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Travelog for: Snuggles

at home, The Netherlands - 6th February 2008

By: Lejow

I am a little happy green frog and my name is Snuggles. With my sweet face I can make you totally in love with me :)


I really really love themeparks, and my biggest wish is to go to Disneyland Florida..


So my first life mission: Spread the Joy and fun!
But my most important biggest life mission is: Go to Disney Florida!!
And After a talk with my sweet friend Tigger I decided to make my wishes come true!!


I hope there are sweet hosts who can help me gain these missions!

My travellist:
Gingermuggings - Australia (thanks for the nice trip!)
Magickzzl - USA (thanks for hosting!)
Wourpet - USA (thank you :D)
wmphimu - USA (arrived here at the 3th of june)
Desertrosenv - Las Vegas

Big hug From Snuggles!

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At Home, The Netherlands - 10th February 2008

By: Lejow

I'm enjoying my last days in The Netherlands before I go to Australia, to start my travel!

We needed a notebook for me, so we went by car to the Hague
My mum let me drive!

When we arrived, we decided to get some icecream. It was such a nice weather outside!
Strawberry icecream with real strawberries, cookies and M&M's.. very yummie!!

That evening I decide to go and say goodbye to my friend the Cat.. because I would see him for a long long time.. Check his face.. He is not so happy that I have to leave..
He just has to get used to the fact I think :P and.. I'm always comming back!!
He don't have to worry!

Big Kisses..and a paw
from Snuggles
*ready to go!!!*

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Mount Gambier, Sth Aust, Australia - 21st February 2008

By: gingermuggins

I Have Arrived!!

Finally i have been let out of my travel bag and the 1st thing i saw was a fellow TV, Groovy standing at the door of the post box! I was so happy to see someone my size. Humans are so tall!


We hopped into a bag that Sam's daughter has let us use to tour the town in so we don't get lost at the bottom of Sam's handbag!
I'm not to happy about the colour, but Groovy told me Sam wont lose us because the bag is so bright!


Here i am at the entrance to Mount Gambier. It's not the same sign that Groovy saw. It's at the other end of Mount Gambier!


We went to see the Blue Lake. Looks much bigger then a lake and is very very deep. The water is what the town people drink and use in their houses. I wonder if it will ever become empty?



Here we are reading some information about the lake.


The sun was shining brightly and it was getting warm. I asked Sam if she could find somewhere for me to cool down. She found the PERFECT spot.



I had a good day today but after my long journey i need to have a long rest.
I found a good spot at Sam's home and now i am dreaming of completing my future missions.


Big kisses to you and one for Cat too  :p
xx Snuggles

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at home, Netherlands - 25th February 2008

By: Lejow

Wow snuggles, I almost didn't so you at that last picture with al the green :D
I hope you have a great time over there!
The lake is so prety!

Bye and kisses

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the living room, Australia - 26th February 2008

By: gingermuggins

Hello :)

I am sorry you have had to wait many days to see another update from me. The lovely weather i saw when i arrived dissapeared and was replaced with rain and was very cold. It has been very quiet the past few days.

On the weekend Groovy and I watched car racing on television.


I was having trouble seeing so Groovy let me sit on his head.


Sam found us a high chair to sit on which was better cause i think i might have squished Groovy's head.


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playing outside, Australia - 26th February 2008

By: gingermuggins

Hi again!!

Today the weather is much nicer. Groovy went to school with Sam's daughters and i stayed home and played outside. We didn't think i should go to school because i am so little, i don't want to get lost in a HUGE crowd of children.

Breakfast today was lots and lots and lots of grapes! There are 50 grape vines here! I don't know what Sam is going to do with all these grapes, maybe make some wine or just eat them.



I played on the slippery slide with Sam's son. I don't think i will slide on it again. It is very steep and i slid really fast!!


The swing is much better for me.


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at home, Netherlands - 26th February 2008

By: Lejow

Looks like your still having a lot of fun.. Good choice to not go to school :P A little green frog like you can end up everywhere :D
Have a lot of fun!
Here it's also raining now  :(


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Pirate Boat, Australia - 26th February 2008

By: gingermuggins


Sam was busy in the afternoon. She gave me some scissors and paper to keep me amused. One of the bears who lives here whispered in my ear that there was a pirate ship outside.


Inspiration followed! I made pirate hats for the 2 football bears, Marcello and myself.


When Sam wasn't looking we quietly drove outside in Barbies car.


The boat was BIG. We sat at the front and pretended we were Pirates sailing on the high seas!



It is very tiring sailing such a BIG ship. When the ship came ashore we found a shady tree to rest under.


Big hugs and Kisses to you
xx Snuggles

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the house, Australia - 28th February 2008

By: gingermuggins

Hello :)

Marcello the mouse became a ToyVoyager today. Before he left home he showed me the cows who make the milk to make the cheese for him to eat.



Here we are checking the milking machine. No milk today!



I saw a tractor pass by.


We wished Marcello farewell and helped him settle in his box for the long journey.


I am having fun and i miss you lots
Big Snuggle Hugs to you!

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Speedway, Mount Gambier, Australia - 1st March 2008

By: gingermuggins


On Saturday Sam and her family took Groovy and me to the Speedway to see the local car racing. It was horribly noisey and smelly but we had loads of fun watching the cars crash into each other (no one was hurt) and a nice lady gave us a sticker to put in our note books :)




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Mount Gambier, Australia - 10th March 2008

By: gingermuggins

Hello :)

As you are reading this i am on my way to my next host. Sam said she would upload the last few photos of me.

Sam's sister had her 16th birthday on Monday. I helped Sam make a lollypop tree which was part of her sister's present.


Lunch was cooked on the Barbeque. I tried to help but it was very hot.


There was lots of yummy food for me to try.


The birthday cake was BIG and delicious. I was allowed to cut the cake.


I have had lots of fun visiting Sam and her family. I am looking forward to my next adventures with my new host.

Big Snuggle hugs to you
xx Snuggles

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home, Netherlands - 12th March 2008

By: Lejow

Thank you Sam for taking such good care of Snuggles!!
I laughed a lot seeing the pictures :D

Thank you for being his first host :D

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Orangevale Ca, USA - 19th March 2008

By: magickzzl

I have arrived in California! It was such a long ride from Australia, but I made it safely. I was greated by Izzy (magickzzl), Galaxy and Pearly. Ponies are fun to ride!


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Citrus Heights, Ca, USA - 20th March 2008

By: magickzzl

Wow, Today was so busy! First we went out to Izzy's pasture to play with the goats and horses. I got to meet Sparkle the baby goat, and Coco a big brown horse! Along with all the other animals.

After we played there we went with one of Izzy's friends to get some snacks at the mall! I had a taco from TacoBell, then a cinnamon bun from Cinn-A-Bon! Yumm-o!

After a deliciose snack we went to a carnival we found driving along. I got my picture in one of the games where we won a toy tiger! It was so big and so load we decided to leave though.

After a few hours we went to another fast food joint and had chicken sandwiches and french fries! So much junk food here!


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Orangevale, Ca, USA - 21st March 2008

By: magickzzl

Boy, Izzy's friends like junk food! Once again we went out to a restarant. This time it was a sit down place, Denny's. We talked till past midnight and split a hot fudge brownie! Yummy! Izzy took my picture with one of the menu's and Ally's little dinosaur! Im finally bigger then someone!

Izzy says we will be going to the bayarea tomarrow for the Easter weekend! I get to see the San Fransisco bay!


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