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Travelog for: Percy

Stuttgart, Germany - 22nd June 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,

Katja had to join a meeting in Stuttgart. We did not have much time to explore the town. What we saw from driving through the town looked very nice. We only had an hour to have a little walk before we had to go to the central station to get home by train.

This is the central station.


We made the following photos while we walked around a little bit. The pedestrian area is looking like every pedestrian area, but we also found some old and more interesting buildings.

This is a castle built by Wilhelm I, king and emperor of Germany who lived from 1797 until 1888.


Now I will show you some nice old houses in Stuttgart.




We went home by train. We returned at about 09:00 pm.


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at home, Remscheid, Germany - 23rd June 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
today I met a really interesting animal. Interesting, but unfortunately extremely small. Have a look!


A cute little ladybug was crawling on the kitchen cupboad's door.

I also met Mathilda, the mummy of the rat babies.


I met a lot of different animals up to now:

An owl, a goat, a parrot, minipigs, a cat, a horse, a ladybug and a pet rat. These are already eight different animals.


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Remscheid, Germany - 25th June 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
we are prepared to watch the first semi final of the UEFA European (Football) Championship between Germany and Turkey.


It will begin in a few minutes.


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Remscheid-Hasten, Germany - 27th June 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
today we took a last walk with four TVs. The sun was shining again though in the morning it was raining.

We walked to Hasten, one of the oldest districts of Remscheid.


This district is surrounded by wooded areas.



On our way back home we walked along the route of tools. Here are many blackberry bushes, they are full with blackberry flowers. They will have many blackberries here in late summer.


Katja told us that she made a delicious liqueur with blackberries last summer. Therefore you need vodka or another "white" hard liqueur. Into one bottle of this stuff you put about 200 g blackberries and 200 g white rock candy. Then you keep it in a cool and dark place for at least two months. The rock candy has to be dissolved completely. Then you strain it into a new bottle and then enjoy it chilled.

Maybe we all should return to Remscheid in winter to taste it.

Tomorrow I will pack my envelope and travel to Australia. I hope my journey won't take too long. I ate some gummi candy mice today, so I won't starve.


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on his way to, Australia - 28th June 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
today Katja helped me to pack my envelope. We put the present postcards for my next hosts into it.


I sent  a letter to you, containing a postcard and a photo showing me and the eagle owl on the trade fair a few weeks ago.


Aquila, Bertie and Desmond gave me a hug and then I disappeared into my envelope.


Australia, I'm coming!

I hope you'll hear from me soon.


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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 4th July 2008

By: sararingham

Hi mom! As you can see I'm now in Australia all safe! :-) Today was kind of a boring day, as was my first day in Australia - it's crazy to think it's so cold here, I'm not really used to the cold anymore since every where I've been previously have been so much warmer than this!


First thing's first Sara introduced to me to her pets... first I got to meet the mice... they were busy eating - Sara says she's due to clean their cage... that's a chore for tomorrow though... :-P


You can see waffles in the food dish, and Charlotte much closer to me. Although they're kind of scared of me so Sara had to stand a bit back so I didn't scare them too much!

Then I got introduced to the birds... it's a huge cage, and they're even smaller than me, which is suprising since I'm a very small owl! Well, compared to what I'm supposed to be anyways...


...and then as I was walking away Sara noticed that Mr. Colors was coming up to introduce himself to me... see...


...later on as you can see he didn't get enough of an introduction you'll see that picture a bit later though... :-)


Then I got to meet the puppy, she was put in the kennel just before because she made a mess on the carpet as well as taking a much needed nap... Sara woke her up for the photo... :-) Isn't she cute?


...and then last but not least I got to meet the fish... they're in the midst of having their tank cleaned so the net in the tank is holding charcoal to take a bit of the ammonia out of the water... therefore keeping the little guys healthy... if you look at the bottom you can see our sucker fish, he's quite big... :-)

...and then before I knew it all the toyvoyagers came out to introduce themselves to me...


