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Travelog for: Repa Räpylä

Porvoo, Finland - 23rd February 2008

By: Delenna

Helllllooooo folks! I'm Repa Räpylä although I'm often mistaken for Duffy Duck (or in Finnish Repe Sorsa). I'm a handsome and energetic duck who loves attention. I'm looking for adventures as life at home has been quite serene lately - I want adventures! Action! Danger! Maybe bungee jumping or river rafting... I'm very interested in everything and am ready to explore the world! 

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Chennai, India - 3rd March 2008

By: Mosuha

Woooooow, what a ride!!!

I swear I was not sent to another country but to another world!!!

And I still wonder, how I could be so fast in Chennai at Monas and Ulis flat??? But I am soo happy not to be in this sticky envelope anymore.... it became warmer and warmer and warmer..... And now I know why... Even in wintertime in Chennai it is arround 30 degrees hot an humid... ppfffueeee....

I just can't tell u every single new impression, it's just sooooo much and sooooo different from home....

As I arrived today I had not so much time to relax, because Mona wanted to visit some friends from Germany, who lives at the moment in a very nice hotel here in Chennai.

They just adopted a little indian girl from the orphanage. Her name is Sneha, she is 2 years old and such a beautiful little girl! She needed a potty and you know me, if someone needs me, I'll be there.... On the way we made some pictures....
And Sneha was really happy to see me. It was a very big day for both of us, but for her surely eaven more.....

Now I am sooooo tired and will have a little sleep.....
My room is kind of girly stuff, but for the moment I am just happy to see a bed!

Imagine, Mona told me, if a behave well all week, she will take me to an indian wedding at the weekend! I am soo excited.... and tired.... and...



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Chennai, India - 8th March 2008

By: Mosuha

Hello my friends at home.....

I am so sorry to let u wait so long for some news, but it was a really bussy week.

Now Monas and Ulis friends from Germany went home, together with their new daughter and I already miss little Sneha.

But at the weekend we went to this indian wedding. I was allowed to come with Mona, but as we were there it was MUCH to crowed to come out of Monas bag. She was too afraid that I could get lost.

But at the photos you can see the bride and the groom and a typically wedding meal. Isn't that practically to serve it on palm leaves, so you do not have to clean them, but just to throw away.....

The whole event was some kind of stress for an european like me, but it was interessting...

After the wedding we went out for some beers. I really needed it to calm down and chill out.... puuuuuuhhhh....

Indische hochzeit 102.jpg
Indische hochzeit 100.jpg
indische Hochzeit teil 2 019.jpg
Indische hochzeit 069.JPG

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Chennai, India - 10th March 2008

By: Mosuha

Today I went shopping with Mona and a colleaque of Uli from austria, because he needed some suveniers.

I didn't told you yet, that I've got a new best friend.
His name is Kumar and he is Ulis driver.
I love to sit infront of him in the car and to have a look arround the city.

And believe me, your heart really beats much faster, when u see the traffic in india.... It always thrills me...YEEEAAAAHHHH!...wwwwooooohhhhoooooo.... I love that!

One fine day I will try such a motorcycle, I swear!!!

And I already lernt some tamil, the local language here in Tamil Nadu.

"Wanakam" means "Hello"
"amaa" means "yes" ( and you have to shake a little bit your head as if u want to say no....)
"ilee" means "no"
"va-ango" means "come in"

Aren't u proud of me now?

Shoppinday Chennai 009.jpg
Shoppinday Chennai 007.jpg
Shoppinday Chennai 017.jpg

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Chennai, India - 10th March 2008

By: Mosuha

We also had to buy some food, which u can get "on the street".

It was hot today, 35 degrees and many many people were on their ways.... And many people searched some shadow to have a little sleep, where ever they were.... but this seems to be normal in india..... a lot of people sleeping on the streets... sometimes on this little green in the middle of the roads....

I hope u enjoy the impressions!

