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Travelog for: StanleyC

Pittsburgh, PA, USA - 24th May 2008

By: scole

Still at home with mom, scole.


Getting ready to visit the Mellon Arena tomorrow!  :cyclops:

I hung out with SebastienLGreen and Sammie the kitty tonight.



I wanna play some hockey!  B)

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Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, PA, USA - 24th May 2008

By: scole

Went to the Mellon Arena for the Stanley Cup viewing party.


I think Sebastien was bad luck :mad:

Let's Go PENS!!!

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Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, PA, USA - 26th May 2008

By: scole


Went back to the Mellon Arena again today, for game 2. Looks like Sebastien wasn't the bad luck! The Penguins just are!!


That's Sabrina. scole's friend.

Sebastien, Giant Stitch, and I!

I'll be off to Calgary soon to visit the Flames arena! I am very excited!!

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Pittsburgh, PA, USA - 28th May 2008

By: scole

Tomorrow I'm off to Calgary to visit Laurel. She's gonna show me the Flames arena!! And she might possible send me out to some other friends in Canada! I'm so very excited, this will be my first time out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, AND the US!

I know my mom's gonna miss me, but I'm sure I'll be back soon!


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Calgary AB, Canada - 10th June 2008

By: postage-paid

Hellooooo from Canada.  I finally arrived in Calgary AB after my long journey in a box.

Laurel was nice enough to introduce me to her friends Rex and Gus.  They seemed a bit intimidating at first since I'm just a small penguin, but after hanging out with them for a bit, I decided they were cool guys.

Unfortunately it was pouring rain when I arrived in Calgary.  Laurel told me that it had been this way for weeks!  Yikes!  It might be a little while before I can make it out to the saddledome to see where the flames play. :(

Since it was so gross outside, Laurel decided to show me some of the cool things she has hidden in her basement.  Turns out that her dad owns a vintage Calgary Flames and a Montreal Canadians jersey.

She let me try one of them on, but I don't think it was quite my size.

Laurel and I were discussing my trip and it turns out that she's taking a road trip to Edmonton the first weekend of July.  I might just stick around with her until then so I can check out the Oilers Arena!

Anyways, that's all that's new with me right now.  Can't wait until the rain stops so I can see more of Calgary!

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Edmonton AB, Canada - 6th July 2008

By: postage-paid

Boy Laurel is lazy!  I've been here in Calgary for almost three months now and she still hasn't taken me to the saddledome  :(

I don't mean to get down on her though.  She means well and promises we'll make it there soon (we'll see about that  ;) )

Anyways, it's been quite awhile since I last updated!  I made it to Edmonton back in July and took a few pictures.  Laurel's computer was out of commission so I couldn't upload them, but things seem to be running smoothly now so she was able to get all of my photos online for everyone to see.

Laurel and I began the trip with some packing.
We ended up goofing off more than getting any actual work done though hehe

On the bus I had to keep quiet in her purse since I didn't have a ticket of my own.  It was a little cramped but I survived.

We arrived and quickly unpacked since Laurel had a conference to get to.

Laurel's conference was all about climate change, which I found extremely interesting (especially when they talked about the effects it might have on us penguins!)  Before this trip I didn't know very much about Canadian politics, but I was able to learn quite a bit.  I also had the opportunity to hear some important speakers.  The first of which was the leader of Canada's NDP party: Jack Layton.  He seemed very interesting but I wasn't super keen on his fake tan.

After day one Laurel and I decided to stock up on some much needed supplies.

Unfortunately it was pouring rain so we didn't do too much exploring, but to tell the truth, I was pretty exhausted from all of the excitement anyways.

Day two of the conference was pretty fun.  We learned a lot about alberta's tar sands and the impact they will have on both the local and global community.  It was facinating!

Afterwards, Laurel and I hopped on the E-train (the edmonton subway) and made our way to rexall place!  How exciting!  My first Canadian NHL stadium!  Since there was nothing going on that day, we couldn't venture inside.  However, just being there was fine for me.


We couldn't stick around for too long since Laurel only had an hour break.

The third day of the conference I had the opportunity to hear from Stephane Dion (the leader of Canada's liberal party, AKA the official opposition)
that was a true honor.  He seemed liked the kind of politician I'd vote for (that is, if they let penguins vote)

Anyways that's really all I've been up to in the last little bit.  Hopefully Laurel can get her act together soon and get me to the saddledome.  I'm kind of hoping to go home to Pittsburgh for a break!

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