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Travelog for: Emil

Neunkirchen, Germany - 17th February 2008

By: Apperveilchen

My travel plans:
Lejow - Netherlands
magicwoman - Netherlands
Pandamao - Germany
Vicki - South Africa
sararingham - Australia
gingermuggins - Australia
at home
mystery host through Random Acts Part 3: Michele one L-USA
at home
Texas trip with my family
at home
SenoraVetinari - USA
Luv_Lioness - USA
brilliantlyxx - USA
twennifer - Scotland

JaymeC - Japan/USA

I am so excited to finally get out and travel. I have to say goodbye to my friends first and enjoy the beautiful winter days here, so we went to the zoo today.
There were donkeys there that were from Africa and eagels! Those were a bit scary, because they were flying around and eating small things, small meaning my size.  :o But I enjoyed it a lot and am now looking forward to my trip to the Netherlands. Here you can see some parts of my day:


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Homburg, Germany - 18th February 2008

By: Apperveilchen

Last night I went to sleep in a paper envelope made from the little bag I came in. I was part of a children's surprise bag. And this morning Apperveilchen dropped me into a big yellow box. It's freezing cold. I hope I'll arrive somewhere warmer soon. 

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Poeldijk, Netherlands - 21st February 2008

By: Lejow

I arrived yesterday, wow that postingpeople are fast overhere!
Today Lejow has to work so I'm gonna stay home and talk with the other TV's and stuffed pets over here!
I'm gonna make lots of friends I think :D

Emil and Lejow

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Poeldijk, The Netherlands - 22nd February 2008

By: Lejow

Good Morning!!
I'm so excited to be in The Netherlands! And wow Lejow has maaannnyyy stuffed friends!
So I will not be bored :D
Yesterday Lejow let me sit at the table with diner.
They were eating peas, carrots and patatoes. Strange taste, but I like it!

I'm looking forward to the weekend and the next week, Lejow has a week off from work so she can do all kind of cool things with me!!

Emil and Lejow

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Poeldijk, The netherlands - 23rd February 2008

By: Lejow

I have a lot of fun here.. and guess what, I am not the only TV at Lejows home!
Apollo is also here!
Yesterday we had a nice friday-evening.
We talked and talked and talked.. and I can say that I have made lots of friends.

We even had a little time to pose for a photo:

Finally Lejow has a week off now, so lots of time to do fun stuff!

Bubaaj again!
Emil and Lejow

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Poeldijk, The netherlands - 23rd February 2008

By: Lejow

Here I am again!
Tonight it's Idols night and I am watching it!!

And I found a friend to sleep with.. It's Lejows boyfriend.. Ssst!


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Poeldijk, The netherlands - 25th February 2008

By: Lejow

Wwwwwwwwwwwowwww Lejow had a surprise for me! We went to the beach and eat an icecream!!!!
The sun was shining sooo nicely!
I love the beach, I did not get to close, because there were soooo many big dogs over there!
But from a little distance I could see everything perfect :)





Am I getting a tan allready ?

Talk to you later!
Big Kiss!
Emil and Lejow

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Poeldijk, Netherlands - 27th February 2008

By: Lejow

Heeellllo again!
Yesterday I watched Lejow making her jewelry, wooww she has a lot!!
She maked some earrings, doesn't they look pretty on me??

I also taked a look outside!
Lejow is living on the 4th floor and the view is wonderfull!
She can see al the way from Scheveningen to Kijkduin (the beach we went earlier this week)
When the weather is very good and there are no clouds, you can see the boats behind the threes, because there is the see!


Tomorrow we are going to the Zoo, I'm finally able then to make friends with an exotic animal!!
Talk to you soon
Emil and Lejow

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Rotterdam, The netherlands - 28th February 2008

By: Lejow

Lejow is staying with her boyfriend these days, I went with her so now we are in Rotterdam.
Pfoeee my feet are tiiiiiiiiiiiiiired!!
I had a long day.
First we went to the Zoo, I can say I completed my life mission to become friends with an exotic animal. I saw a looot today!!

First I posed yesterday together with Frodo the cat.

And here the photo's of the zoo:
The giraffes, Lejows favourite animal. Look how tall they are, I feld verrryyy little next to them!

Hop Hop a kangaroo

Can you find the animal in this picture?

These are prairiedogs! So cool!

Are they white with black marks, or black with with marks??

The zoo we went to is the home of Bokito, you probably heard from him. He became worldnews when he escaped last year out of his cage, when he couldn't handle the appearance of one woman anymore. She came almost everyday to Blijdorp to see Bokito and thought he was smiling at her. In fact he was very angry, and that became clear when he escaped and attacked her.
I tried to make a picture of Bokito, but unfortunate he would sat still!
This is him!

