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Travelog for: Super Grover

Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 19th January 2008

By: sararingham

Hello! I'm Super Grover, not the normal Grover from Sesame Street I'm his twin that was born exactly 30 years later. Now that I'm going to be 10 years old this year I thought hey, it's time to see the world. I'd love to see Europe and see the world and see all the famous places that the real Grover has seen and I want to see them and show them to my new mom. She was nice enough to adopt me as I was the last left, I'm so happy she loves me!

I'm very small so I'm very easy to send at the most I'm 30 grams and I'm very thin and well, tiny... all I ask is you keep me safe where ever anyone takes me. I'm excited though. Here's a picture my mom took of me today...


As you can see I'm extremely excited to go on my trip, but my mom says it'll still be a bit of time as she needs to find people that will take me to show me the world... even then I think staying at home for a bit longer might be fun. We'll see how it goes! If you see me and you want to host me though, feel free to message my mom as she'd love to have hosts find her as well!

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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 22nd January 2008

By: sararingham

I got my first visit with another toyvoyager that hasn't lived with me before called Benni, mom says there are a few more coming. I'm pretty excited, she also told me that my first trip will be to Austria with chrissini and she'll be taking me to France as well. Then off to Scotland with Ocean_Soul13 so how exciting! I'm extremely anxious but I know I'm going to miss Leo Lion but I know he'll be safe traveling with mom and the other voyagers on their way to here... maybe I'll get to meet more... until then though, here's a picture of the three of us!


Aren't we just the cutest bunch? I'm so excited to see Europe, that's such a long way away, I just hope my hosts will show me around and post in my blog a lot for me since I can't do it myself... yet anyways. :-)

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Orange, New South Wales, Australia - 30th January 2008

By: sararingham

Okay! I'm really ready to go now, mom had to wait as she had a few things come up, but I'm really ready to go now! How exciting is that!


Aren't I the handsome one? Look at my awesome cape! I truly am Super Grover now! :-D :-D :-D


I had a wonderful goodbye party with Benni, Cronus and Leo Lion... it was such a fun week spending it with them but I'm ready to see the world! Hopefully I won't have too long of a journey!

Next stop... Austria!

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Wei▀kirchen, Austria - 7th February 2008

By: chrissini

hi mommy!!
i arrived in austria!!!!! the travel was a bit dark, but it was okay. my new host chrissi immediately released me from this not so comfortable envelope. so here am i!!
i'm so excited, i hope i will have a great time in austria.
now i'll take a little rest, the travel really made me tired.
i'll keep you updated... bye mom!!!! :)


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Wei▀kirchen, Austria - 8th February 2008

By: chrissini

dear mommy!
many greets from austria! it's so great here!
as you already know, we will travel to paris soon, so today we had a little get together with all the girls to discuss the most important things.
with some of the girls, i went to the city called wels (it's about 15 km away from wei▀kirchen) yesterday to have a cup of coffee. kati, a friend of chrissi, went there by bike and she allowed me to take a little ride on it. i love bicycles!! :)
then my host showed me around a bit in this little city, we saw the "ledererturm", a very important tower in wels, a church and a shop for austrian costumes.
so here you can see all the pictures: (and more pictures will follow)


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Wei▀kirchen, Austria - 10th February 2008

By: chrissini

hi mom!!!
how are you?
i had a wonderful weekend. yesterday i went to an irish pub and to the cinema. we watched "ps.:i love you". unfortunately i couldn't take any photos, because it is not allow to take a camera to the cinema. but the film was really great, you should watch it, too! ;)
today was a quiet day. we did nothing special.
here is a picture of me sitting on the front passenger's seat in my host's car:

as i do not like to only be the co-driver, i decided to make a driving licence. chrissi showed me her driving school and registered me for a course.
so this is how an austrian drivin school looks like. the sign says "driving school".
i'm very excited to have driving lessons and of course i'm afraid i won't pass the test!!! but my host says she thinks i'll be a good driver ;)

see you soon,
super grover

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Wei▀kirchen, Austria - 10th February 2008