...from left to right... of course it's me, then Fluffy, KattieMill, SebastienLGreen, and last but not least 87518 they're all very nice, they've been here for a while and probably will soon be traveling again... :-)

Then I finally will get to show you what I was "helping" Sara with this morning... we cleaned up their room and prepared it for all the new stuff therefore finishing off their bedroom. They've been trying to do this for months so this was very exciting for them... :-)


...it looks a lot better than the picture makes it seem but since it's dark outside Sara had to take a photo with just the light on... :-) and here's a really comfortable rug on their floor that matches the rest of the bedroom. It's a lot brighter than it looks in the photo but it matches really well... :-)


...oh and it's very comfortable... so much so that Sara had to get us up... as we were getting up and moving out of the room Sara saw someone fly over her head... looking up she thought it was one of her quails but then when it landed she realised who it was...


...Mr Colors... he escaped to say hello to me obviously... sadly I couldn't get too close before he flew away this time... I guess since he's actually smaller than me, he may have been a bit intimidated... but isn't he pretty? :-)

Well the time has come to get some rest with the rest of the voyagers, we have a lot to discuss... :-) Talk again soon mom! <3

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Mount Canobolas, New South Wales, Australia - 11th July 2008

By: sararingham

I wasn't quite sure where we were going today. It was quite unexpected even for Sara... but we packed up the car and took a little bit of a drive...

After a bit of the drive it because really woodsy, there was a lot of eucalyptus trees, and the road started to get really slippery... it's amazing the temperature change too, pretty shocking...

...and then we got there - well, not really got there as we never quite made it to the summit... but we got close... a whole 2 kilometres away, but Sara took us to see what she could without having to walk 2 kilometres in the freezing weather...

...as you can see it had snowed up there, this is only a little bit of the snow... but the summit of the mountain was covered in snow... Sara didn't think there would still be snow as on the lower ground there was no more left... but there was so we got a photo with it. Who knew it snowed in Australia?

I guess it's not that common because there was a LOT of cars parked where we were, people had come from all over New South Wales to see the snow at the top of the mountain. It doesn't snow as often as it used to, so it was quite amazing to see...

As you can see with the whiteness of the trees that's all snow on them... and on the ground... it was REALLY cold... and to top it all off it was snowing from the trees onto us and the wind was blowing really hard as well... brrrrr!

This is a picture after we ran back into the car, that shows how much snow was coming off of the trees... it's weird that it's snowing in July, how backwards is that?

...we got to stop on the way back down the mountain though and see a bit of what we would have seen at the top... here are me with the mountains surrounding where I was standing... it's an entire mountain range the tallest one in the photo is called 'Little Mount Canobolas'.

...and then we got to see what was behind me in that last picture, an idea of what it would have looked like at the top of the mountain... this is a higher view of Orange... at the top of Mount Canobolas on a clear day you can see very very far. Especially since Mount Canobolas is the highest point until somewhere in South Australia on the Perth side of the country. Crazy isn't it?

...but that's not all we did... wait for the next update. :-)

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Lake Canobolas, New South Wales, Australia - 11th July 2008

By: sararingham

...next stop was Lake Canobolas, only a short distance away... when we got there we were the only ones there... because of the recent rain (which we've really REALLY needed) the lake was overflowing over the dam wall... looks cool doesn't it?

....and then we got to pose in front of the lake, it looks quite cold doesn't it?...

...here's some more photos of the lake... isn't it big?...

...and just as we were about to leave, a huge bird, Sara says it's called a magpie came to us to pay us a visit. Obviously he didn't feel safe enough to come closer to us, but it was still cool, he's quite big!

...well I'll update again soon! With the recent freezing temperatures I wouldn't be surprised if we'd get a bit more snow in the lower lands. I hope so, maybe we can make a snowman this time! A snowman in July, haha the thought of that is so funny isn't it?

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Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia - 14th July 2008

By: sararingham

Sara decided to take me and the other toyvoyagers back to Bathurst for a few more mystery shops. Obviously that's not picture worthy, so no photos were taken then... but Sara got a few shots on the way to Bathurst... so here I am on the way to Bathurst... seemed like a much longer drive than it was! Crazy!

...and here we are just coming into Bathurst...

Since we came into Bathurst late we couldn't do too much before the sun was coming down so a few more things were shown to me, pretty exciting I think anyways. We went to the hill that's known to have a family of kangaroos on it... and just as we arrived there were two kangaroos (a momma and a joey) standing near the fence line, so Sara got a few shots... and then got out of the car and we got to see them close up too!... how exciting is that?

