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Show Matthew how to say "Hello" in five Earth languages.

See a soccer (football to the rest of you) game or some soccer-related sights.

See what your country/town is known for.

See 5 famous landmarks.

Travel to (and come home from) five different countries.

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Travelog for: Apollo

Vienna, West Virginia, USA - 7th February 2008

By: MissMelissa

You wouldn't believe it. I found another one. This one was lurking behind some picture frames. And what came from the shadows? Apollo! Like his spacecousins, he is to head out into the world to see and learn everything he can before he is given to Matthew, age 8, for Christmas. First he gave Maybe a hug and gave me the details...

Apollo let me know that he wants to travel overseas, see some human-made architecture and get out of the boring town he had the unfortunate luck to land in. Would you like to host him? PM me, and I'll fit you into his travel plans.

*Just a quick note, though. Keep him away from tools, scrap metal and and anything he can use to build a space ship. After he looked outside my house, he tried to escape!*

Travel Plans (so far...PM me if you wanna host!)

Lejow- The Netherlands(ARRIVED/SENT)
Boneyard Bears- Australia (ARRIVED 3.20.07!)
Steve & Helly- Scotland (in July)
becka_kate-Australia (in September)


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Poeldijk, The Netherlands - 20th February 2008

By: Lejow

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeellllo!! from a cold but cool Holland!
I arrived savely yesterday and Lejow can't wait to go do things with me.
Unfortunately she has to work today, so I just have to wait a littttle bit!
But wow, everything is so village-like here!!

You will here from me soon
Apollo and Leonie

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Poeldijk, The Netherlands - 20th February 2008

By: Lejow

Wow! I didn't aspect this! Lejow has taken me with her to her work! At a childcare day centre (or how they call it over here: a Kinderdagverblijf).

I immediatly met famous puppets. Here in the Netherlands you have 'de Fabeltjeskrant' on TV and in the theaters, it's something like the Muppets.
And the children like it very much!
So my first picca from Holland:
Me with Mister Pigeon, Misses Stork, Mister Crow and Mister Wolf!

Tonight were are going to Amsterdam, to see the famous Dutch comedian: Andre van Duin.
Only one thing.. It's in a very old, monumantal building.. so I don't know if i can make pictures over there.. (but I'll try :P)

Talk to ya soon!

Apollo and Leonie

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Poeldijk, The Netherlands - 20th February 2008

By: MissMelissa

Heavens, Apollo! It's nice to see you made it. You're missing quite the snow day over here.

<3Thanks a bunch Leonie!

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Poeldijk, The Netherlands - 22nd February 2008

By: Lejow

Blegh.. The only thing I see here is rain.. That is not fun!
But Lejow told me the sun would come and the temperature would get higher.. I will see :P

She took me to the Theater Carre in Amsterdam, wooww it's cool and beautiful over there. It's very old, and the chairs are build everywhere, even almost in the roof!

This is me at the frontdoor:
Do you see my ears?

And this is me inside:
When you take a good look you see all the people downstairs!

Yesterday Lejow let me sit at the table with diner. They were having peas, carrots and patatoes.. She also let me taste!
It's nice!

I'm looking forward to the next week, Lejow has a week off from work so she has all the time for me to go do some cool stuff!

Apollo and Lejow

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Poeldijk, The netherlands - 23rd February 2008

By: Lejow

Yesterday we had a typical fridaynight, I made a loooottt of friends and we laughed en talked a lot.
We even had time to pose for a photo
Do you see Scratch, in the rightcorner? He was a little bit afraid of me.. I think he never saw an alien before..
But he is ok now!

I also tried to talk Dutch.. Maannnn thats difficult
but after a lot of practice:

Finaaaally lejow has the week of, and I believe she told me we are going to the Zoo!

So talk to you soon!
Apollo and Lejow

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Poeldijk, The netherlands - 23rd February 2008

By: Lejow

Tonight it's Idols night!! and I am watching it! It's the semi finals, so verrrryy exciting!

I had a bad dream tonight, and Lejow let me sleep next to her boyfriend! Now I'm not scared anymore!

