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Travelog for: Bon

Ede , The Netherlands - 27th February 2008

By: magicwoman

Hi there,i'm Bon a longhaired orange mouse
I live in Holland and its winter here,I cant wait for the summer cause I love to get a tan
here you can see I'm big friends with my solarium at home,so this how I get my tan at home
this is the cream for my sun tan :)

now maybe I can visit a sunny country or a cold one every host request is great :)

bye bye

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Ede, The Netherlands - 27th February 2008

By: magicwoman

my travellist is
Gingermuggins -Australia

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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 20th March 2008

By: sararingham

I've arrived!


It wasn't too bad of a day here in Orange, lately Sara said it's been VERY hot... thankfully it was cool so it wasn't too hard for me to handle it - but I came on a day where Sara got one of her soon to be toyvoyagers too - so we greeted each other and then got to meet the group... :-)


From left to right I'll introduce you... Mulalu, Luke, Mel, Veggies (a soon to be TV), myself, Peep (another soon to be TV), Toothy (another soon to be TV), and Alpina. They're all very friendly, it's supposed to rain tomorrow but hopefully we can find something to do! :-)


Sara also says Easter is coming up! How exciting! :-)

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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 28th March 2008

By: sararingham

Sorry I haven't updated in SO long! Sara's been busy cleaning and we've all tried to help however we can, but we can only do so much being only a few inches tall. :-) Sara decided last night to introduce us to all of her animals. She's a huge animal lover so we got to spend a lot of the last week with them! :-)

Sara decided it was time for me, as a long-haired mouse, to meet her mice, which includes one long-haired mice... but where are they? I can't see them in there...

Oh, there they are. They're resting!

...and we woke them up... :-) You can see Waffles at the top of my head... the white one is Charlotte, pancake is the tan colored one and Moo is the other black and white one. :-) So cute! Charlotte is the long-haired mouse. :-)

...you can't see Little Foot, which looks a little bit like Pancakes but much larger... Pancakes and Waffles are babies, and the others are all around 2 months older than the babies. :-) Aren't they cute?

Here's a close-up of Waffles, I couldn't be in the picture since that would scare her away... she's a very social mouse. :-)

Next stop I got to see the fish, most of the fish are swordtails, platties, one guppy and various danios. Sara also has a huge suckerfish which you can see at the bottom of the tank, he's sucking on the drift wood. There's lots and lots of baby platties that are just big enough to be in the big tank now, it's pretty cool t see them! All the platties look the same though, hehe. :-)

...and last but not least, here is what we've been listening too since we got here... the birds...
I couldn't get photos with all the birds because they're not used to me being this close so they get scared easily... and I'll tell you why a bit later... but here's the type of birds in the cage...

There are three diamond doves, all of which are pictured here... they make sounds like "who-hooo" it's pretty cute and they usually only do it at night time. Sara says they're the smallest dove in the world. There not much bigger than any of these finches. They're names are Silver, Bluey and Gumby.

There are three pairs of Gouldian finches. Most of them are red faced and yellow faced. No black faced gouldians (which are the most common suprisingly)... this is one of the males. They're called Mr. Colors, Tweet, Twiddle, Bunyip, Puggles, Grimey (think the Simpsons).

There's a pair of spice finches, which are also called 'nutmeg' finches. The mating call is almost silent and it is a strange sound towards the end I don't know how to describe it. But they're called Pepper and Paprika.

There's 5 pairs of star finches, this is a red faced male, there's also yellow faced star finches. Sara has a unique one that has an entirely different song than the others, that makes him the head of the whole aviary... they're called Peep, Dotty, Spots, Mr. Peep, Prickles, Goo, Stars, Comet, and two red females which are unnamed as of yet. :-)

I have pairs of zebra finches... this will come into more detail later... but their names are Mr. Zebra, Frank, Squeak, Bell Beep (which was supposed to be a female - but obviously isn't), Meep, and another unnamed female... so obviously not all paired up, but Sara can't get anymore at the moment, and this is why...

...and this is why, you can see Bell Beep (the one that was supposed to be female but obviously a male - his plumage is just coming in)... one of the female yellow stars on the top of the nest, and the unnamed female zebra in the nest... she's "warning" the other birds to get away - because she had 4 eggs she's been sitting on for the last few days... so hopefully we'll have some babies soon! :-)

...and last but not least, the newest addition to the finch family is the owl finches... they're very good birds to adapt into a mixed aviary, as with the spice finches, so they've all bonded quite well with the stars especially, which is good since they're the leading group of finches in the cage... the owl finches are called owlie and owllet. :-)

Hopefully this week we're going to Cook Park and Mount Canobolas, the extinct volcano 20 minutes from here.... :-) We'll see how this next week goes! :-)

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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 6th April 2008

By: sararingham

Hey! It's been sunny recently so Sara says she's going to take me outside today for a little bit - so I'm not sure what I'll be able to do - but hopefully this week we'll get to see a bit more of Orange.