...this was pretty close to the fence line maybe 15 feet from where Sara and us were standing...

...whoops... I guess we got too close, she didn't feel that comfortable obviously...

...just as Sara saw the last kangaroo bounce off, she saw around 5-6 others pop out of the long grass and have a look at us...

...you see the joey in the pouch? See how the dad is so much bigger than the mom? He's bending over and he's almost as tall as her, crazy!

...and here's the baby and the mom again with another kangaroo they're very interested in what I was doing... Sara actually made a few loud noises to get them to look up at her. They seemed to be getting pretty comfortable with her around...

...and here's the last photo of the kangaroos and the baby... aren't they just the cutest? :-) I'm so glad I got to see some real wildlife in Australia! :-) It's been so much fun! <3

...and last thing we got to do had to be just as fun as the kangaroo outing. We got to visit the famous Mount Panorama. A very famous race track in Australia, and around the world. Every October Bathurst/Orange, and all surrounding areas are packed from people coming all over the world to watch the races... and we can actually have a drive around the track... it also gives you a bit of a view from the top of the mountain overlooking Bathurst... quite beautiful!

...and then we started driving again, I wonder where we're going now? :-)

...here I am coming onto the track. Although backwards. In front of me you can see the starting gate an where all the announcers are whilst the races are on... pretty cool!...

...and here I am a few photos while I'm going around the famous race track...
...and there's the opposite side of the starting gate where it says Mount Panorama on it...

...and here's the track just as your exiting back onto the main street... funny enough the speed limit on the track is around 35mph so pretty slow, even though the cops catch A LOT of people speeding around the track. I can see why, it looks like a lot of fun. But Sara was obviously safe about it all. :-)

...tomorrow we're off to Molong, although it's not much... it's a small little town... :-) Write again soon!

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Molong, New South Wales, Australia - 15th July 2008

By: sararingham

Today we took another road trip... although not as long... we went to Molong. Molong is a town around 30 minutes drive from Orange towards Dubbo, but obviously not as far. It was another mystery shop... and sadly enough, Molong is pretty small, one street town, so there's not really much to see... so Sara just got a shot of us on the main street. :-)


Molong is a town with just over 2,000 people. So very small... we even saw a horse riding through the main street... people seemed to know each others name... it was pretty crazy! lol Sara said that Molong is a historic town with all the buildings in the picture all all original even if they've been changed a little bit they're all very very old... Molong was the site of the first copper mine in Australia... so that's pretty interesting. But not much to see sadly... :-)

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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 17th July 2008

By: sararingham

Well... after a busy week we got a new visitor, this guy is called Misko and he's all the way from Slovenia... he's very new to the travel scene like we all seem to be (besides Fluffy of course... so we told him all about our travels so far and what we've seen, I think it impressed him a bit... this is going to be heaps of fun!


...I just know that understanding him is a bit hard since he only knows limited English at the moment, but I'm sure we can teach him a bit of English as well as maybe a few other languages... :-) It's going to be great...

Sara let us know that we'll be traveling to Parramatta on Monday morning. It's going to be a busy day, and she doesn't think we'll be able to see the famous parts of Sydney like the harbor, the bridge and the opera house but she'll do her best to let us see that. As I know she wants to see it herself. Anyways, we'll at least say we've been in Sydney anyway... :-) Better get a restful weekend it's going to be a big day on Monday!

Write again soon! <3

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Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia - 21st July 2008

By: sararingham

We had to take a trip today, on the way there we of course had to pass through Bathurst. Some of us had been there - some of us - not quite yet. But I'm sure will make a trip there again soon to see more of the sights, but we were on a tight schedule and were already an hour or so late. Whoops!

Here's us on the road to Bathurst, as you can tell it's very rainy and cloudy, and the windscreen is foggy. No matter what Sara and Daniel did it didn't help it, it's crazy sometimes how foggy the windscreen of their car gets (from what they were saying anyways)...