Talk to ya soon!

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Poeldijk, Netherlands - 24th February 2008

By: Lejow

And finally I had some time to watch  soccer on TV (nooo not watching a toyvoyager :P)
It was a match between Feyenoord (from Rotterdam) and Heereveen (from.. you can guess.. Heereveen!). Feyenoord is the favourite team of Lejows dad.. They didn't won, it became 3-3!



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Poeldijk, The netherlands - 25th February 2008

By: Lejow

Woeeeehieee Surprise time today!! Lejow took me to the beach!! It was such a nice weather!
I didn't get to close on the beach (The water looked a little bit scary!!!) but from a little distance I could see everything just perfect!




The Sunn!!
Am I getting tanned allready?

Well, talk to you soon!
I can't wait to do more fun stuff!
Tonight Lejow is going to make Jewelry (bracelets and necklaces) maybe I can help!!

Apollo and Lejow

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Poeldijk, Netherlands - 27th February 2008

By: Lejow

Yesterday I watched Lejow make some Jewerly and woow she has a lot!!
She also maked some earrings and a bracelet
I look pretty huh?

I also went outside on the balkony, Lejow lives on the 4th floor and she has a marvolous view!!
She can look al the way from Scheveningen to Kijkduin (the beach we went earlier).


Tomorrow we are going to the zoo!
Apollo and Lejow

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Rotterdam, Netherlands - 28th February 2008

By: Lejow

Wow I am so tired! We had such a very long, but SO cool day today!
We went to the zoo, eating at Mc Donalds, AND to the movies!
My feet can't make any step further!

The zoo was fun, I met a lot of exotic animals!
They even wanted to pose with me on a photo.
But first things first
Yesterday the 2 cats of Lejows boyfriend (where she had been staying for 2 days) wanted to go on a picture with me:

I'm not a bad guy, so tadaaa, here they are:


now then finally the zoo pictures:
IEHH a snake!!

Wow that bird has a BIG mouth!

Hmmm are they black with white marks, or white with black marks?


Hopperdiehop Kangaroo

The zoo we went to is the home of Bokito, you probably heard from him. He became worldnews when he escaped last year out of his cage, when he couldn't handle the appearance of one woman anymore. She came almost everyday to Blijdorp to see Bokito and thought he was smiling at her. In fact he was very angry, and that became clear when he escaped and attacked her.
I tried to make a picture of Bokito, but unfortunate he would sat still!
This is him!

The woman who got attacked found Blijdorp the responsible one, but the judges says that Blijdorp did everything to make it safe for human and animal, and that it was just an strange bizar accident!

The movies was nearby the Kuip, the stadion of Feyenoord (who where playing earlier this week, we watched on the television)
So ofcourse I have to took pictures with it:



The movie we went to was Step up 2, a great dance movie that just came out here!

Now I am going to sleep and dream about these cool day!
Tomorrow another long day, Lejow and her boyfriend are going to Limburg, for a short weekendholiday!
More fun and photos are coming

Apollo and Lejow

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Reuver, Netherlands - 3rd March 2008

By: Lejow

Hello again!
So after a long night of sleep (Lejow went out of bed at 7 o clock, she had to work again hihi) I am finally ready to update my log with pictures of the last weekend!

I had SO much fun at LandallGreenparcs. We went to Reuver, a little place in Limburg. There is a parc with a lot of little (and big also) houses for people to stay in for a weekend untill a fe weeks. In the middle there is a big centre with al kind of things to do. Eat, shop, swimming, bowling, drink, playing games and so on.
Offfffcourse I made pictures!

Enjoying the house from the couch
(with Emil the donkey from Germany, and Pien the Elephant (pien belongs to Lejow herself and is ready to go to India soon!)


The view again, but with a squirrel, Can you see him? We called him Alvin, after the movie. Later that day we saw another 2, wich we called Simon and Theodore :D

Having breakfast

Making tea for breakfast

After breakfast we went to the parcplaza / centre. It was very nice



Playing games

what we have won with al the games!