Anyways, earlier this week Sara was doing a whole bunch of laundry and after sundown she walked into the laundry room. Quickly turned back around and showed me what she saw...


A juvenile tarantula... they're common in houses down in Australia and usually people don't mind them so long as they leave you alone, you'll leave them alone. They're prone to kill other nasties that come into the house. But Sara said this one seemed a bit too comfortable, and when her husband came back in the house - they let it outside. It was kinda freaky. Although she told me, not the biggest one they've had in the house... Sara doesn't like spiders, but usually doesn't kill them... but tarantulas are pretty harmless usually. :-)

Then yesterday something exciting happened. Sara was cleaning out the cage as normal, and then looked into the nest and only saw three eggs. Thinking one of them was unfertile it must have been eaten or something. But then she saw a little baby in there... I tried to get a photo with me and the baby but Patches (the mom) wouldn't allow that...


Patches and Squeak (the parents) are happy to have Sara and Daniel around but get really defensive with anything they've not seen as often, or before... so here's what she was defending...


You can see the little baby in the front - the hatchling fell out of the nest, and into Sara's hand (Sara was holding her hand out - it was coming too close to falling out). Then they put the hatchling back in the nest, and since then, another has hatched and they're both around - so that's a good sign so far. :-) Wish us luck!

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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 16th April 2008

By: sararingham

Heya, sorry I haven't updated again in so long. I've just been quite busy helping Sara with some of her toyvoyagers, and it's quite exciting. We've even rescued a few of them from the salvation army, they're quite excited to be traveling too - but there's no travel plans for most of them yet. They're just happy to have a home. :-)

The other day, it was very sunny, like most days in this area (sadly - haha). But I got to sun bathe a little bit, but that didn't last long. Since they've been kinda broke lately I've just spent most of my time in their yard watching the birds, it's amazing the weird birds that they have here... I mean, they have parrots flying around wild! How crazy is that?

Although this isn't a parrot - this is a bird Sara calls a Tuxedo bird, I'm not quite sure what the real name for it is, but it looks like a magpie, but like half the size... they're all over the place!

You know you're in Australia when you see a gum tree... these things are EVERYWHERE! Seriously, it's pretty shocking. I haven't even seen one pine tree since I've been down here - apparently they have them... we aren't quite sure where though... haha

As you can see, I'm trying to sun bathe, the sun was going down so I was getting a bit of the rays before they were gone for the day, but I was quickly snatched up from my little nap....

...he's harmless... he just wanted to show me around the yard a little bit and then handed me back to Sara - I felt a lot more safe there... Andrew's only just now learning how to walk so I'm happy to be back with a more experienced, less falling down walker. :-)

So from then, I just got to watch from a distance...

I tried to sun bathe again but sadly had to have found the most uncomfortable spot in the whole yard...
...remind me again why I thought a rose bush would be a good place to sun bathe?

So then we went to the backyard, the front yard was getting a bit - I dunno, I just wanted to explore a bit more... and we got to visit with the three cockatiels that live outside...
You can see Elle, at the top... if you look closely there's a female on the right side on the bottom of the photo, that one's called yellow, and Hiss, another male is behind me... so you can't really see him... they were very curious of what I was but I think more scared than anything...

Since I was spending a bit of time in the backyard, like I have been most days - I decided to hang out... literally...
...the clothes line has become my friend, Sara does laundry a lot so I've been helping her by hanging out and working on my tan... I am in the sun burnt country of course! :-)

Soon after that, it got quite cold outside so we all came inside and had a bit of a greeting to a new toyvoyager that had been brought into toyvoyager hood only that day... Lucky Duck.
So from left to right it's, Toothy Walrus, myself of course, Lucky Duck and Roots Bear pretty soon Lucky Duck will be off to the Netherlands, and Roots Bear is already off to the Ukraine, I wish them a safe journey.

Sara has told me that pretty soon I'll be traveling to another part of Australia... I wonder where I'll be going next? Talk soon!

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Casterton, Australia - 12th May 2008

By: gingermuggins

Oh My Gosh!!