The two nice towers in the backround are from the court of Chennai. (Mona said, as long as I am nice, I don't have to go there! ;-)

Shoppinday Chennai 044.jpg
Shoppinday Chennai 043.jpg
Shoppinday Chennai 020.jpg
Shoppinday Chennai 040.jpg

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Chennai, India - 14th March 2008

By: Mosuha

I hope at home everybody is fine? Miss u guys so much!

But anyway, I also love to travel and to see a little bit of the world.....

India is still amazing.... today there were a very heavy thunder and lightning rainstorm, but imagine, after half an hour everything was quiet again and we could go out for a walk..... okay, after the big rain it was 33 degrees and 99 % humidity.... I hate this weather sooooo much, u can't do nothing but sweat!!!!

Not far from my hosts house is this beautiful little hindu temple, which I wanted to show u. It's so interessting, I could watch all this small figuers for hours and hours.

And today Mona told me a big surprise. I will spend a long weekend at Pondicherry in a very very nice beach resort with Dogan and his wife, some nice friends of Mona. Uli and Mona cannot come with us, because Uli has to work, like so often.....

But lucky me!!!


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Chennai, India - 19th March 2008

By: Mosuha

Hello friends.....

It was a really really nice long weekend with my hosts friends at the beach resort..... I was sooo excited, I even forgot to take enough pictures for you guys at home... I am sooo sorry... I really enjoyed myself so much, but just between us, once I really missed you at home..... I always seem to be such a tough, big boy, but you know me better, don't you?!

Anyway, this was the time I tried to phone you, but how sad, I didn't remember your phone number.....

Mona said, I don't have to be sad about that,
you guys would know, that I think of you all and miss you, and that you wish, that I have a great time away from home.

Now I am back at my hosts flat and what a surprise,
another TV just arrived!

To celebrate Piens "Welcome", we went out for dinner today, to the five star hotel "The Park"..... It was amazing!

Pien is a little shy and quiet type of tv, but we get along very well and I am sure, we'll have a great time together....

Tomorrow I will show him the city!! ;-)


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Chennai, India - 21st March 2008

By: Mosuha

Yesterday was really an excting day...

We went to a nice Café, alled "The Amethyst" and I had a nice long talk with Pien and a delicious lunch....

After that we went to the part of the beach, where the fishermen live. Imagine, there were hundrets of this little boats and really a lot of this very small fishermen houses, made from palmleaves and coverd with plasticbags....

You could smell the fish in the air... which was not my favorit smell.... and you always had to watch, where you put your feed, because there were a lot of garbage laying at the beach....

But the people were very friendly... I had a nice chat with a fisherman...

Fishermen families are one of the poorest people in Chennai... The men has a really tough job to do with catching the fish, while their wives sell the fish and watch their children.

Most of them have got no money to send their children to school....

And as in decembre 2004 the big Tsunami hit the coast of Chennai arraound 13.000 poeple died and most of them where fishermen....

My heard was really toched and I felt sorry, when I thought about this poor people.... but also I can see, that they still can smile and the children were happily playing at the beach....

Maybe sometimes it does not need a lot to be satisfied with your life?!

Chennai Ausflug 003.jpg
Chennai Ausflug 015.jpg
Chennai Ausflug 016.jpg
Chennai Ausflug 017.jpg
Chennai Ausflug 032.jpg
Chennai Ausflug 033.jpg
Chennai Ausflug 042.jpg
Chennai Ausflug 018.jpg

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Chennai, India - 22nd March 2008

By: Mosuha

Wow, today there were two surprises as I woke up!

First, we have a new buddy in our men team at my hosts flat.
Chip from Florida just arrived!

He is really tiny!  I almost needed my glasses to see him!  :cyclops:

And then Mona told me, that I made it on the banner of the tv webside!!! What an honour..... whooohuuuooo.....  I am thrilled!

Pien and Chip were a little jealous at me, but they must admit, that I am really good looking at photos! They even said, I could work as a model! B)

But don't worry at home, I love my life as a tv!

