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Travelog for: Percy

Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 24th July 2008

By: sararingham

I had so much fun here, I just wonder what is next for me to see. I hope I get to see as much as I've seen already, and maybe some beaches and pretty sights. Who knows... :-)

I've moved onto my next host, I'll update again soon! :-)

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Busselton, Australia - 29th July 2008

By: Kira1997

I have arrived in Busselton and its pouring down with rain :(.

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Busselton, Australia - 2nd August 2008

By: Kira1997

Today i am at geographe bay which is in busselton i am on the rocks and i am enjoying the wind. :D


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Busselton, Australia - 9th August 2008

By: Kira1997

Just had a long flight and thought i deserve a long rest. ;)


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Busselton, Australia - 16th August 2008

By: Kira1997

I had soo much fun with Summy and Charity Bear today at the Beach


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Logan City, Australia - 4th September 2008

By: luckaye

Hey, I have arrived in Logan City, Queensland! My host, Lucie says she is so sorry that I had to sit in the PO Box for a week until she was well enough to come and get me. She had been sick with the flu, but is much better now :)
Queensland is the sunshine state but it is very rainy today so I don't think we will be going anywhere fun today!


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Orange, NSW, Australia - 20th October 2008

By: sararingham

Well... I'm back in Orange. Weather is quite different this time... last time it was so cold... but now, it's SO hot... man, I guess it's time to moult... but... wait, shouldn't that be happening in June/July? Oh well, I guess that's what's strange about the Southern Hemisphere... I'm just happy to be out of that padded back. It got so stuffy!
Can you see me in this big group? Sara's been doing a bit of rescuing and taking over for people that can no longer host so she has a bit of a crowd. A few of them are moving onto other hosts tomorrow... but she thought to get a photo all together before they leave... it's going to be interesting the conversations we'll have. :-)

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Orange, NSW, Australia - 25th October 2008

By: sararingham

This weekend was a pretty boring weekend... but Sara decided on a whim that she was in a Halloween decoration mood... even though Australia doesn't have the normal orange Halloween pumpkins (well, they have the small ones sometimes but they're quite expensive since they're imported from America). Sara found a pumpkin that they've been storing for a baked dinner and decided that it looked like it wanted to be a jack-o-lantern. Sara carved and cut out the pumpkin and we all watched since there was a sharp knife involved... well, here I am with the finished product...

...after we all got our photos with the pumpkin, Sara turned out the lights and put a candle in the pumpkin... doesn't it look cool? It was quite fun! We also did a few other halloween decorations... you'll probably see those a bit later...

Write again soon mom! Sorry I've been so quiet... :-)

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Mount Canobolas, NSW, Australia - 27th October 2008

By: sararingham

Well, today me and the toyvoyagers took another trip up to Mount Canobolas. This is my second attempt, but this is everyone else's first go... there's no chance for snow this time, quite the opposite actually it's quite warm out... I think I'll be moulting quite soon because of the heat... ugh! Well, when we finally got up there it was VERY windy, we were all kept in a plastic bag so Sara was sure not to loose any of us in the car ride up or while we were there (except when photos were taken of course)... but I got to see a nice view of the town below...

...as you can see it was a beautiful blue sky day... not a cloud in sight, apparently it's supposed to rain... but for some reason Sara doubts it... she hopes so though because then it'll at least cool everything down a bit... here's the other side of the mountain. This is facing towards Blayney and the smaller towns that are around 30 minutes drive away... it's so dark because it was around 3pm when the photos were taken so the sun was in the wrong place.. whoops!...

...when Sara was actually taking photos the plastic bag flew away, thankfully it didn't have any toyvoyagers in it... it flew around 300 feet and then down a huge hill so Sara had to trudge down by herself to get the bag... but first she dropped all the toyvoyagers off in the car where they would be safe.... here's the apex point of the mountain...

...and here's a bit of information about the Canobolas mountain range that were standing on...

...because you can't read it because it's so small, Sara will type it out in case you want to learn a bit more about the mountain range...
Mount Canobolas volcanic complex is listed in the Commonwealth Heritage Register for it's unique geological composition and location. These factors have resulted in a distinctive vegetation pattern, containing rare and unique species, which in turn contain habitats for a number of equally unique animals.

Within a 30 kilometre radius of Mount Canobolas, approximately 30 vents are known to have erupted. These eruptions commenced about 50 million years ago and halted approximately 10-15 million years ago. The Mount Canobolas vents erupted over that entire period, while others within the 30 kilometre radius were active for shorter periods. The basalt capping has largely weathered away, producing fertile soils as far away as West Wyalong.

Well, it was getting kind of late so it was time to move on... Sara did another stop off half way down the mountain for another view of Orange along the side of the road... quite the same from what I've already seen, but so different as it's not all cloudy and freezing cold (even though Sara would kind of prefer that right now)...

....and across the road is the peak of the mountain we were standing on and Little Mount Canobolas (as it's called) is another peak near it that you can hike to... it's around a 1.3 kilometre hike from the peak of the mountain...

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Lake Canobolas, NSW, Australia - 27th October 2008

By: sararingham

On the way home, we stopped off at Lake Canobolas to see the ducks and well... it was just a nice and pretty day out and the water was gorgeous... although it was tempting to go swimming we didn't... we were on the other side of the lake this time, last time the photos were taken we were directly on the other side...

...well, not much time to spend there it was time to head home... on the way home we saw a fire truck... Sara thinks they kind of look funny from the ones she's used to in America...
...it seems one of the firemen seemed to be looking at her taking a photo of them too while they were driving by... they probably think she's crazy! Oh well... :-)

...and you know how I said it was forecasted to rain? Well... it did, for a whole 5 minutes before heating up again actually warmer than it was most of the day, at 7pm even... ugh! But it did have a nice rainbow... :-)

Well, I'll write again soon! Miss you mom!

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Orange, NSW, Australia - 30th October 2008

By: sararingham

I'm ready to go home for a little while... I think I've had enough of Australia and I've actually seen what I set out to see the last time I was in Orange... Mount Canobolas... very pretty... at least I'm not traveling alone - I'm traveling with Guss Elephant I still hope that the travel won't take too long. I can't wait to see you again mom! :-)

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Honiton, Devon, UK - 12th December 2008

By: drakie

I arrived in England, gosh it was a long journey but I am safe, we will update soon

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Honiton, UK - 18th December 2008

By: drakie

This weekend we went to Babbacombe Model Village in Torquay there was lots of snow,  not the real stuff you see but pretend and as it was getting dusk it was really pretty.  I went with Alpina we had a great time.

Torquay is called the English Riviera, a bit cold for this time of year mind you


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Honiton, Devon, UK - 26th December 2008

By: drakie

Christmas day and Percy is checking out the presents in the drakie household, he is with his friends, marylouise, floppsy, pinkz so he is having so much fun.


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Falmouth, Cornwall, UK - 14th January 2009

By: drakie

My host went down to St Ives, boy was it windy, we saw the sea and went to a pizza shop and I sat and watch the boats go by. 
We went to a place that makes jewellery with pearls, and I sat in a display with the De Lorian car from back to the future, I met elvis, very tall man, I met some very strange egyptian characters in the ladies loo!!!  I love the gun from James Bond and then we ended the day with a swing on the carousel, not a bad day in all.


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