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To take pictures of other countries Police cars as my host works for the Police in England

To go on a boat instead of swimming

To sunbathe somewhere hot

To fly on a plane

To watch the stars

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Travelog for: Ducky-duck

Honiton, Devon, UK - 9th March 2008

By: drakie

Well I am ducky-duck I live with my host drakie, (just like me I am a drake, cos I am ducky-duck). I live in Honiton, Devon.  I am told, although I have not met them for a long time, I have brothers and sisters Henry the Adventure Hound, Eddie Bear who has been in the post for 4 weeks on his way  to Argentina, then there is Shirley sheep and Purple bun. 
So I thought now I want to get out into the big wide world and have some fun adventures, everyone seems to be having fun but me.  So here I am.

Now I just need some hosts to look after me.  I am very house-trained, and have good manners.

[color=royalblue]Ducky-ducks hosts are the following:

1)  Gingermuggins              Australia          Posted
2)  Lizette                          South Africa (never got there, lost in the post for 6 months.
3)  RockVixen07                Texas              Posted 24/10/8


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Casterton, Australia - 1st April 2008

By: gingermuggins

Hello :D

I have landed in Australia. Oooohhhh my wings are so happy to stretch out and flutter about.

First stop after emerging from the post office was to have my photo taken with the town sign.


The town mascot!


Information on the Kelpie Working Dog. Very interesting reading. Casterton is nationally recognised as the birthplace of the Kelpie breed of Australian working dog


Well, i'm off to explore my hosts house. I miss you.
Ducky hugs to you.
xx Ducky-duck xx

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Host Home, Australia - 2nd April 2008

By: gingermuggins

Hi :D

Sam, my host, apologises for the delay in updating. We have had very stormy weather here. Lots of rain and wind. Trees have fallen down, branches blown all over the property. The last few days have been spent clearing up outside and helping neighbours too.

Well i met the other toyvoyagers who are living here and visiting here. They are all lovely and have made me feel very welcome.


I'm not sure if you can see the trees blowing in this picture.


The wind was really strong, it got under my wings and nearly blew me away.

For most of the day the power was out because of trees falling on the power lines around the area. We played card games, read a book about australian animals and bush life, then when we were feeling cold and sleepy we settled back in bed and watched a movie on the portable dvd player, luckily it is run by batteries and not power from the house.





I'll speak to you again soon.
xx Ducky-duck xx

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Hosts Home, Australia - 6th April 2008

By: gingermuggins


You wouldn't believe how quick the weather changes around here. Today was a beautiful sunny day. Blue skies, white fluffy clouds, sunshine all around, very different from the last week! Just when we thought it was a great day we saw something that wasn't too great. Lots of thick, black smoke rising from the forest. Yes, it was a fire! We thought maybe it was started on purpose but after some investigating (lots of phone calls), Sam found out it was a controlled burn by the forestry people. They were cleaning up fallen trees and branches after last weeks windy weather. Phew, our minds were put at ease, it wasn't too far from Sam's home!


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Hosts Home, Australia - 11th April 2008

By: gingermuggins

Hi :D

Today we said goodbye to Leo Lion and Bloem. We wish them safe travels and are eager to read their future updates.


Then when Sam came back from the post office she brought with her 2 new toyvoyagers. Sunshine and Rex.
We had a group photo with them


I hope we are going to have some fun adventures with them!


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Neighbours home, Australia - 12th April 2008

By: gingermuggins


Tonight we went to Sam's neighbours home for dinner but that wasn't the exciting bit,  We saw........Kangaroos!!! Yes, in the wild, well in the neighbours back yard. These roos live in the wild but every night they come to have a nibble on some wheat they neighbours leave out on the grass for them. It was exciting to get close to these animals. We had to be really quiet and stand very still. Sam took lots of photos, some were blurry and some were really good, i think she was as excited as we were!

This was our 1st attempt at getting a photo of me with a kangaroo.


Getting closer was really exciting!


It was great to see the kangaroos in the wild.

Ducky-duck xx

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Hamilton, Australia - 16th April 2008

By: gingermuggins

Hello :)

Today we drove to Hamilton, about an hour and a half from Sam's home.
The view on the way there was beautiful. Lots of green and brown paddocks, hills, blue skies



When we arrived at Hamilton, we went to visit Sam's husband in hospital.