Today we made a nice men evening with Uli and had a nice chilled beer and watched german Bundesliga soccer at the television ( after we promised Mona, to watch "Grace Anatomy" with her tomorrow!)...


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Chennai, India - 26th March 2008

By: Mosuha

The last few days we all were very lazy and, as it's traditon on holidays, we eat a lot!

On Sunday we went out for a very nice Eastern Brunch. Me and the other tv guys were espacially crazy about these dessert buffet.... jummy..... look at all this nice chocolate things!

But of cause, this is no normal indian food!

That's why our host went on monday with us to a vegatarian restaurant called "Saravanah Bahvan" which is very famous and beloved in Chennai. Many indian people go there for lunch every day!

At the last picture you see such a typical meal with many different sauces, dhal, rice, spices and so on...... Some of them are extreme spicy..... my tongue still hurts a little bit.....

And hey, I saw, my family at home in Finland finally got some snow...... hurray.... you can't imagine how much I wish for a little snow right now.... at the moment it's about 34 degress during the days and very humid in Chennai....


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Mahabalipuram, India - 30th March 2008

By: Mosuha

Wannakam my friends at home,

heeeeeaaaaaaahhhh, this was one of my favorite weekends so far. Uli could make free on saturday, so we went to Mahabalipuram, also called Mammallapuram, which is about 60km south from Chennai.

It took us 2 1/2 hours to get there, just because of the big traffic in the city..... but it was worth it, don't you think?

I enjoyed it soooo much, just to lay lazy in the sun, drink fresh coconut milk, watch the waves roll the shore....
I just wished, you could had be with me, playing in the sand at the beach......

Than you could had also see the cows, which walked along the beach, that was really funny, but seems to be normal in india.....

Today in the morning I stood up very very early, because I wanted to see the sunrise over the ozean.... but how sad, it was way to clouded, as you can see at the last picture....

Ideal Beach Resort 082.jpg

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Mahabalipuram, India - 30th March 2008

By: Mosuha

Today, on sunday, we also went to some rock-cut temples and Cave Temples which are dedicated to different gods like the Hindu trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

There was also a big rock called Krishna's Butter Ball (last picture), immoveable, but apparently balancing precariously.
Looks really interessting....

Some of these buildings are very old, around 700 AD....

We had a nice walk arround, before we went back to the big and noisy city of Chennai....


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Chennai, India - 1st April 2008

By: Mosuha

I want to tell you something, because you should be the first to know.....

I don't know how to start..... mmmmmhhh.... I ..... aehm....

I met someone truely special.... and..... ufff..... yeah..... I don't know what I can do.... it feels so strange.....

Her name is Pryha and she lives at the house of my host.
She is very shy and cannot speak very good english.
But I tell you, she is probably the most beautiful girl I've ever met! ( accept of corse, my 4 ladies at home!)

Everytime I am near her my heart beats faster and I start to sweat....

What is this feeling?

Every Moment with her means joy to me..... uuuuaaaahhh.....

But I don't know what to do.... We talked just a little yet. I can't tell, if she also likes me or not......

Do you think, I am crazy?!

We will see, what will happen..... dream..... :cyclops:

Repa and Pryha.jpg

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Chennai, India - 7th April 2008

By: Mosuha

I am still in love with the beautiful Pryha... mmmmh....
But we are so different...

To get some other thoughts I went with my hosts to an german "Goethe Institut" event at the weekend...

They showed international short movies about human rights and it was sooooo interesting!


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Chennai, India - 9th April 2008

By: Mosuha

Today a new tv arrived- Mandy Sheep....

She is a very nice little girl and she will join us to the Taj Mahal... Mona surely likes to have another female in the house...

While there were out for shopping today, I brought a nice lotus flower....

You know me, I can also be very friendly and a real gentleman, if I want to....

So I gave this flower to my heart's lady Pryha...

I think she was very happy, because she gave me a kiss at the cheek... uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh...

I hope she didn't noticed that I got totally red....


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