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have coffee at a nice quaint cafe

see a full moon with stars across the sky in a different country

visit spain to see alhambra

meet with other toy voyagers(and other toys) and have photo taken together

go to japan to visit hello kitty world and ride in the hello kitty taxi

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Travelog for: Pipih

Brunei, Brunei Darussalam - 31st January 2008

By: Hilda

Hi i am Pipih who lives in Brunei. My owner told me i was found at her doorstep on a cloudy night when the moon was full. I was in a basket and a note was attached which said "Please take care of my baby...he doesn't take up too much space. As my last dream for my son i would like him to travel the world. xoxo monst...*cough*Mother"I will bring my journal with me because i do not know how to write properly. So update the travelog and my little book. Please send pictures of me to my owner/Momeey ^_^

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