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Travelog for: LiLA Bear

london, uk - 12th October 2008

By: clgeorge

And to finish off..... Relaxing with a cocktail after all that walking!


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Miskolc, Hungary - 18th January 2009

By: Szandra

Helloooo from Hungary!!!
I'm having a great time here, and I have already met with some other ToyVoyagers: Louis the rat, Elsie and Valma...wait... she is not a tv! :stare: She is a cute little pet rat. :)

As in the last few days it was snowing, I wanted to go out and play in the snow! Everything was so beautifully white!
Louis and Elsie didn't want to come out with me, they said that they are freezing... But a bear like me never freezing! ;)



The patway was like an icerink. I didn't want to lapse, so I had to be careful!

And I met with a red cat, called Jeni. He looks like Susi!! :stare: Maybe he is a Hungarian relative!

More news about me are coming soon!
Big hug to my Mum! :)

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Miskolc, Hungary - 19th January 2009

By: Szandra

Again in the snow!!! :D At night it was snowing, so when we woke up in the morning we decided to go out and bulid a snowman! It was cold, but the sun was shining, we really had a great time!

I was the smallest, so I made the head:

Louis made the middle part of the snowman:

And Elsie made the biggest snowball:

And here it is!!! Our snowman! Isn't it nice?! ;)

After that, we tried ice-skating in the little garden lake, but Elsie didn't want to come, she worried that maybe the ice is too thin.

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Miskolc, Hungary - 20th January 2009

By: Szandra

Today we baked sajtos rúd (cheese sticks cake). It was great to spend this cold afternoon inside the warm kitchen!




And we ate it all...  :rolleyes: I'm a very little bear, but I can eat as much as Elsie!! B)

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Budapest, Hungary - 24th January 2009

By: Szandra

Now we are in Szandra's flat in Budapest.
The sky was so beautiful when the sun was going down. We went out and made some photos from the terrace.



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Budapest, Hungary - 25th January 2009

By: Szandra

What a sunny day!!! And finally Szandra had time to show us the capital city.

Our first stop: Heroes' Square
The monument was built for the 1896 Millennium celebrations, that's why it is called Millennium Monument.

Hungary celebrated the 1000th anniversary that its ancestors found a place to settle down in the Carpathian Basin. Every part of the monument plays tribute to determining parts of Hungary's history.

The memorial won the first prize at the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. The monument was completely finished in 1929 and the square received its name than too.
Since 2002 the Millennium Monument together with Andrásy Avenue is part of UNESCO's prestigious World Heritage sites

And here I am in front of it:

Two museums flank both side of Heroes' Square, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hall of Art.


Than, we walked around the Vajdahunyad Castle, that is situated in the City Park, which is the largest park in Budapest.
The castle was modeled from a castle of the same name in Transylvania, Romania.





We took a look at the ice rink. It's a pity that we didn't have time for ice-skating. :thinking:


And finally the Széchenyi Thermal Bath:

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Budapest, Hungary - 25th January 2009

By: Szandra

And this day still hasn't ended!
We met with one of Szandra's friend, Szilvi. And went to the Hopp Ferenc Far East Museum.
There wasn't allowed to take photos, but one of the ladies was kind and told Szandra that she can make 2-3 photos. So she had to hurry, unfortunately we aren't on this pics, but we were looking out from her bag.:)





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Budapest, Hungary - 25th January 2009

By: Szandra

In the evening we were walking on the riverside of Danube. It was a perfect place to see the Buda Castle Palace and the Chain bridge.




Little Princess statue:

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Budapest, Hungary - 26th January 2009

By: Szandra

Yesterday we walked a LOT and today... we continued it!;)
We went to see the Szent István Bazilika (St Stephen's Basilic). It is dedicated to Hungary's first king, St. Stephen. The largest church in Budapest, about 8500 people can get in.





View from the entrance.

Inside it wasn't allowed to make photos, so ... we aren't on the pics which were made in secret! ;)



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Budapest, Hungary - 31st January 2009

By: Szandra

Szandra is studying in fashion stylist department and today she had an exam exhibition at school. She had to present her best works made in this half year.
And we all wanted to help her!;)



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Budapest, Hungary - 2nd February 2009

By: Szandra

Some weeks before I was walking on the riverside of Danube, but this time I could see it also in the daytime.

This mini version fits perfectly for small ToyVoyagers like us, don't you think?;)


We took a look at the Pesti Vigadó (Pest Concert Hall).
The Vigadó is one of the city's oldest concert halls, dating to 1864.

On our way back home we stopped making a photo on the Vörösmarty square.

Here you can see us with the Gerbeaud House which is a world famous pastry shop on Vörösmarty square.
The café was founded by Henrik Kugler in 1858 and expanded by its later owner, Emil Gerbeaud.

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Budapest, Hungary - 3rd February 2009

By: Szandra

Tonight we baked pancakes with banana! We were perfect assistants!;)


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Miskolc, Hungary - 6th February 2009

By: Szandra

Now we are all in Szandra's hometown, Miskolc.
And today we went to the city center to meet with one of her friends, Zsuzsi.

In the backround you can see a big white building, this is the National Theatre of Miskolc. Unfortunately this is not the best view to see how does it look like.

Me and Margarida with Zsuzsi:)

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Lillafüred, Hungary - 8th February 2009

By: Szandra

Hello Mummy!

Today Szandra shew us Lillafüred which is also a part of the city, Miskolc. There were trees all around and we saw also the Hámor lake.
This lake is 1,200 metre-long, 4-8 metre-deep, but due to it's depth and cold water it is not suitable for swimming.









This is the Anna Cave. Unfortunately when we were there it was closed. :(

On this photo in the backround you can see the Castle Hotel.

We really had a nice time in Lillafüred! Everything was so calm!

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Lisbon, Portugal - 3rd June 2009

By: Swit


I arrived at Lisbon airport yesterday! It's so hot here and I'm very tired from travelling. I'll need to rest for some days before start discovering the place.

See you soon!  B)

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