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Travelog for: Meleleuca

Dobel, Germany - 8th January 2009

By: fam-united

My host family decided to drive to Dobel, because they wanted to go sledding. Of course we were more than delighted about this idea. We prepared tea and bread for lunch at first. Then everyone except us jumped into warm clothes - Petra said, that we are toyvoyagers and much too small for her clothes. Maybe she should think about an extra wardrobe filled with clothes for toyvoyagers. I can tell you, that it was really really cold and windy outside.









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Frauenalb, Germany - 8th January 2009

By: fam-united

On our way home we stopped at Frauenalb to see the cloister ruin. The cloister was founded in 1180/85 by Eberhard III. von Eberstein and his mother Uta as a convent for young aristrocratic women.
After a turbulent history, the cloister was closed 1803, then used as a military hospital until 1819 and finally sold at an auction to private investors which used it as factory floors. During that time there were four fires, after the last fire 1853 the buildings were not built-up again.
Source: wikipedia (German)









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Forst, Germany - 23rd January 2009

By: fam-united

Today we drove to Forst, where Petra's daughter sings in a choir. We had a lot of fun climbing around in her car. She thought, she could read a book or work something for school, but she hasn't thougth, that we are with her, lol.


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Bruchsal, Germany - 29th January 2009

By: fam-united

Today another toyvoyager arrived at our host's home: Galo from Brasil.


I think, I should tell you, who is who in this photo:

1rst: Fifi Flowertot, Mumble, Khetiwe, Surprise Bear
2nd: Hurley, Mousy Mouse, HitchaRideMarky, Galo
3rd: Cassiopeia and me

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Bruchsal, Germany - 7th February 2009

By: fam-united

Today was time to say goodbye to our German hosts and new toyvoyager friend. We are a bit sad, because we will miss our friends, but really excited to see you again, mum.


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