We had fun exploring the different things in the room. We even got to have a little sleep on the bed!





We then went to the arts centre to see what performances where showing. Unfortunately nothing was on at the time we were there.


Love and Miss you
xx Ducky-duck xx

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Casterton, Australia - 20th April 2008

By: gingermuggins


Today Sam's daughter had a playdate at her friends house so we got to have a playdate at the play park! But 1st we took a couple of tourist photos.
This is me sitting on an emu statue in front of the information centre in Casterton.


This is the post office where us TV's arrive and depart from.


This is me in a gum tree with the Glenelg River behind me. Not much water in the river at the moment, there hasn't been much rain at all this year.


Then it was time to PLAY!! Having a swing with friends is much more fun then doing it on your own.


Slip Sliding around was fun too but each time we slid down the slide Sam was too slow in getting a photo, hehe.


Behind us is the play equipment, it looks like a big long train!


We then has a leaf fight, throwing leaves at each other was lots of fun and we laughed alot!


I had a fun day today, now i'm really sleepy.
xx Ducky-duck xx

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Casterton, Australia - 22nd April 2008

By: gingermuggins


Ducky-duck ended his visit in Australia today.
We had a great time having him here and we wish him safe travels and can't wait to see more photos of his journey.

Keep Smiling Ducky-duck

Sam x

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lost in space, the world somewhere - 30th September 2008

By: drakie

You will never guess what, Ducky Duck has arrived back with her last host.  6 months she has been lost in post and SUDDENLY!!! OUT OF THE BLUE SHE IS BACK... hurrah....
she had only been with one host, so soon we will be looking for others once she arrives back in England.

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Honiton, Devon, UK - 23rd October 2008

By: drakie

Ducky duck is on the move again, she is so excited after being lost in the post for 6 months, she is going to Texas to RockVixen07.... sunny weather here I come.  I certainly have had enough rain to sinck a duck in England!!!

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Texas, USA - 9th November 2008

By: RockVixen07

Hurray mommy! I have made it to good ole San Antonio!
I arrived safely as my host had no idea I was already here and she was excited =)
This is me @ my host's home
She bought me a welcome lunch

For now, my host has been working hard hours but she promises we'll do something!! The nights have been a bit cold, in the high 40s but the daytime is beautiful, with 70 degree weather.
I'm excited to see San Antonio!!

Till my next update...
I'm pooped

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Texas, USA - 9th November 2008

By: RockVixen07

Hello mommy!!
  Today, my host took me and her son shopping =)
She didn't want me to be bored so we were out all day. Her son wanted to hold me so I sat with him in the car. (he's only 14 months!)
She took us to Burlington to shop for her son!
I stayed in the diaper bag pretty much the whole time since she had her hands full with the baby. But I got to help my host pick out some shoes and I picked these out for her...
There was a lot of people shopping!
Then it was time for us to head home

Then it was time to check the mail ....

Well that was our day! Its time for bed.

Till next update...

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San Antonio,Texas, USA - 13th November 2008

By: RockVixen07

Today Ecaterina surprised us and took us on a little outting.
Her son wanted to hold me so I rode on his lap.
But we had to stop and get gas first
We passed by the cemetary where one of her relatives is burried.
We went to a little park area to sit and get some fresh air and have a little snack and this was the view from where we were sitting.
Ducky and I waited patiently while they got everything out!
Then it was time to eat!

After that we decided to go since it gets dark early now because of the time change =\. We stopped by a small airfield called the Stinson Airport. Its a small one for those who have "more" money than others and they keep their personal planes. It's also where the local news keeps their helicopters for special reports.

We made a quick stop after the airport at Wal-mart to get a few groceries.
They already set up a small Christmas tree inside the store!

Finally, we headed home.
Well that was my day!!

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San Antonio, Texas - 16th November 2008

By: RockVixen07

So today we went with Ecaterina to her work!
We had to stay in her purse, in a locker while she worked.

We got to come out when she took a break

I couldn't decide what I wanted to drink =\

Well, that was my evening.
Now I'm off to bed....

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