - a barbecue!! Who could have guessed?

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Citrus Heights, CA, USA - 28th August 2008

By: pollunga

This weekend we are sooo celebrating! Ishah is "graduating" from her training tomorrow at Big Computer Company. I can't wait! This means she will be getting home from work earlier and we will get to hang out more!

In the mean time I have kept myself busy. Caught up on some reading.

Played with the rats, Luna and Nir.

Made some jello. Had to throw it out though due to cat hair contamination. I have no idea how that happened. They weren't even IN the kitchen. Gross. There went my jello-jiggler hopes and dreams...

Had a huge and healthy breakfast all to myself. My sweater is getting rather snug.

So in order not to be the only one in the house gaining weight, I have also been over feeding the dog. No one suspects a thing...

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Citrus Heights, CA, USA - 31st August 2008

By: pollunga

Last night I went with Ishah to help her friend feed her goats and sheep.

Here I am with a baby goat. He was quite spunky and kept jumping up and down on the top of his house. I wish I had that much energy.

When I walked by the area where the female goats were kept, they all came running over. I am a total ladies'-man. We hung out for awhile and I let them feel my biceps. They were all fighting over me by the end. What can I say?

I met a sheep who was pretty friendly as well. The other ones didn't want to come and say hi, but I think it's because I am a rough and tough bear, so I can't blame them.

And this is some poop.

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Citrus Heights, CA, United States - 15th September 2008

By: pollunga

The air conditioner got fixed! It has been absolutely wonderful to just lounge about in the house. I have been watching a lot of reality TV even though my host doesn't really like it. I personally think it's fascinating. My favorite right now is "I Want To Work For Diddy".

There is a Chicken Festival coming up this weekend that my host and her friends got a booth in. It's in Old Town Fair Oaks and I get to go! We are going to get there late though since my host has to work, but hopefully there will still be lots of stuff to see and do! There are a whole bunch of chickens that live in that area, just running around all over the place! I will make sure to try and take some pictures, but due to how many people might be there, hte chickens might all be hiding. We'll see! I can't wait!

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Fair Oaks, CA, United States - 29th September 2008

By: pollunga

The Chicken Festival was so much fun! We set up a craft booth and tried to sell some of our homemade stuff. We even got an official seller's permit for the day! How professional.


I helped to man the booth. We didn't sell much but it was fun meeting people who all like to gather for the sake of chickens. There were two live bands and tons of other vendors. Plus a beer garden which made for some happy people.


We went and walked around fir a bit too. It was very crowded but we managed to see most of the booths. People were selling tons of different stuff. My favorite was a booth full of things made out of old silverware! Bracelets, pendants, picture frames, wind chimes, everything!



Here you can see an art competition for who can decorate the best chicken sculpture. People come and vote on which one they think is the best. These were the ones from last year. My host is going to enter next year and she is sure to win!


For some reason this was in the chicken museum. I made it look good.


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