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Travelog for: Rob

Gunnebo, Sweden - 13th July 2008

By: MintTe

My name is Rob and I'm a mouse. I really want to see the world before my roommate Ingrid. And I want to meet all the funny, cool and extraordinary people out there!


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Gunnebo, Sweden - 14th July 2008

By: MintTe


Today have I been really creative! I have make myself a ID thing so everyone can find out how I am.


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Gunnebo, Sweden - 17th July 2008

By: MintTe

Travelling plans


And later


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Toronto, Canada - 23rd July 2008

By: StormHound

Hi Ingrid!

I arrived in Toronto, Canada after a quick and quiet trip.

My new host, Stephanie, was very happy to see me. I'm the first ToyVoyager to stay with her so she promised to take great care of me and she says I'm VERY cute.  :D  She was also very happy to see the gift I brought with me (she says 'Thank you' to you!)


I told her that I was hungry after my long trip so we went outside to her backyard to make hamburgers.

Look at the beautiful flowers in her garden!


Stephanie agreed to let me cook, but I couldn't lift the big lid on the grill.  :(


The hamburgers were REALLY big!  I ate and ate, but still couldn't eat more than half of my dinner!


Stephanie and I found something in common - we both LOVE coffee! So she let me borrow one of her coffee cups and she said I could use it the whole time that I'm here! It's kind of big...but that means I get to drink more coffee!


Well, I'm tired from my trip, so I'm going to go take a nap. I'll write more later!

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Toronto, Canada - 29th July 2008

By: StormHound

I have been so busy in Toronto!

On the weekend we went to a baseball game. The Toronto team is called the Blue Jays and they play at the Rogers Centre. It's a really cool stadium! The roof opens and closes so that when it rains, they can close the roof and keep playing! Isn't that cool?

The day I went, it was really sunny, so the roof was open.

This is me outside the Rogers Centre:


And here's me at the game! (you can see a little of the roof in this photo)


Haha, the players look so tiny on the field!

The Blue Jays beat the team from Seattle 8-3 so everyone was really happy!

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Toronto, Canada - 6th August 2008

By: StormHound

Hi Ingrid!

This past weekend was a holiday weekend here in Toronto so we went up north (2 hours north of Toronto) for some time at a cabin.

The weather was pretty good and I relaxed in the sun (don't worry - I used sunscreen!)


And as a special treat, Stephanie bought some super-yummy butter tarts.  Mmmmm!


When we got back, we headed downtown, where I got to see a really, REALLY tall building!  The famous CN Tower!


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TOronto, Canada - 22nd August 2008

By: StormHound


Sorry I haven't posted much lately, but Stephanie's camera broke and we weren't able to take any photos until she got it fixed.  :(

Last week, a new TV arrived!  :)  His name is Moony and he's originally from Germany. 


He's already been travelling for a little bit so he's been telling me about all his adventures, which is really interesting!


Tomorrow Stephanie is going to take us to her office, which is in downtown Toronto. And next week we are all going to go up to northern Ontario to spend some time at the cabin! I can't wait!

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Toronto, Canada - 24th August 2008

By: StormHound

Wow! Another TV arrived today!


Cliff is from Holland and has been travelling for a long time too and has been all over the world! It was really exciting to hear about Cliff's travels, but I was even happier because it was nice to see a TV smaller than me!  :)


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Bad BentheiM, Germany - 24th October 2008

By: The Sparkle

And there he is.
A little surprise in a big envelope.

ROB !!!

He finaly arreived at my home after a long trip out off Canada.

Wlecome to my home Rob.
I hope you will like your stay here.

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Bad Bentheim, Germany - 28th October 2008

By: The Sparkle


My host love to make soap.
Today i helped her with some melt and pour soap making.


First cute the soap and then heat it in the microwave.
Puts some vcolor and smell in to it.


Put it in to a (puzzle)mold.


Then do the others.


Then you must wait wait wait wait wait and wait till it colls down.


Take them out after a long waiting.



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Bad Bentheim, Germany - 3rd November 2008

By: The Sparkle


Today me and my host visit one off her geocaches (geocaching.com)

She learned me how to use a gps.
I told her the directions to go and she drives.


After a 10 min drive we where at the cache location.
Because it was verry cold and rainy i stayed in the car when she checked the cache.


I loved doing this.
I hope she takes me a other time to a other cache.

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Bad Bentheim, Germany - 20th November 2008

By: The Sparkle


Today my host put some nice springflowers in the livingroom.
They are lamps but i love hanging out in them.


Whit out the flaser.

Can you find me?

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Bad Bentheim, Germany - 10th December 2008

By: The Sparkle


Today my host made some soap again.
This time she used the cold prosses methode.

She mixed, palmoil, coconutoil and oliveoil togther with some lye and it turn out to be soap.

She put some nice coulors in it and put it in a piemold.
After drying 1 day she puts the mold away and let it dry for almost 5 days.

Today we where making some last steps before finishing.

Some brown saus.

Some cacao over it.

I helped with that.

Also on the left over brown soap

I loved seeing and doing this.

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Gunnebo, Sweden - 14th July 2009

By: MintTe

I'm back home in Sweden now  :D

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Home in Gunnebo, Sweden - 2nd August 2009

By: MintTe

I'm home in Gunnebo hanging out with Ingrid. She have been packing her stuff, she live and work in Västervik this summe, but have been home this week. That was nice!!!

Me and the stuff

Reading some postcards

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