Sam and i are so very sorry for not updating. Sam's life has been in the fast lane for a few weeks. She has a new business venture and her family are taking alot of her time too.
I am safe and well.
I have helped Sam create a craft room for her and the children, a room where they can make a mess and not worry about cleaning it hahaha, just shut the door and no-one can see it.
I have met many toyvoyagers. We have played hide and seek, read books, wrote stories, generally had a fun time playing together. We have a birthday party happening at the end of this week. We are all going to help with the decorations, baking and choosing a present for the birthday girl.
Here are a few photos from my visit here. Many more to come!

Love and hugs
xx Bon xx


Playing hise and seek when a new toyvoyager came to visit.


I helped Rex write a story about Sunshine and me.


Helping paint the craft room.

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Hosts Home, Australia - 13th May 2008

By: gingermuggins


Sam had to take her girls into school this morning. They were supposed to catch the bus but the bus broke down. Unfortunately we werenít with Sam so we didnít get to go to town with her. She called us to tell us where she was so we wouldnít worry. Calixte answered the telephone as he is the biggest and strongest.


While Sam was gone we decided we would be helpful and wrap her daughters birthday presents, one less job for Sam to do before Friday. I think we did a wonderful job. Calixte was very helpful with the scissors, cutting the paper nice and straight. I held the sticky tape and Sunshine taped the parcel up.


We all decided that these books would be our present to Miss 8, hopefully Sam doesnít mind, I mean we wrapped 5 different presents, surely one of them could be from us!


When Sam returned home she brought with her a surprise!!! A new toy voyager to visit. It was very difficult to open the envelope, it was all stuck up with sticky tape. Calixte had to very carefully use the scissors and cut a small hole.


I was able to poke his head in and with the help of Sunshine and Calixte we pulled out Antonio!!



He was glad to see the world again after being in that envelope for a few weeks. He introduced himself and we chatted about our travels.

Well that is how the morning turned out. I wonder what will happen this afternoon?

xx Bon xx

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Hosts Home, Australia - 13th May 2008

By: gingermuggins

Hi again!

It was such a lovely sunny afternoon I decided not to go exploring with the rest of the voyagers. I grabbed an umbrella, Sam made me a yummy ice cream soda and some biscuits and I lazed in the sun for hours working on my tan!


That's how i spent the afternoon!

xx Bon xx

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Hosts Home, Australia - 15th May 2008

By: gingermuggins

Hello :)

After being such good helpers with the wrapping of birthday presents the other day,  Sam let us fill the party bags. Ohhh we had soooo much fun but when Sam came to check on us she wasnít impressed at all!


After we got cleaned up and with Samís help we finished filling the party bags. 12 bags! Maybe if we are extra good until Saturday we might get a party bag full of goodies.


After all the messing around when filling the party bags, Sam decided not to let us help with the making of some of the party food. Yes, we are doing things a few days earlier but Sam has sooo much to do she is getting the really important things done asap so she has time to do everything else. These yummy biscuits look like tea cups! They are for the birthday girl to take to school tomorrow and share with her class.


After a morning of fun and games i think i will rest for the afternoon.

xx Bon xx

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Hosts Home, Australia - 17th May 2008

By: gingermuggins

Hi Again!

Finally we get to have party food and birthday cake!!!! I'm sorry there aren't more photo's, we were having so much fun, the camera sat in the corner and didn't get used.



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Hosts Home, Australia - 19th May 2008

By: gingermuggins

Hello :)

Sam's daughters brought someone home to visit. His name is Lucky and he is a toyvoyager but not like us. He visits the homes of everyone in the school. A different student each night. He has a diary that the children write in and either draw a picture or stick a photo in. Lucky has had soooo many adventures. We chatted all night then Sam took our photo to put in Lucky's diary.


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Tampa, Florida, USA - 23rd September 2008

By: buggy4526

Hi there!
Bon arrived here in sunny Tampa, Florida today.
The first thing he got to do was meet my Yorkie Princess!

1st day.JPG

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Tampa, FL, USA - 27th September 2008

By: buggy4526

We visited Epcot today!!! It took us a while to get there (about 2-3 hrs) but we finally got there.
Did you know that the Disney World in Orlando, FL (where we went) is the only Disney park to have all 4 parks? MGM (hollywood studios), magic kingdom, epcot, and animal kingdom. Pretty cool huh?

epcot beginning.JPG

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Tampa, FL, USA - 27th September 2008

By: buggy4526

We began walking up to the main entrance of epcot. it looks like a giant golf ball! inside is a space/ futuristic ride. after we went to a coke store. they had all different cokes from all over the world.

epcot 1.JPG
epcot 2.JPG

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