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Travelog for: Monkey Youp

Home, Netherlands - 21st March 2008

By: Jiles

Hi everyone, 
I'm Monkey Youp and I decided I want to see the big world with my own eyes and I hope there are some people who want to help me :)
First I stay in my hometown for some more days and show you around. And then, hopefully I can start travelling  B)

This is me:

Some notes:
-I travel with a notebook, all together the weight is approximately 200 gr (at the moment a bit less, but as the book gets filled it might become a bit more heavy).
-It would be great if my hosts write in the notebook and add some pictures but this is not an obligation.
-I prefer to stay for 2 weeks but my maximum duration of stay is 1 month.
-Please write updates here (including pictures)  ;)

- Fleurdunord (Arras - France)
- Lucy102 (Warsaw - Poland) currently here
- Swit (Lisbon - Portugal)
- Luthien (Portugal) (visit after Lisbon or after USA)
- tarepanda (Miami, Florida - USA)
- SunshineLily (Texas - USA)
- MissMelissa (West Virginia - USA)

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Home, Netherlands - 22nd March 2008

By: Jiles

On Saturday I have been shopping, to get to the store I had a short ride on Jiles' bike.

She took me in the store where I found delicious bananas, my favourite food! Unfortunately I couldn't bring some because I can't take them with me while travelling. But I have heard there are bananas everywhere in the world.

After the bananas I sat on the shopping cart:

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Rotterdam, Netherlands - 23rd March 2008

By: Jiles

On Sunday we went to a big city, Rotterdam! But we didn't see much of it because we only visited an old lady and went to a Turkish restaurant.
Here you can see me in front of a subway station. In this part of the city the subway goes above ground

The restaurant was in the Southern part of Rotterdam, we had an amazing view:

This is what our dish looked like:

And here I'm on the Zeelandbrug. This bridge is in the Southern province Zeeland and is the longest bridge in The Netherlands, it's 5 km in length. We were lucky some boats had to pass through so we could stop the car and take a picture!

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Zeeland, Netherlandsd - 25th March 2008

By: Jiles

Finally, yesterday I started my world tour.  I'm on my way to France now  B)

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Arras, France - 1st April 2008

By: Fleurdunord

Bonjour !
I'm very happy to be in France ! Wow, so many people here !! There are some stay-at-home toys (Fanette the teddy bear, a french zebra, some american souvenirs) and many tvs ... Didn't have a lot of time to chat with Malcom , Supergrover (who go to Scotland) and Tony (leaving for the Netherlands). With Coop (dutch like me), Pimboli (american monkey)and Maybe (american alien) i watched the final of a soccer cup. Fleur's favorite team (Lens) has lost but i had a good time. On sunday i had a good tea with a "chausson aux pommes" (apple pastry). This monday, another tv joined us  : Muuimipeikko. She's from Finland and travelled to the USA ; she gave us a milk chocolate. so sweet !

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Arras, France - 1st April 2008

By: Fleurdunord

[size=3]it seems i forgot the pix ![/size]


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Youp's home town, Netherlands - 5th April 2008

By: Jiles

Hi Youp!

So good to hear from you and to read that you had a safe journey and that you enjoy your trip so far! :)

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Arras, France - 6th April 2008

By: Fleurdunord

Bonjour !
I had a very busy week !! On wednesday, Fleur came back with a cheesy pie called fougasse and we all went to the library which used to be a former abbey. (sorry there's no pix). On thursday, Fleur came from work with 2 new friends : a shaking snake and a crazy cow who used to be stay at work toys but can't stay anymore. Then we welcomed a new tv on friday : Stasiek the pinguin from Poland. yesterday we went to the market but the weather was rainy. Fleur got for us some pastries for a good tea. We all had a great time !!
Today we had a french breakfast : a baguette or a croissant with hot chocolate! The weather wasn't better but we went to a fair in the main square of Arras. I've also seen the belfry. Tomorrow we're going to travel by train to the countryside since Fleur is off for 2 weeks.


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Wardrecques, France - 7th April 2008

By: Fleurdunord

Bonjour !
on monday, we all travelled by train to the countryside at Fleur's parent's. It was great !

photos diverses Fleur 2 143.jpg
photos diverses Fleur 2 144.jpg

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Lille, France - 11th April 2008

By: Fleurdunord

on wednesday, we drove to the big city in the north of France : Lille. It's a huge place with lot of shops. I especially enjoyed walking in the old streets.

photos diverses Fleur 2 153.jpg
photos diverses Fleur 2 162.jpg

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Wardrecques, France - 11th April 2008

By: Fleurdunord

yesterday, the weather was fine; so i played in the garden with the flowers - i wish you could see the tulips ! - and the pony : Joey. I had a good tea and we all helped Gaelle (Fleur's sister) baking a pizza.

photos diverses Fleur 2 164.jpg
photos diverses Fleur 2 170.jpg
photos diverses Fleur 2 175.jpg
photos diverses Fleur 2 176.jpg
photos diverses Fleur 2 178.jpg

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Wardrecques, France - 12th April 2008

By: Fleurdunord

Bonjour !
Yesterday, I've visited St Omer, the city close to Wardrecques. Fleur and her mum were shopping there. Today, with Fleur, her mum , her sister Gaelle & Crumble the dog, we did a very long walk along a channel river. Isn't it very different from my own place ? You can see me and my friends ... Back home, we had a very good tea with dry waffle we bought at the market of St Omer this morning.

photos diverses Fleur 2 188.jpg
photos diverses Fleur 2 189.jpg
photos diverses Fleur 2 191.jpg
photos diverses Fleur 2 198.jpg
photos diverses Fleur 2 200.jpg
photos diverses Fleur 2 201.jpg
photos diverses Fleur 2 203.jpg
photos diverses Fleur 2 204.jpg
photos diverses Fleur 2 206.jpg
photos diverses Fleur 2 207.jpg
photos diverses Fleur 2 209.jpg
photos diverses Fleur 2 210.jpg

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St Pol sur Ternoise, France - 15th April 2008

By: Fleurdunord

this tuesday, Fleur drove us to her grand-father's in a small town called St Pol. We especially enjoyed playing in the garden. Nothing's better for a little monkey to be in a tree!


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Wardrecques, France - 17th April 2008

By: Fleurdunord

Bonjour !
there was a long time i haven't talked. One of the last things i've done at Wardrecques was a long walk in a place called Rommelaere. Her you can see wild birds, frogs ... it was beautiful!


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Arras, France - 2nd May 2008

By: Fleurdunord

Back to Arras, we had to say bye to our friend Coop. Our host Fleur was very busy back to work. Last sunday the weather was lovely and it was good to discover one of the parks of Arras. On monday, there was Indiana Jones on tv. Fleur got Indy's hat and we played with it.
It will be high time for me to go to another host soon,


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