By: chrissini

hi! it is me again =)
my host┤s family lives in a elemantary school (same building, but not exactly IN the school), so chrissi showed me a class room.
this school is for kids from 6 to 10.

and this is me studying a map of austria:
have a nice day!
super grover

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Wei▀kirchen, Austria - 12th February 2008

By: chrissini

today i went with my host chrissi and her best friend raphi to a greek restaurant!
as you can see, the restaurant is called "akropolis".

here i am eating some baklava:

i hope you can see it, the light in the restaurant wos a bit dim.

and here i am with raphi:

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Wei▀kirchen, Austria - 15th February 2008

By: chrissini

dear mom!
here are some more photos of wels, where i have been a few times the last days.

this is the garden of the castle of wels. in summer, the garden is very beautiful and many people like to be there. now that the weather is not so fine, there are no flowers planted. the building which you can see on the photo is the castle of wels. the building is now used as a museum.

this is the house of hans hoffmann, who was the director of the castle:
it's also called "house of the salome alt", because the famous salome alt lived there from 1611 to her death in 1633.

and last but not least this is the "welser metzen" (strumpet of wels):
it's just a copy of the original strumpet, because the original is in the museum of the castle. it is a degree for crop and the capacity is 75 liter.

super grover

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Wei▀kirchen, Austria - 16th February 2008

By: chrissini

so...all our things are packed and we are ready for an adventure :)
in about 2 hours we will drive to vienna with the girls to catch our plane to pariiiis... *happy*
have a good time!!
super grover

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Vienna, Austria - 16th February 2008

By: chrissini

well.... so this is me waiting very excited to go on board of our boing 737 (what a little plane!!!)
i gotta go now to the passcontrol... i'll update you when i'm in paris!! ;)

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Paris, France - 17th February 2008

By: chrissini

dear mom!!
france is so cool! i love it here.
the flight was really okay. quick and comfortable. the way from the airport to our hotel was a bit long, but anyway, we did it.
today we got up very early to see as many sights as possible from paris. we bought a ticket for a hop on hop off bus and it was a very good investment. in the bus, we received ear phones to listen to the history of paris. that was so interesting!!

our first stop was notre damme. what a huge church!!!
pity taking photos inside the church wasn't allowed, it was amazing.

the next stop was the best thing about paris. my first life mission. me and the EIFFEL TOWER!!! :)
here i am on the second platform:
and that's not all.
i also went to the very top of the eiffel tower!! the view was gorgeous!
luckily, the weather was fine, so we could see very far.
back on the ground, some of the girls wanted to take a photo with me.
so let me introduce you to kati, caro and dani (from left to right). all three are very good friends of chrissi and i had a good time with them.

well...i guess that's enough for today. we will go back to our hotel to take a little rest and explore more of paris yesterday.
good night!!

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Paris, France - 18th February 2008

By: chrissini

another exciting day was today.
we took a stroll to sacre coeur. our hotel is about 5 minutes away from it. it was so impressive.

after going shopping a bit, we desided to visit moulin rouge ;)

tomorrow we'll inspect the louvre museum before we have to leave :(

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Wei▀kirchen, Austria - 20th February 2008

By: chrissini

hey mommy!
we are back home!!!
our trip to paris was so fantastic. thank you that you send me to chrissi to go with her to paris.
our camera broke down today, but chrissi's friend took a photo of me in front of the mona lisa in the louvre.
maybe with much phantasy you can identify the painting, the light was not good and the photo is not very good.

i'm so tired and i'll go to bed now to catch up some sleep.
talk to you soon,
super grover

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Wei▀kirchen, Austria - 24th February 2008

By: chrissini

hey mommy!
i had to clean up one more thing in austria:
i took the driving licence exam and i passed it!!!!!!!
i'm so happy. don't i look so cute on the photo of my driving license?? ;)
chrissi let me drive around with her car:
it's an international driving licence, so i can drive wherever i want to :)

unfortunately, today was my last day here in austria at chrissi's. but i'm very much looking forward to the adventures with my next host...i'm going to france =)
everything is ready and i'll leave tomorrow morning.

sch÷ne grŘ▀e (many greetings) from austria!!
yours, super grover

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