Later that day we went to the centre of Reuver, we saw a big church

When we got back home it was almost 8 o clock.. I took a quick shower

Becauusee... Saturday night is Idols night! Today it was the finale!
Verrryy exciting
Nikki won, lejow thought she was the best one, so thats ok!


Nikki the winner

Sunday it was time to go home allready, but we didn't want to.. so when Lejow and her boyfriend were packing the bags, we played hide and seek!

But onfortunately, we really had to go.
I waved to the park a last time, and after a 2 hours driving trip we were back home in Poeldijk again!

Hugs Lejow

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Poeldijk, The netherlands - 8th March 2008

By: Lejow

I'm a little sad.. this is my last update from the Netherlands..
I'm gonna miss it her sooo much!
But I have a cool thing to watch out for.. I"M GOING TO AUSTRAAALLLIAA!

In a few days it's gonna be spring, I made some new spring friends
A mother chicken and her babies!

Also there was ice skating on the TV. The Dutch girls won with plough persuit (is this the good word for it) ? They got the gold medal!!

And after a fun morning I finally found a save place in a warm envelope, let the journey to Australia begin!! Emil waved me off!

A last hug from the netherlands
Apollo and Lejow

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Sydney, Australia - 20th March 2008

By: Boneyard Bears

Greetings Earthlings!

Well, I have finally arrived at Daisy’s house after a very scary and exciting journey.

My arrival in Sydney Australia was not quite what I had anticipated.

When my envelope was opened, instead of being greeted by a smiling girl, I was greeted by a pack of barking and snarling dogs! I was terrified! Instead of my host Daisy, there were great big men in uniforms and a pack of scary dogs! I tried to tell them that I come in peace, but they wouldn't listen.

Where on earth had I landed?

I looked around for clues and finally saw a sign saying Australian Quarantine!

It seems the dogs thought that I had brought something suspicious in the package with me! I told them I was innocent, but they wouldn’t listen.

I was subjected to questioning and a thorough search which was very embarrassing, but eventually they decided that there was nothing illegal in my envelope.

I was very grateful when they put me back in the package and sealed me safely inside. Phew!

All the excitement had made me very tired, and I must have gone to sleep because the next thing I knew someone else was ripping open my envelope! I started to shake…then I peeped out and saw Daisy and the Boneyard Bears! I felt much better when I saw she was smiling at me. Daisy was very happy to see me and she gave me a big hug and a kiss.


It's good to be free!

Daisy introduced me to her bears. Despite looking a bit scary they are really friendly and nice and I feel right at home.


Here I am with the gang! They have made me feel right at home.

The oldest bear is named Lestat de Bearcourt.  He has very big teeth. Lestat is not an Earthling, he is what is called a vampire. He is very nice and he said he would take special care of me.


Me with my new friend Lestat

Daisy has even made me a special little bed, just like the ones the Boneyard Bears have.


Well it is getting late and I am very tired from travelling. I will write again very soon.



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Daisy D'eath's house, Australia - 23rd March 2008

By: Boneyard Bears


Happy Easter Earthlings!

When I woke up this morning I found a pile of chocolate eggs and even a chocolate rabbit! Yummy!!!!

This is a delighful Earthling custom.

I tried not to eat them all at once. But it was very hard to stop!

I was so full of chocolate that I didn't have the energy to do anything except watch some movies with Daisy and the bears.


Daisy and the Boneyard Bears love movies made by an Earthling named Tim Burton. Here I am watching one of his movies. It is called Batman.  Batman is an Earthing hero. I like his black suit. I wish I had one.

When Batman was over we watched Daisy's favourite movie - Interview with the Vampire. I expected the vampires to look like Lestat de Bearcourt, but they didn't.  I still enjoyed it though.

Daisy is a fan of a TV show called The Addams Family. She bought me a chair just like the one in the show. It is perfect for sitting in and watching movies.


Daisy has planned something called a party for me tomorrow night. She says it's when Earthlings all get together and have fun. That sounds pretty good to me!

I will write and let you know what its like.

Love Apollo

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