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Travelog for: Coop

Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 6th February 2008

By: Eryah

Hello everyone,

I'm Coop, a little shy bear who lives in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.
I live here with my friends but today they went on trail.
Yesterday we had a big party

We drink a lot of wine and today i had the worst hangover ever. This was the first time i drink alcohol and the feeling you get from it the next morning is terrible!
I thought i was really sick but thank god it wasn't fever

The whole day i felt sad and i thought it was because of the hangover.
Mirdin (the boy who lives here) and i were drawing a picture and that didn't cheer me up

The puppet of the boy here try to cheer me up but that didn't worked either

Normally when we drawing or somebody hug me i'm the happiest bear ever. Suddenly i knew what was wrong

I just missed my friends! So i decided to go on trail also. I find it a little bit scary because i never done something on my own, but with your help it's not so scary anymore.

If you want to host me please send a pm to Eryah and i come to you!

Big hug,


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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 6th February 2008

By: Eryah

My travellist:

1. Michele_one_L (Rome, NY, USA)
2. Fleurdunord (France)
3. Sararingham (Australia)
4. Gingermuggins (Australia)
5. Boneyard Bears (Australia)

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 7th February 2008

By: Eryah

Hello everyone!

First i wanna thank al the people that want to host me.
I didn't expect it going to be so soon, but tomorrow i'm going on trail! USA here i come!
I'm very exited about it.

With love and a big hug from me

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Rome, NY, USA - 15th February 2008

By: Michele_one_L

Hello Family! I arrived safely in New York this morning. I'm tired from my journey so I will post some pictures later.


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Rome, NY , USA - 15th February 2008

By: Michele_one_L

I arrived in New York this morning and boy am I happy to be here! It was a long cold trip! I'm happy that I was wearing a sweater, I think I would have froze without it. Michele opened my travel bag so I could get out. I was really nervous and stayed in there for awhile. I heard voices saying that it was okay to come out. I peeked my head out and saw 3 bears awaiting me. When I came out of my travel bag I met Coco, Nicki Bear and Honey Bear. We talked for a little while about who I was and where I came from. We posed for a picture together then I was ready for a good nap. I think I will be save here! I'll update again soon.

Hugs and Kisses


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Rome, NY , USA - 16th February 2008

By: Michele_one_L

Since today was Saturday we were able to leave the house. Michele and Daryl had to run some errands and said that we could come along. We waited on the sidewalk in front of Michele's house because Daryl was getting the Jeep. As you can see everything is snowy. While we waited we asked if we could make a snowbear (like a snowman but instead a bear like us) in the snow. We got started but it was too cold on our paws, plus Daryl was ready with the Jeep. We started our drive to place #1 (the post office) but half way there Daryl realized that he forgot something so we had to go back to the house. So here we are in the Jeep waiting for Daryl to run in the house and get what he forgot.


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Utica, NY, USA - 16th February 2008

By: Michele_one_L

We had a very busy day today! First we went to the post office so Michele could pick up the mail. We stayed in the car and listened to some music with her husband. After that we headed to Utica, NY which is about 30 minutes from Rome. We went to the Pet Supply place to pick up some treats for Riley (Michele's dog). It smelled funny in that store. We didn't get out of Michele's bag for fear that something might happen to us. Next we went to Target, it was a nice store but very busy. After Target we were all hungry for lunch. We couldn't decide where we wanted to go until we saw a Panera Bread. Nicki Bear said that she has eaten there before and that it was very yummy. We all agreed thats where we should go. It was SO busy! The lady taking our order told us that we might not find a place to sit. Luckily Michele found a place to eat but the table was dirty. She said that it would be best if we stay in the bag until we left.


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Fort Stanwix Rome, NY , USA - 16th February 2008

By: Michele_one_L

After we had lunch we headed back to Rome. Michele said that she had some place special to take us. It's called the Fort Stanwix National Monument. Since there was so much snow we were unable to go up to or in the fort. Neither Michele or her husband knew much about the monument so we all went into the visitors center to learn more. You can visit this website to learn more about the monument. Fort Stanwix Monument


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Fort Stanwix Rome, NY , USA - 16th February 2008

By: Michele_one_L

Once in the visitors center we learned that;

Known as "the fort that never surrendered," Fort Stanwix, under the command of Col. Peter Gansevoort, successfully repelled a prolonged siege, in August 1777, by British, German, Loyalist, Canadian and American Indian troops and warriors commanded British Gen. Barry St. Leger. The failed siege combined with the battles at Oriskany, Bennington, and Saratoga thwarted a coordinated effort by the British in 1777, under the leadership of Gen. John Burgoyne, to take the northern colonies, and led to American alliances with France and the Netherlands. Troops from Fort Stanwix also participated in the 1779 Clinton-Sullivan Campaign and protected America's northwest frontier from British campaigns until finally abandoned in 1781.

It was very interesting to see all of the artifacts that were found when they started digging to build the monument. We could have spent hours there. After looking at the artifacts and such we went to the gift shop. We picked up a couple things to remember our trip. Michele said that she will send them home in a few days.


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Price Choper, Rome, NY, USA - 16th February 2008

By: Michele_one_L

Our last stop for the day was the grocery store. We were all so tired after running all those errands today. Michele said that we had been out for almost 4 hours. She said that since we were so tired we could just relax in her bag until we got home. Thank goodness!


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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 17th February 2008

By: Eryah

Hi there Coop!
I'm glad you made it to the USA!
I can see you have so much fun and that's a beautifull snowbear you make with your friends. I miss you a lot but i'm happy for you  :D

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Rome, NY , USA - 17th February 2008

By: Michele_one_L

This morning my TV friend Piggy left with Michele's husband. They are going to Lima, Peru on a business trip. Piggy was nervous to be going so far from home, but we told that we are all far away from too and that you will get used to it. We posed for one last picture then he was off to the airport.

Goodbye Piggy! Have a safe trip!

piggy group.jpg

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Rome, NY , USA - 19th February 2008

By: Michele_one_L

A new TV arrived today! We were all happy to find out who it was and where they had come from. Michele put the envelope on the table and all we could hear was scratching. Finally the envelope came open and there was a mouse in there! We said "Hello Mr. Mouse!" There was silence.........Suddenly we hear "Mouse?" "Who are you calling a mouse?" I'm a RAT and my name is Angus!!!" Gulp! We apologized for calling him a mouse and he accepted. We all sat together to learn more about Angus.


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Rome, NY , USA - 20th February 2008

By: Michele_one_L

Today Nicki Bear left to join the USATVT! We only knew each other for a short time, but we had a good friendship. We said our good byes and posed for one last picture.

Be safe Nicki! I will miss you!


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Rome, NY , USA - 21st February 2008

By: Michele_one_L

Last night we got to see something rather amazing! I still can't believe what it was. During the day Michele told us that there was going to be a Lunar Eclipse. She said that we had to see it as there wasn't going to be another one until 2010. We didn't know what an eclipse was but Michele explained it to us. At around 10pm we went outside to see the eclipse. It was too cold for us to be out there so Michele said that she would try and take pictures for us. They are a little hard to see but it really cool.


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