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Travelog for: Roderich

Freisenbruch, Essen - 14th April 2009

By: Apperveilchen

We visited a residential area today. Aren't the gardens beautiful with the spring flowers and very green and soft grass? As you can see on the big thermometer we had 21°C, warm enough to have lunch outside. Can you find all of us in the apple trees?


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Santiago de Compostela, Spain - 24th April 2009

By: -María-


I finally arrived at my new host in Spain and I'm really excited (and as you can see I'm already learning Spanish!).

As this is my first day I cannot tell you much about Santiago de Compostela yet, sorry, but María promised that she's going to show me the town as soon as possible :).

By the way, she also told me that she loved the postcard! It was a very nice touch.
Oh! I almost forgot to say that I already met some new new friends :)
So...don't worry about me, I'm fine  B)

Bye bye!


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Santiago de Compostela, España - 25th April 2009

By: -María-


I'm still here :). These days I couldn't go out very much because the weather is quite awful and it seems that it's going to rain forever! But, don't worry, María's dad says that we're going to have a beautiful sunny Monday next week (so I'm keeping my fingers crossed).

However, I have some photos I took when I went for a walk with María this morning (amazingly, it wasn't raining! :D). I have to say that this is a great place to enjoy nature! "Galicia verde" is what many tourists say here... I'm sure you can guess what it means  :p


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Santiago de Compostela, Spain - 27th April 2009

By: -María-


Today I'm very excited because I just came back from Pontevedra, where I visited a truck farm. It was not really a long journey--we went with Irene's car and it didn't take more than an hour, even though she is the slowest driver I've ever seen  :p.

But I have to say that this visit was totally improvised since, at first, our intention was to visit the Port of Vigo, which is the biggest fishing port in the world, but some kind of road traffic accident blocked our way  :(

Anyway, I took some pictures from our visit to the truck farm so you can see I had a great time there.

Roderich  ;)

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Caldas de Reis, Pontevedra, Spain - 29th April 2009

By: -María-


Today I'm updating from a town named Caldas de Reis, which is located in Pontevedra (yep, I can say that I've been in Pontevedra at least three times or so  :rolleyes:). Anyway, I took the bus with a friend, Melman, and went to visit the famous thermal spring that is in this small town.
The bus was almost empty because we took it just after we had lunch, and, apparently, this moment of the day is what Spanish people call "siesta" time! So a lot of people were sleeping in their couches while we were in the bus, making the most of my time here in Galicia!  :D

Anyway, here you can see me visiting the thermal spring...
There was also some kind of washing place (a typical Galician thing), but this one is more special than any other you can find here because the water does not come out cold but rather warm so it's very nice to wash your hands there! Oh, and old people say that this water has therapeutic properties (something that it was already believed in Roman times!). To sum up, I had a really good day  :p



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Santiago de Compostela, Spain - 1st May 2009

By: -María-

Hi mom!,

Do you miss me?  I'm sure you do ;)

Today I went to visit the "Auditorio de Galicia" (Galicia's main auditorium) and the beautiful park that this place has. Fortunately, we had quite a sunny day :D, which, as you can see, let us take a long walk and enjoy the great atmosphere.

Can you see the ducklings? Aren't they super cute?  :rolleyes:
Oh, by the way, the park is called "Música en Compostela", as you can see in the picture below...



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Santiago de Compostela, Spain - 4th May 2009

By: -María-

Hello mom! :D

How are you? I'm fine and quite excited because I just came back from a "mercadillo" (a street market) which is very common here in Galicia. You can see agrarian people selling fruits and vegetables, among other things, and they mostly talk in Galician, so I could not understand a thing! María tried to translate what they were saying though, but sometimes it was difficult for her to understand them too! (and it was quite funny, by the way, since Irene was the only one who was more or less confortable talking to these street vendors).





We spent like the whole morning there (time flies when you're having fun!) and then we went for a walk, I met a new friend (Bruno, the dog), and bought a little goldfish. I think I had quite a nice day mom  :)






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Santiago de Compostela, Spain - 7th May 2009

By: -María-


I'm the happiest little panther in the world (OK, maybe that was a little over the top  :) ) But, anyway, I'm not the only TV that is with María anymore since Bally has arrived, finally!.

Well, I know that what you really want is to see pictures! and I have some from yesterday's walk  :D. As you can see, we (María, Bally & me) went together and walked through some streets that are in the old part of this charming city/town (some people think it's a city, some people think it's a town...I don't really know what it is and I don't think it matters anyway). Hope you like them  :)










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Santiago de Compostela, Spain - 9th May 2009

By: -María-


I feel like a child today because I just came back from having a very fun day at a park!  :D








By the way, the park was next to a Santiago's library known as Anxel Casal and I liked the building so much that I decided to take a picture with it too :)





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A Coruña, Spain - 10th May 2009

By: -María-

Hello mom!

