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Travelog for: Snuggles

carquinez strait, Ca, usa - 22nd March 2008

By: magickzzl

So for Easter we went to the "Bay Area" to visit Izzy's family. We stopped to take pictures at the Carquinez Bridge. The Carquinez Strait leads into the San Fransisco bay and lots of big ships pass through there! Carl and Galaxy came with us.

We finally arrived at Izzy's Aunt's house which was beautiful. They have lots of flowers and a veiw of the bay!

eastervoyagers 001.jpg

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Point Isabel, Ca, USA - 23rd March 2008

By: magickzzl

Happy Easter all! We celebrated the American way with dyed eggs and candy. I had so much fun with all the pretty colors! After coloring eggs Izzy's Aunts took us to Point Isabel, which has a great veiw of San Fransisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. There were lots of dogs getting walked, and Izzy even let me get close to the water!

On the way home we passed the Tosco Oil Refinery in Rodeo, and the C and H sugar company factory! So thats were sugar comes from.


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home, Netherlands - 29th March 2008

By: Lejow

Woooooww Snuggles! Everything looks so nice!! You have great weather I see.. a lot beter than it is here at the moment..


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San Fransisco, Ca, USA - 30th March 2008

By: magickzzl

The weather is indeed nice, so nice in fact that yesterday Izzy and her friend decided to take a bunch of us Travelers to San Fransisco! It was so much fun! We walked across the city, and saw most of the peirs, and hung out all day at the famouse Pier 39! I got got to see Califnornia Sea Lions, A Pacific Gull, and could see Alactraz, aka "the Rock", and Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate. By the time we got to veiw the golden gate though, Izzy's camra died! Guess We'll have to photoshop a picture! We also visited a big fountain along the way thats really trange, and a funny sculpture that Izzy let us climb on. After a long day we finally headed back to Izzy's.


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Orangevale, Ca, USA - 4th April 2008

By: magickzzl

So today I went with Izzy to school! It was really fun. She showed me around the art department, and we ran into one of her Professors/Famouse artist, David Wetzl. He was quite puzzeled by us (My new friend Little_Teddy and I). We got to climb some tree's and meet some of the sculptures around the department! It was so much fun!


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Orangevale, Ca, USA - 4th April 2008

By: magickzzl

Before leaving school for the night, we hit the Memorial garden, which is so pretty. Its brand new this year, and Izzy was even surprized by it!


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Orangevale, Ca, 95662 - 5th April 2008

By: magickzzl

Izzy and her friends went out again to a resterant for soda's. It gave Little Teddy and I a chance to talk. He's from Apeldoorn! Thats near our house, isnt it mom? Izzy also brought soon-to-be voyager, Twilight the pony, and Izzy's friend all brought her pony Breezie. We were served tiny swords in our soda's, so we played all night long! We also played with Ally's son Damian. We all got tired though, infact we took a nap with Reyn.


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Orangevale, Ca, USA - 5th April 2008

By: magickzzl

Today we got up late because Izzy has a cold. But we finally got moving, and headed out to Roseville for an art show! there were lots of pretty paintings there, but sadly they did not allow pictures. Izzy snuck one of the outside of the building though!


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Orangevale, CA, usa - 6th April 2008

By: magickzzl

Today Izzy was still sick, but we headed out to get hay for her sheep and horses! Little Teddy and I helped her unload all 8 bales! Boy they were heavy, 120 lbs each! good thing we have a hay hook to help us hold on!


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Carquinez Strait, Ca, USA - 12th April 2008

By: magickzzl

Once again we have visited the bay area to see Izzy's family! This time we stopped to see the Carquinze bridge again at the vista point, its the place where you really can stop and get pictures and they have plaques! From the Vista point you can see Mare Island, which had a military base and they built navel ships! it looks pretty quiet now. We also read a plaque about Al Zampa, who was an iron worker and helped build the bridge. Izzy told me that her Grampa helped build the bridge to and was really good friends with Mr. Zampa! Wow!

After we saw the bridge we got to go to a nursery, but Izzy got so dirty she didnt want to get us all dirty, so theres just a picture of the flowers! I got to go with my new friends, Samantha the turtle from Australia, Little Teddy and Twilight the pony, oh ya, and the Traveling Pearly!


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Sacramento, Ca, USA - 14th April 2008

By: magickzzl

We're having a sleep over!!! I got to help Izzy do some house sitting for a friend of hers for a few days! We met a nice kitty statue, but she didn't talk much. We watched lots of Television and ate junk food most of the time!


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Sacramento, Ca, USA - 18th April 2008

By: magickzzl

Yay! We went to the mall today! A farther mall down in the city, the Arden Fair Mall. They have fun benches that look like kitties and pyramids. We also saw a caresel and the Sanrio Store!!! Izzy got me some Karopi the frog stickers!!!

Then we past the Disny store! Izzy showed me around but got in trouble for having a camera. She told me i would get to see much for stuff in disney world!!!


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Placerville, Ca, USA - 19th April 2008

By: magickzzl

I got to go to a goat show mom! It was AMAZING! Their were African Pygmy goats, the little petting zoo kind, everywhere! About 200 of them. Izzy showed some of hers to, and I even got to meet the Grand Champion Doe! (which is a girl) who was Izzy's! I got my picture with Zedilia, who is a chocolate colored goat.

We also got to sit in a stall just like a goat and we put Samantha turtle into a milking station, which is a device to keep the goats still while milking or grooming them! they were so cute! this is my last journey with Izzy, and it was a blast!


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Grand Junction, Colorado, USA - 26th April 2008

By: wourpet

I have arrived in Colorado and it is warm and sunny.  I went for a walk around the yard when I first arrived to stretch my little legs.


Just before I went back to my hosts house I spotted some ducks walking around the yard behind me.


My host said they are wild Mallard ducks but they have been visiting here for awhile and are probably making a nest somewhere in the yard.

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Grand Junction, CO, USA - 27th April 2008

By: wourpet

Today I met all the other TVs that are visiting here right now.

I showed them my journal and they were really excited about all my neat pictures.


Mittens is leaving tomorrow for Russia and Coney is leaving to go back to Ft Bragg and then on to Afghanistan.

Others in the paicture are Frogger, Jimbo Elephant, Candy Cotton, Lucky-Ducky and Bumble.

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