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Travelog for: Twilight

Orangevale, Ca, USA - 11th April 2008

By: magickzzl

So, mom is going to send me off!! She is a procrastinator though, and will mail me next week. So far i have gotten to visit a few places, and am bond to see loads more! I have gotten to meet a other voyagers, including Samantha the turtle, Little Teddy and Snuggles the frog. they seem happy!

Im going to first see Gingermuggins and her daughter in Australia, then somewhere else, yay!


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Crockett, Ca, USA - 12th April 2008

By: magickzzl

Got to see the Carquinez bridge and Mare Island, where they used to build boats! Hey, Im a mare! We read about the iron worker Al Zampa, who Izzy's grampa knew! Thats so kewl! It was so pretty, glad we stopped


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Sacramento, CA, USA - 14th April 2008

By: magickzzl

Got to help mom house sit! It was really fun, and i got to hang out with the other voyagers, and meet a nice kitty statue. she was nice, but not to talkative!


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Casterton, Australia - 8th July 2008

By: gingermuggins

Hi Mom,

sincere apologies for not updating sooner. Sam has had major computer troubles but all is fixed now. Here are a few pics of me when i arrived. Sam thinks i  might have been feeling homesick as all i wanted to do was find other ponies and chill out in the various pony homes ;)




Miss 7's aunty did this drawing on the clothes cupboard



It was lovely sunshine when i arrived, here is a view from Sam's property looking down into the gully where the river runs.


Woohoo, i found a real pony!! Spirit is his name and he is a little shy but i am hoping to gain his confidence and maybe even take a ride :)


I miss you mom. I can't wait to show you more pics.
xx Twilight xx

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