Well, now we're in Bathurst, but it's only a pass through - no time for breakfast - onto the next stop... I think this time we might be stopping for a bite to eat... :-)

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Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia - 21st July 2008

By: sararingham

...around half way now to Sydney just outside of the 'Blue Mountains' which are at the outer edge of Sydney and we've been on the road now for a good 90 minutes. My legs are getting a bit sore but we're almost there... as you can see it doesn't look *too* much different... but Sara couldn't get some photos to show the main differences. They have a huge power plant and a huge lake or something next to it... pretty crazy.

...as we're now entering Lithgow, we see something really strange... what... is... that?...

...that is Lithgow's famous "Miner's Lamp", it's a huge version of it obviously... next stop was McDonalds to get something to eat. I couldn't get any photos obviously since we were a bit late... next stop... something a bit more exciting... yay! I wonder what it's going to be...

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Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia - 21st July 2008

By: sararingham

...in route to the Blue Mountains now... lots of people visit this area anytime they go to Sydney because of the beautiful nature that surrounds them. Since it's just on the extreme outskirts of Sydney it's a popular destination for tourists...

Now that we've entered the Blue Mountains, as you can see there is LOTS and LOTS of trees and lots of hills... and lots of small little towns... the driving up and down, up and down, our ears popped a lot. It was quite uncomfortable. But closer to the Sydney side of things is a small town called Katoomba. Katoomba is known as the 'Heart of the Blue Mountains'. It's a gorgeous little town, and it seemed quite touristy at the time we went there... Sara said she thought it might be because the pope just left town the day before, and therefore all the tourists now decided to take a bit of a tour around the famous parts of the outskirts of Sydney...

...as you can see lots and lots of cars...

...finally we got to our destination... sadly since it was so busy Sara couldn't take individual photos so Sara just got a photo of something called the 'Three Sisters'. It's a very famous rock formation, if people go through the Blue Mountains they have to stop off and see them. There's also lots of trails to take around, one of them Sara said was extremely steep and hard to climb down, let alone up. So we only spent a little bit of time there, and then we were back on the road...

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - 21st July 2008

By: sararingham

...Welcome to Sydney... after 3-1/2 to 4 hours drive we're FINALLY here. Sadly Sara says we can't really see anything famous like the harbor bridge or anything... but we suprisingly got pretty close to the famous CBD of Sydney... we had an appointment at 230pm, so it sadly was just that. We did see the famous hospital called "RPA" which is known as Royal Price Albert Hospital that's got a TV show named after it, and is obviously filmed there as well. One of Sara's favourite TV shows. But this wasn't at RPA but more a smaller clinic that is owned by RPA... anyways, here's us navigating around Sydney...

Although it seems like it should be pretty simple and straight forward... you can easily get lost, especially if we're getting close to the CBD. Sara told us about the story a few years ago that Daniel and her were trying to make it to Cronulla (South Sydney) and ended up in Glebe (which is near where we were going - in South Sydney). She told us how they ended up going over the harbor bridge around 3-4 times since they couldn't get off it and had to go back across before turning around. I'm so glad we didn't get lost though... here are some sights from around Sydney... :-)

...and now, we're in Parramatta, we have to get on Parramatta Road which is a huge major road, we've technically been driving on it the whole time but it was called the "Great Western Highway" it goes all the way to Dubbo, so it's a main highway through the state... it was amazing to see the difference between Orange and Sydney, I mean, I knew Sydney was big... but man, there are sure a lot of palm trees as well. :-)

...and now we're almost to the appointment, so here are some more sights around the area we were driving around...

...oh wow, we're getting close... although we couldn't personally go and visit it there's the CBD in the background, can you see it? It's pretty small but you can see the huge buildings on George Street (which is the main street and most famous street along with Pitt Street in Sydney... how cool! I just wish I could have seen a bit more... maybe someday...) here's a close up... :-)

...sadly when we got out of the appointment it was almost 530pm and we couldn't stay much longer. With a cranky child in the back seat and to be honest we were all a bit worn out... it was time to go home... here's the traffic on the road just as we were leaving Sydney...

Well it was a long and busy day, but I hope to go back here some day and visit the more famous parts of Sydney. Maybe my next host will take me on a ferry even around the harbor? Who knows, it was pretty awesome anyways. :-) I hope you enjoyed my trip, I'll update again soon! <3

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