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Travelog for: Lumi

Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 8th June 2008

By: Eryah


Today we saw such a beautifull insect. Eva never saw such thing before here in the Netherlands, so she made a picture of it. Off course i wanna share it with you mommy.

Because of the sunlight his wings look gold. Eva searched on the internet and we found out that you call this a Libel in dutch.

Hugs Lumi

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 9th June 2008

By: Eryah


Every evening Eva read us a bedtime story.
I really wanna share this story with you because i'm a little bit flabbergasted they call this a story for children...

Egg drop


Egg was young.
He didn't know that much.
We try to tell him,
but he wouldn't listen.

If he only had whaited.


This is a story about the egg that wants to fly.


Egg loves to look to the blue sky.
There he saw the birds, baloons,
plains and insects,
helicopters, bats and clouds


Egg wants to fly with them.
He dreamt about ways to fly.


But egg was young.
He didn't know much about flying.
The only thing egg knew was that he had to go up.
On a hill there was a high tower.
Inside the tower there were 538 steps.


Egg climbed to the top.


Egg was in the clouds.
A bird fly near him.
Egg closed his eyes.
He took a deep breath,
and stepped into the space.


He heared the wind.
Egg opened his eyes.
He saw his friends in the sky.

'Woehoe,' he shouted.
'I'm flying!'


But egg wasn't flying.
He dropped.


It took a while to clean up the mess.
We tried to fix egg.
But it didn't worked.
Egg shelves doesn't heal.


Egg was young.
He wouldn't listen.
If he only just had whaited.


Luckely egg didn't get lost.

I hope you enjoyed the story just as much as i am.

Hugs Lumi

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 10th June 2008

By: Eryah


Today it was envelope time again!
We were again very curious about our new friends. It's always fun when new tv's arrive.

A black head popped out of the envelope. He was very excited about this adventure and he really wanna get out of the envelope.

Suddenly he began to talk to the envelope. We all looked to each other and thought he was a little bit crazy. Maybe because of the temprature in the envelope or something.
So it was a big shock to see a second head coming out of the envelope!

The black one his name is Nepomuk. The mouse his name is Dottie mouse. They both are very nice!

Big hugs Lumi

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 12th June 2008

By: Eryah


Because Eva isn't able to go outside at the moment we decided to show you information and sites about Alkmaar at another way. I hope you enjoy it!


This cheese market is open every Friday morning between 10 and 12 from the first Friday in April until the first Friday in September. Market activities are explained in Dutch, German, English and sometimes Japanese. There are four teams (vemen) of cheese-porters (kaasdragers), who can be recognised by their differently coloured straw hats: red, blue, green and yellow. Two porters bring cheese on stretchers to the weighing house (Waag) - a typical stretcher "weighs in" at about 160 kilograms. Merchants sample the cheeses and decide on a price using a barter system called handjeklap, literally clapping hands.


Ruin church in Bergen:
This picturesque ruin church in Bergen once was the biggest church in Noord-Holland. From the 16th century church there is only a ruin left now, because the Beggars started a fire here. Only the choir of the church was rebuilt, so from the original church you can now only see the ruins.
In the village Bergen in Noord-Holland there are many beautiful old houses situated around the old village church.

Big church
During building the largest medieval church in Alkmaar, the church was already called the big church, because of its size. The big church is not only the largest and highest church in Alkmaar, but also the church which trough the centuries, stood most and called the jewel of the city. Originally the church was dedicated to Saint Laurens. That’s why, for centuries, the church is called The Saint Laurenschurch.

The church was probably designed by architect Anthonius Keldermans (Belgium) (1440-1512)

Beside Anthonius Keldermans brother, also his son was involved in the disign of the church, in which 26 freestanding columns support the roof. The Saint Laurens church is a basilica,

The outside walls rest on a fundation which is just below the ground. Built in the Brabant’s gothic style, which is bigger and more massive in its form than the French gothic. The building is 35 meters high and has a cross length of 85x56 meters. The outside walls rest on a one meter broad foundation which is just below thethe ground, and gradually becomes broader to a depth of tree meters. The last resauration of in-and exterieur was accomplished in 1996.

The large saint Laurens church counts two, world famous organs: Van Covelens organ (also called choir organ) and it VanHagerbeer/Schnitger or large organ. The choir organ descends from 1511 and has been placed against the northern wall of the church. The last restoration of this old, still playable, organ in the Netherlands, was completed in the year 2000. In 1636 arose the idea for the construction of a large organ in the church. Several organ builders have worked on it, but in 1645 Jacobus Caltus van Hagerbeer completed the large organ. Jacob Van Campen devised the organ cupboard and in 1643  Caesar Van Everdingen got the task to paint the doors of the organ cupboard with the ‘triomfe van den Coninck Saul’. This painting belongs to his first large work. Above the organ the painter Romeyn de Hooghe painted in baroque striking, (‘de deugd, die de ondeugd verplettert’)" virtue crushing the vice". From 1723 up to 1725 the large organ was restored and extended by Frans Caspar Schnitger. In course of time there have been several restorations on this organ.


St. Joseph Church
This church was put in use in 1910. Designed by famous church builders and students of PJH Cuypers, the Margry brothers. The church is built in neo-gothic style, which shows by the way the towers are placed and by the arched roofs.

The church is placed beautifully and is in possession of wonderful stained glass windows. The statue of Christ has been placed in 1948, in memory of Alkmaar war-victims. Their names are placed on a memorial plaque on the churches wall.

Big hugs Lumi

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 14th June 2008

By: Eryah


Today it's allready my last day here in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. Eva is gonna bring me to the post office this afternoon. I had so much fun here with all the other tv's! I'm gonna miss them a lot!

Bye Summy

Bye Nepomuk

Bye Dottie

Bye Margarida

Bye Ambrosius

Bye Roberto

Bye Count

I'm now on my way to Neetje. She lives a few minutes away from Eva her house :)

I think i'm gonna have a lot of fun there!

Bigs hugs Lumi

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