Today I went to visit a little girl who is in the hospital of A Coruña, the second largest city in Galicia. She is good but tired of being there, obviously. But I also have to tell you that I did a good thing (you should be proud of me, mom) because when a nurse came to take blood for some tests, I did my best to distract her...and her mom said it was the first time the girl did not cry, and it was thanks to me!  :D






Well, it was not a center for underpriviliged kids but I think I felt quite fulfilled anyway. The little girl seemed happy, and that's all that matters :)



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Santiago de Compostela, Spain - 13th May 2009

By: -María-


It's raining again! So I couldn't go anywhere today, but I do have some pictures from yesterday  :rolleyes: María made me go up the stairs you can see in the pictures! (fotunately, I was with Bally who was very helpful  :p) Anyway, these stais are in a placed called "Fontiñas", which is a Galician word that could be translated as little fountains, I guess...




And I ate cherries!  :p



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Santiago de Compostela, Spain - 20th May 2009

By: -María-


Today I have some pictures I took when I visited Santiago de Compostela's cathedral (unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside the building, though). This cathedral is very important because it is the reputed burial-place of Saint James the Greater (one of the apostles, I'd even say that he's one of the most important/beloved ones in Spain). So this is also why Santiago de Compostela is the destination of the "Camiño de Santiago" or Way of St. James. In fact, Maria is looking forward to finishing her degree and walking it (her dad promised to do it with her then :D). Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could also walk the Way of St. James one day? It's a major historical pilgrimage route since the Middle Ages!







Another picture in "La Fuente de los Caballos" (it could be translated as the Horses' Fountain, I guess...)


And finally I also visited the City Hall of Santiago, known as "Pazo de Raxoi" (pazo is a Galician word which means palace).



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Santiago de Compostela, Spain - 21st May 2009

By: -María-

Hello  :D

Today is holiday here in Santiago de Compostela and so we (Bally and me :) ) could go out and have a nice walk with María. As you can see in some of the pictures, we had a rather raining morning (but we enjoy the walk anyway!).





(I know you can barely see me in the pictures, but I'm that small black dot in the midde of them  :p )


By the way!, look what I've just found out! An old Spanish bill! María told me that her grandmother gave it to her when she was just 12! It seems difficult to believe since it does look like new! I guess she is very careful with her things  :rolleyes:


And now I have to leave because it's lunch time here in Spain and a very tasty Spanish omelette is waiting for me!


Hope you have a great day mom =D



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Santiago de Compostela, Spain - 26th May 2009

By: -María-


Today is my last day here, in Santiago de Compostela! However, I did visit one last place before leaving since I could not believe I had not gone with María to class since I arrived =D








I'm looking forward to visiting my new host =D Don't worry about me, I'm sure I'll be just fine.


Lots of love,

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Richlands, North Carolina , USA - 8th June 2009

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!!!!!!

  I just got picked up from Albert J. Ellis Airport in Jacksonville.  I had a super long flight across the Atlantic ocean and now I am in Richlands!!! I will be living with my two host's Darcie and Steve.  I came JUST in time for a big event, Darcie's birthday!! We are all going to Las Vegas!! WOOHOOO party time!!!  I plan on playing blackjack, Craps and the slot machines.  I also plan on eating good food, having some drinks, laying out by the pool, looking at the TERRIFIC lights on the strip and seeing some shows.  Here is my schedule for Vegas.

June 22nd First class seats to Las Vegas, Nevada.  Steve said since it was Darcie's birthday they wanted to spare no expense on the plane LOL  I will be flying from Jacksonville to Atlanta, Georgia then on to Las Vegas. 

June 23rd  I am going to go see Criss Angel who is a famous magician and has a show on TV called *Mind Freak* he has a show in Vegas at a fancy hotel called *The Luxor*  we have FRONT ROW seats waiting for us!!!

June 24th  We are going to see Anthony McCool at The Hard Rock hotel and Casino.  He is a Hypnotist and his show is going to be soooooo good!!! 

June 25th  We are going to a show called Tony and Tias Wedding at The Paris hotel and Casino.  This show looks sooo funny and we will be part of a wedding with dancing, Italian Buffet dinner and wedding cake.

I heard it will be 100 degrees while we are there.  I plan on working on my tan :)  anyways I am super excited to go!!  Here are a few shots of me arriving today.

As soon as I jump out of the envelope, Daisy the Boston Terrier is waiting to greet me.


Here I am with the two other TVs that are visiting.  Ricky the rat and Stanley the monkey.  Ricky is booked out on a flight tommorro to go to Arizona.  He told me all about his visit to Steve's work (Steve is a United States Marine) I might get to go for a visit too!!

Here I am with a North Carolina postcard!!!


I am learning all about North Carolina which has a nickname of *The Tarheel State* I will do a big update on it and all about its rich history! Anyways mom I am drinking a *Sun Drop* which is a soft drink that is made in North Carolina.  It tastes like super sweet citrus.  Talk to you later mom!!


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