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Travelog for: Clem

Ede, The Netherlands - 3rd June 2008

By: magicwoman

Hi Mum
I arrived today safely in Holland
I'm doing fine
I allready met two friends.They are also Toyvoyagers It are Bene and Iggy-Korn
The weather in Holland is very muggy at the moment.And the sun is shining
I'm sure I'm having a good time here :D
Photos soon ;)
I'm taking a nap now cause I'm very tired at the moment.I'm to tired that I cant speak to my friends ;)

Bye Bye

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Ede, The Netherlands - 4th June 2008

By: magicwoman

Hi Mum

I slept the whole night long and now im ready to do things :D

Soo here are the pictures of my arrival

look my enveloppe :D


As you can see Iggy-Korn (the one on the right) and Bene (the one on the left) are dying to meet me


and look..here i am


Just the three of us :)

Bye Bye

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Ede, The Netherlands - 5th June 2008

By: magicwoman

Hi Mum
Today I've helped Marije with cooking a meal
At first I have to peel the potatoes
Watch out for the knive it can be sharp ;)


After that we have to boil the potatoes


When the potatoes are cooking we watched a TV show ( It was ER)


And this was the result
Baked potatoes,with salmon and white beans in tomato sauce


Bye Bye

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Ede, The Netherlands - 7th June 2008

By: magicwoman

Today I helped Marije with cleaning the room.It was a very  tiring labour,but I have to do it ;)


First I have to hoover the room


After that I have to change the refuse bag


and then cleaning the window sill


And now im finished i'm so happy I take a nap cause it was very tiring

Bye Bye

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Ede, The Netherlands - 11th June 2008

By: magicwoman

Hi mum
Today I said goodbye to Bene.She is goint to another host in the USA.
I was very emotional.Cause I hate to say goodbye.

As a goodbye treat Bene bought "drop"for me and Iggy-Korn
Thats Dutch Candy


Bene gives me a big goodbye hug


And as a surprise ,all the Dutch bear friends came and say goodbye!




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Ede, The Netherlands - 11th June 2008

By: magicwoman

hi mum
This month in Holland it is the European Soccer games.
Soccer is a very important sport in Holland.It is the number one sport here.
Many European countrys played soccer against each other.And there is only one winner.One european country.
We have this each four years.
Ofcourse Holland plays to.This monday they played against Italy.And Holland won :D
This Friday they had to play against France.And offcourse I am support the Dutch Soccer team
The colour Orange is the Dutch National colour.Everything in Holland is orange at the moment.You can buy orange things in the shops.And the Dutch Soccer team plays in Orange shirts!!!
And i'm orange tooo!!

look at me


Offcourse i'm gonna watch the soccer game friday
I hope Holland wins this match

Marije learned me a Dutch Soccer song
here is the song

Hup Holland Hup
Laat de leeuw niet in zijn hempie staan!
Hup Holland Hup!

I sing this Friday!!

Bye BYe

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Ede, The Netherlands - 14th June 2008

By: magicwoman

Hi mum
Yesterday I was watching the European Championshio soccer.At some ones house.Holland has to play against France.Offcourse I was so nervous.Cause I support the Dutchies.And I can tell you it was a stunning game!!

But first we have to drive to it


Me and Iggy-Korn with a Dutch orange hand


Before the game a Dutch Presenter and the famoush Johan Cruijf (the one on the right) talked about the game.Marije told me that Johan Cruijf was a very good soccer player in the 60s and 70s! When he was young.He played the European championship to!And in the Dutch soccer team


Me and Iggy-Korn discuss about the game with a Dutch support bear.Its a Lion


waiting for the game watching the break.Go on i'm so nervous now!


And the game begins.While listeningn to the Dutch national anthem


and guess what.The Netherlands has won :D
The played 4-1 they played amazing.I'm soo happy now


Bye Bye

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Ede, The Netherlands - 18th June 2008

By: magicwoman

Hi mum
Today I ride on a Dutch bike.It was so diffycult cause I never done this before.But I was doing well :D


Look at me in a tree


Marije has a really cool moped.It look like a motorcycle but it isnt.Its a moped.And offcourse she takes me out for a ride :D


me in a Dutch Cloggy


And i'm giving the plants some water with a watring -can ,while Iggy-Korn rake the garden


Marije learned me a new Dutch phrase today.She learned me to say "I love You"in Dutch
The Dutch Peoples said "ik hou van jou"when they love each other.Thats nice to hear :D

Bye Bye

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Ede, The Netherlands - 23rd June 2008

By: magicwoman

Hi Mum
A new toyvoyager arrived this day at Marije her house
Offcourse I was so exciting to see it.

Here I am waiting with Iggy-Korn


Oww look its a dog :D


He told me his name was Ambrosius,WELCOME AMBROSIUS!


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Ede, The Netherlands - 26th June 2008

By: magicwoman

Hi Mum
Today we played a game called Monopoly.
The Dutch soccer lions were playing to.They called "welpies"
Itw as really great



And Guess what ,Ambrosius wins this game *yay*

After that we drinked a cup of coffee with a Dutch "Stroopwafel" it is a cookie with syrup in the middel



Bye Bye

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Ede, The Netherlands - 28th June 2008

By: magicwoman

Hi Mum
Yesterday another new toyvoyager arrived again at marije her house,it looks like its rainig toyvoyagers these days

It is Trafalgar

look the envveloppe


you can see trafalgar allready


And look here he is its a bear


Bye Bye

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Ede, The Netherlands - 28th June 2008

By: magicwoman

Hi mum
a few weeks ago Marije took me to a rock festival.Well I'm quite deaf I can tell you Listening to all that loud music.But it was fun
I've seen a few rock bands Marije told me it was Twisted Sister and Kiss.She told me it are old rockbands.But they are still rocking.
Marije didnt brought her usual camera but another one.
So Here are the pictures :D

The festival area



This is me watching Twisted Sister



and now it was time for kiss (what a weird guys they wear makeup  :o)




As you can see mummy I had a really great time!!!

Bye Bye Clem

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Ede, The Netherlands - 2nd July 2008

By: magicwoman

Hi Mum
Every morning I awake with very very loud noise here at Marije her home.I hate it cause I couldnt sleep !
I look out of the window and I see what the cause is.
They building houses across the street,and the are building at the moment.The view is terrible.Take a look the only thing you see is a hoisting crane and other things :(


But this afternoon I heard better noises.Cause Iggy-Korn and Ambrosius was giving a concert.Iggy played the guitar and Ambrosius was singing.It was really great to hear :D


After the concert I gived Iggy a flower as a thank you


Bye Bye

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Ede, The Netherlands - 3rd July 2008

By: magicwoman

Hi Mum
Today I'm saying goodbye i'm leaving Marije her house today.Ive done so many many wonderful things here.
I'm to emotional to talk at the moment.
But i'm going to Eryah now.And i'm sure i'll have a good time spending her house.She is a great host!!

It was Iggy his last day to!So we bought candy for Trafalgar and Ambrosius!


We gave a big goodbye party!

And giving each other a goodbye hug


I'm having big big tears in my eyes now.Thank you for al the TV' s and Marije for having a great time here

Bye Bye Ede,Hello Alkmaar

Bye Bye

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 5th July 2008

By: Eryah

Hi mom!

Today i arrived at Eva her home in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. As soon as possible i update my travellog with pictures :)

Miss you!

Big hugs Clem

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