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To cruise on 4 differnt cruise ship from all around the world

To Sail across 4 different oceans

To ride a Gondola in Italy

To go to Alaska and see it snowing

To go to wineries all over the world

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Travelog for: Dawsun

Hunter Valley , Australia - 24th May 2008

By: Lerie

Hi my name is Dawsun and i am a new toy voyager . I am a sailor by occupation and love to be out on the open sea's traveling the world . When im not sailing the world i am at home in the Hunter Valley the heart of wine country .

I am currently looking for host to help me in acheiving my life missions or just to have some fun  . I already have two planed but after that i m at the mercy of the tides . So if you would like to host me a cute and adorable sailor send me a pm and i will write back to you.

June : drakie ( Devon England)on his way
July : Lerie (Australia and South Pacific )
August : Jayme ( Japan )
September :shana10214 (Florida USA)
October : Hilda ( Brunei )
November:wildangel_cft (Alaska)
December : 


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Hunter Valley , Australia - 25th May 2008

By: Lerie

Today Mum and i made me an ID tag so if i get lot people will know where to send me to get me back home . We also made a travel journal so who ever host me can write as little or as much as they like  about them selfs , where their from and the adventures we have had .
Mum also let me know that some time this week a suprise guest is arriving that i can play with . I can't wait !!


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Hunter Valley , Australia - 29th May 2008

By: Lerie

Today i package came in the mail. I was so excited to see what was inside as mum had said i would be getting a friend to play with .
When we open the Package we saw that it was Fred the Lion from Orange . We had a little talk and became good friends . We only had a very quiet night tonight as Fred was tired from traveling and i have to get up early . The sad thing is i wont be able to spend much time with Fred as i am leaving tomorrow to go to Devon in England . I am excited about going away i have never been to England and i am wondering if English beaches look the same as Australian beaches .

Fred and Dawsun.jpg

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Hunter Valley , Australia - 1st June 2008

By: Lerie

This weekend i left the Hunter Valley and Traveled all the way to Canberra to stay for a few days and do some sight seeing with my host parents .
We visited the War memorial and i saw the Grave of the unknow Australian solider and got my photo taken on a tank with Fred . We also visited Telstra Tower it is 195 meters tall and you can see all of Canberra when you are at the top . We also had our photo taken with the parliment house in the back ground . I had a great time while i was there , it was a bit cold but it was worth it .

telstra tower.jpg
Dawsun at parliment 2.jpg
Dawsun fred on tank.jpg
unknow solider.jpg

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Hunter Valley , Australia - 2nd June 2008

By: Lerie

Today i left Australia and im going to Devon in the UK . It was sad to say good bye to Fred Lion and my Mum but i know i will see them in a little over a month . I am so happy i have started my journey and can't even image the wonderful things i am going to see and experience


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Honiton, Devon, UK - 8th June 2008

By: drakie

Well I have arrived, a bit battered and worse for travelling, but I am alive, phew... I can breathe...  well what a state of affairs, my new host got me out of my envelope, and horrors of horrors somehow my trousers had fallen off around my ankles... I mean mummy can you imagine the embarrassment... talk about first impressions... I could have crawled back into my envelope... anyway, my hat was at the back of my neck... the elastic throttling me round the throat and my little jacket my arms had come out... then I saw Miss E, .... in this state, I did think I was in love..... but looking like that I think I have blown it!!!!  we will have to see... photos to follow... 


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Honiton, UK - 15th June 2008

By: drakie

Well we went for a drive today, we looked around Honiton and I saw Honiton church and Honiton street.  We went into Exeter but the roads were not accessable due to roadworks or we were going to see the Cathedral.  I had a picture with my love Miss E, she is soooo pretty..... you know what they say about sailors, a bird in every port and Miss E will do for me!!!

In the week we are going to Beer,,, to Beer  not drinking it!!  well maybe... I am a sailor you know...


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Beer, UK - 21st June 2008

By: drakie

Well here I am in Beer, the village not the drink, mind you that would be a good idea. 
now there I was in this rowing boat, lazing around on a beautiful night.


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Watchet, Somerset - 27th June 2008

By: drakie

Watchet Museum has interesting displays about Watchet's diverse past, with particular reference to the old mineral railway and papermaking. It's well worth a visit just to examine the fossils and remains of a woolly mammoth!

The nearby beaches may expose to you their fascinating treasures of fossils and rocks. The author of Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe, was amazed by the fossils he discovered at Watchet.

There are superb walks along the coast from Watchet and a variety of pursuits and interests locally may appeal to all.

In the direction of St Audries, the Quantock Hills rise to 1,000 feet above the sea. The Brendon Hills and Exmoor are close by to the West. 


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Honiton, Devon, Devon, UK - 15th July 2008

By: drakie

Well the last of the updates as my host realised I must go home as I am going on a cruise, we pannicked as we are not sure I will arrive in time.  But she sent me special postage so hopefully I will.

My host took me to her work showed me her computer, let me go on her radio and then a policeman handcuffed me ... help mummy... but it is ok my host works in a police station... I am safe.


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Hunter Valley , Australia - 18th July 2008

By: Lerie

I arrived home in Australia today after having a wonderful time with Drakie in the UK . I was sad to leave miss E behind but maybe we will meet again some day .

When i got home mum told me that it was only two sleeps till we go on the cruise . I am so excited to be going on a ship sailing the pacific ocean for 13 days . My wish is to get a picture with the captain but i know he is a very busy man an it might not be possible .

I am packed and ready to go , Fred is also coming back tonight from spend some time with mums sister in the blue mountains . I think we might have a little party to celebrate everyones return .

Dawsun home.jpg
packed and ready to go.jpg

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Hunter Valley , Australia - 19th July 2008

By: Lerie

One sleep to go and i m off to sea for 13day . So you might not hear from me for a while depending how easy it is to get get on a computer at sea .
This where i m going .and this is the ship i am going on . See you when i get back Dawsun


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