The woman who got attacked found Blijdorp the responsible one, but the judges says that Blijdorp did everything to make it safe for human and animal, and that it was just an strange bizar accident!

After the zoo we went eating at Mc Donalds and after that we went to the movies!
We went to Step up 2, a cool dance movie!

Now it's time for me to go to sleep.. my feet can't do anything no more..
Tomorrow another day, we go to Limburg tomorrow, a 2 hour drive.
Lejow and her boyfriend are going for a weekendholiday!
So more pictures will come!

Emil and Lejow

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Reuver, Netherlands - 3rd March 2008

By: Lejow

Hello again!
Finally time to update my log, it was such a great nice busy weekend!

We went to Reuver, to Landallgreenparks ( I believe you know that also in Germany). They have al kind of houses there for people to stay in for a weekend or longer. In the middle of the parc there is a big plaza/centre where you can do everything. Eating, swimming, bowling, drinking, shopping and so on.
Off course I made a LOT of pictures!


Enjoying the house from the couch. With Appolo the blue alian from the USA, and Pien, the elephant who belongs to Lejow herself


again, but now with a squirrel. Can you see him? We called him Alvin, as in the movie. Later that day we spotted another 2, those 2 we called Simon and Theodore :D

Making tea

Having breakfast

After breakfast we went to the parcplaza, its nice over there



playing games

look how much we have won

Later that day we went to Reuver, doing some shopping :D
We saw a big church

After that I took a quick shower.. it was almots 8 o clock!!!

So that means: IDOLS NIGHHTT


It was the finally, very exciting. Nikki won, she was just the best!

Sunday we went eating in the parc plaza, I saw some stingy little plants, they hurted me!

When it was time to go home, we didn't want to.. so we played hide and seek.
But unfortunately we really had to go, and after a more than 2 houre drive, we finaly arrived home and I was sooo tired I fel a sleep immideatly

Emil and Lejow

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Poeldijk, Netherlands - 8th March 2008

By: Lejow


Here I am again.
Lejow is currently sick, so we couldn't do so much this week.. But I take good care of her and she thinks I am very sweet!

Today we watched Ice skating, the Dutch girls won with the plough persuit (I have no idea if this is the good word for it haha). They won the gold medal!

But... when I looked next to the TV, I saw a new mommie!
She is soooooo sweet!
But then I taked a good look.. I am grey.. they are yellow.. I make different sounds.. I have big ears.. They don't
Wait a minute! THESE ARE CHICKENS!
Ok.. not my new mommie then, but just some new Dutch Spring friends :D

At last I waved Apollo goodbye, he is going to Australia.
I'm also having my last days her in this village, coming friday I am going to someone else!

Emil and Lejow

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Poeldijk, The netherlands - 12th March 2008

By: Lejow


That's right!! I am turning one today!!!!
Lejow had a suprise for me when she came from work..
Look at the cool had an card she bought!


Fits like a charme!

The birthday had has one candle! :D

She gave me a loooott of hugs and kisses!

Turning one is not so hard.. I feel just the same as yesterday :D

Hug Emil and Lejow

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on his way, in the Netherlands - 12th March 2008

By: Apperveilchen

Happy birthday, Emil!
We are celebrating with you and are having a little TV party here to wish you a great new year of your life and many happy voyages to come.

Thank you Lejow for being such a good host!


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Ede, The Netherlands - 15th March 2008

By: magicwoman

Hi mum
Today I Arrived at magicwoman her house
And also we went to Alkmaar today,I've met my new host Magicoman.Also I meet Eryah and a lot of other TV's.
Fluffy and Pebbels are staying with Magicwoman to at the moment and it are really nice and kind TV's.And i became friends with them allready.
Here are the pictures from Alkmaar.

Here we are going to Alkmaar cause Marije (magicwoman) wants to have a nose piercing


with all the toyvoyagers
from the left to the right
Pebbels,Nelly,Palmeke,I,Meleleuca ,Fluffy and Chompers

I have to go in the bag cause Marije was going home

Waiting for the train at the station

Bye Bye

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Ede, The Netherlands - 17th March 2008

By: magicwoman

Hi mum
Last Wednesday Marije gets a Playstation from her boyfriend
So we played on it today,we played a game called "bugs bunny"
I played with Fluffy
It was so much fun


And Marije has a real electric guitar
I tried to play on it but is was so difficult
but it sounds really cool


Bye Bye

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