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I want to see a REALLY big lake.

I would like to try one of those five dollar footlongs from Subway.( not responsible for internal co

I would like to see an airplane...a REALLLY big one

I want to fly offa REALLLLLY tall building...and let someone catch me in one of those springy things

I want a foreign girlfriend..hehehe

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Travelog for: TheOutsider

Nebraska, United States - 21st April 2008

By: Puny&Bumblebee


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Some post office, USA - 13th June 2008

By: Puny&Bumblebee

Hello!  I have been put in my suitcase, and am on my way to Marjolein!!  I am so excited!!!

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's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands - 23rd June 2008

By: Marjolein

Hello!!! I arrived in 's-Hertogenbosch!!! I am very happy to be out of the envelop!! Marjolein got some computerproblems so the photo's will come later. There are lots of nice other ToyVoyagers here, I know I will have a good time with them :D

Greetz TheOutsider

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's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands - 24th June 2008

By: Marjolein

Here are the photo's of my arrivel! Nick, Chompers, Pingu, Roots Bear and Davy welcomed me into 's-Hertogenbosch.

Who could be in the envelop?


What do I hear outside? Let's take a look!


Here I am! Hello mates!


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Warffum, The Netherlands - 28th June 2008

By: Marjolein


In the province of Groningen, the village Warffum is every year an international dance-festival called Op Roakeldais. This is in the dialect of Groningen and means something like 'hoping for the best'.


Marjolein comes from the province Groningen. She lived in the capitalcity which is also called Groningen. Her parents still live here so she goes back to Groningen lots of weekends.

By Op Roakeldais people from all over the world come to Warffum for this festival that takes about a week. Dancegroups from for example Mali in Africa:






The Netherlands:














On these photo's they where all getting ready for the parade in the centre of Warffum. It's a beautifull Dutch village.






After this we went to the hobby market. Marjolein bought some presents for her father who's 50th birthday is today. In the Netherlands is costum to buy mustard for people who are 50. And the also say that when you are 50 'you say Abraham'. So Marjolein also bought some stuff with Abraham on it. When a women is 50 the will 'see Sara'.

In a big tent some groups from the parade also danced on stage during a performance called 'The world dances in Warffum'.

These are the Scottish:


And Colombia:



Then it was time to go back to Groningen with the train. It's a journey of about half an hour.





It was a very cool and also hot day!!

Hugs TheOutsider

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Den Bosch, The Netherlands - 2nd July 2008

By: Marjolein


A new tv arrived today! It's Claire!


Atfortunately for her the weather was very bad today! But I guess she is used to that because she is from the Netherlands.



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Groningen, The Netherlands - 5th July 2008

By: Marjolein


I went back to Groningen! This time I went to the capital city of the province Groningen, which is also called Groningen.
We ate at a Tapasrestaurant. Tapas are little Spanish snacks. We ate lots of stuff like spare ribs, dates, lambs, melon in honey and lots more. And for dessert a chocolatecake!! The restaurant had some beautiful and colourfull stairs!! After diner we had some drinks on the Marketplace called the 'Grote Markt'. We also went to a bar called the Newscafé and to the cinema. To the movie called In Bruges. It was a weird but cool movie. Lots of loud music and people shooting people hehehe. All and all we had a really nice night in Groningen!

Best wishes,



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Nieuweschans, The Netherlands - 6th July 2008

By: Marjolein


In Nieuweschans, in the province Groningen, was a very cool festival today. It was called Celtic Midsummer Festival (in Dutch:Keltisch Midzomer Festival).


It was so cool! Lots of people where dressed up.





Asterix and Obelix where even there! There was a battle between the grown-ups and the children and the children won everytime! Of course I was cheering for them :D


We had beers and spare ribs.


And we danced to Celtic music from the Dutch band Rapalje. And the German band called Faun.




Marjolein coloured a candle and her boyfriend Kasper got a very cool stone mug with 'Rapalje' on it! They also bought special tea. Marjolein's mother bought lots of juwelery and she flirted with Obelix! He didn't have a shirt on and was getting very red in the sun. So she offered him some sunblock! ;)

I had a great time!!

Hugs TheOutsider

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Den Bosch, The Netherlands - 7th July 2008

By: Marjolein

Salve! That is hello in Italian. I am learing a bit Italian because we are leaving for Italy this monday!! That's why today Finja arrived. She is coming with us. She is a sweet little bear. I think I will get to see a very big lake in Italy woohoo :D



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In Marjoleins bag, Den Bosch, The Netherlands - 13th July 2008

By: Marjolein

Dear mum,

It's almost time to leave for Italy! We will leave tomorrow from Den Bosch at 7:30 am with the bus to our first stop in Beek, wich is near Arnhem. From there we will get into the bus, that will get us to Italy! Firstly we will stop in Germany, near Freiburg, for a good night sleep in our first hotel. Tuesday we will continue our journey and in the evening we will arrive in Toscane, Italy! But I will not tell too much already, I will update as much as possible!

I have already learned some Italian:

Yes: sì
No: no
Thank you: Grazie
You're welcome: Per favore
Here you are: Prego
Fantastic: fantastico
I don't speak Italian: non parlo italiano
Do you speak English?: parla inglese?
0: zero
1: uno
2: due
3: tre
4: quattro
5: cinque
6: sei
7: sette
8: otto
9: nove
10: dieci
What time is it?: che ore sono?
Goodday/morning/afternoon: buongiorno
Goodevening: buonanotte
Hi: salve/ciao
Welcome: benvenuto
How are you?: come sta?
Have a nice meal: buon appetito
See you later: arriverderci
Have a nice holiday: buone vacanze

I will speak to you in Italy soon!

Hugs TheOutsider

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Sausheim, France - 14th July 2008

By: Marjolein

Dear mum,

Today was a traveling day. I am in France now, just over the bourder with Germany. Our hotel is very good, the bed nice and soft, and there is a swimming pool! Too bad it is too cold to swim. And because we are soooooo tired, we just went to sleep!


Apart from the nice bed, the view from the window wasn't all that.



We had a nice diner, a good night sleep, and after breakfast it was time to really go to Italy!

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Montecatini Terme, Italy - 15th July 2008

By: Marjolein

More traveling today! We went across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Wow I'm seeing a lot af the world today! In Switzerland and Austria I saw some REALLY big lakes! That promises a lot for my trip to those countries in August with Marjolein! I will show you some photo's of Switzerland.



This is the bus I am traveling with and will be traveling with for the next days.


We went through the Gotthard Tunnel and after that we almost where in Italy. Just a few kilometres now!


Our first stop is in Toscane. The town in called Montecatini Terme.


We took a strowl through the town.


There wasn't much time, so we went back to our hotel, had some diner and went right to sleep!

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Pisa, Italy - 16th July 2008

By: Marjolein

Time for the holiday to begin! I started in Pisa and saw the Tower of Pisa!!


This building is where people are baptisted in.




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Wine farm in Toscane, Italy - 16th July 2008

By: Marjolein

After our visit in Pisa, we had some wonderfull lunch in the mountains of Toscane. We tasted lots of wine and olives made from the people who live in the farm.




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Lucca, Italy - 16th July 2008

By: Marjolein

Then it was time to go to Lucca. Lucca is a wonderfull old city with lots of beautiful buildings and old squares.





This square used to be an amphitheater. They build houses on top of it, but it still has the shape of the theater.


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