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Travelog for: Sully Monster

Glen Lyon, PA, USA - 8th September 2008

By: samsmith621

Hooray, I have arrived safe & sound in Glen Lyon, Pennsylvania... I can't wait to see what I get to do here! :D

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Glen Lyon, PA, USA - 8th September 2008

By: samsmith621

Tonight I relaxed with my host, Sam. We watched WWE Raw on TV... I think it's silly.

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Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA - 9th September 2008

By: samsmith621

Today I went to work with Sam, she works at a newspaper. She let me see the giant rolls of paper they use when they print the newspaper!

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Glen Lyon, PA, USA - 12th September 2008

By: samsmith621

Today, Sam, my host had some friends over to play Rockband... she let me try the guitar, but I think it's a tad too big for me.  B)

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Elysburg, PA, USA - 13th September 2008

By: samsmith621

Today Sam and her friends took me to Knoebels Amusement Park!

We ate lunch at a pavilion that has foods from all over the world!
Here I am with the Corn mascot for the pavilion! (on his shoulder!)

There was also a Coal Mining Museum...
Here I am with a giant piece of coal!

Oh and here I am with a DINOSAUR!! (I'm on his foot!)

Here is an old train outside the museum that children can play on!
Do you see me?

And finally, here is me in front of the Bald Eagle exhibit. The eagles have hurt wings and are unable to fly  :(

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Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA - 17th September 2008

By: samsmith621

Today I went with Sam to pick up her younger brother... we went to KFC to eat lunch. The sweet corn was delicious!

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Kirby Park, Kingston, PA, USA - 18th September 2008

By: samsmith621

Today we woke up early and went to Kirby Park in Kingston because Sam said there was something really neat that was going to take place, but no one knew exactly what it was.
Nintendo had made a press conference saying that in 4 places in the whole USA that you would see a character that hasn't been seen in a long time...
Well... it was Kirby!!!
They were neat floating Kirby's made of bubbles filled with helium... I have never seen anything like it... but we only stayed for a little while because Sam had to go to work...

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Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA - 22nd September 2008

By: samsmith621

Sam had to go to work later than usual today. She got the mail before she went... there was a package and I couldn't wait to see what it was... She opened it at work and out popped another TV! Horny Haggis! I am excited to have a friend to accompany me on the upcoming trip to Buffalo, New York!

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Buffalo, NY, USA - 27th September 2008

By: samsmith621

We arrived in Buffalo late on Friday night, we actually almost didn't get to come because Sam's cousin, Luke who we came to visit was very sick... so we didn't get to go to the zoo like we hoped to, it was to chilly outside for Luke to be walking around... although today we visited one of his favorite places! The Buffalo Hobby Shop!
Here is me with Horny Haggis by a Caboose from a real train!
See us on the hand railing!
And sitting by the tracks!
Here I am on Thomas the Tank Engine. He is one of Luke's favorite characters!
And her are Haggis and I looking at the big train display!

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Between Glen Lyon, PA and Ontario, In Transit - 1st October 2008

By: samsmith621

Sam said today that I will be heading to my next host in Canada! So I said goodbye to Horny Haggis and hopped in my envelope to begin my journey! I can't wait to see what I get to do when I get there!

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Kingston, Canada - 11th October 2008

By: aliyaNmama

:stare:Man oh man, my new hosts finally checked their mail box.  And there I was, waiting patiently between the Popular Mechanics and the Prevention magazines.  At least I had some reading material in there!

They apologized to me, as evidently their post box is far from the house right now...they have a house that was built just last year, BUT, good news for the next TV they host, their new post box has been installed and they will be able to pick mail up more frequently.

Soooo...since they had to pick me up in a car, I got to accompany them all over the city today while they ran errands.  No camera, but I got to see the first of many sights in my new town, Kingston.  The new people call the kid with them "Jones", and so Jones held onto me in the back seat and showed me Lake Ontario, Queen's University, dowtown, the Royal Military College, the Canadian Forces Base, and a bunch of shops and ice cream stores and stuff.

They promised I would go back out and visit some of these places in more detail during my stay here.

Tomorrow is a very exciting day...Jones has a best friend, her best friend in the whole entire world, she told me, and that kid is coming from Quebec to visit for the first time.  Jones and her mom used to live in Quebec, they moved to Kingston one year ago.  So while Jones' BFF is here, we'll be doing some exciting things for Canadian Thanksgiving!  Woo hoo!  FOOD and FUN...ahhh, I like this new place.

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Kingston ON, Canada - 11th October 2008

By: aliyaNmama

So they've taken out the camera and are bringing me wherever they go!  My hosts are the Big Lady and the Big Man, their daughter Jones, and 3 fur-people named Chloe, Magic and Curly.  Jones has a LOT of dollies and stuffies, many of them are Webkinz.  Here are some of the Webkinz saying hello to me as I came out of the envelope:


After a relaxing afternoon at home, they decided to take me out for supper.  We picked up pizza from one of the most popular pizza places in Ontario and had a picnic outside at the park since it's a beautiful autumn day.  One thing I noticed about Canada that's different from Australia and the USA...all of the packages have LOTS of writing on them.  Jones explained to me that it's because in Canada, the country is officially bilingual, so everything is written in English and FRENCH.  Look at the Iced Tea, it's called "Thé Glacé"...still tastes the same though.


Pizza was good too!


Afterwards Jones took me to play at the park.  We were at the park on the CFB (Canadian Forces Base) because it's the best park in this part of town  :p

First I went on the swings...


Then we climbed the mountain to the slide...


Jones helped me get all the way to the top.  Her mom took pictures...


Here I am coming down the slide...


And on the zipline, my favourite!


Afterwards we took a short drive down the hill to Fort Henry...aka FORT FRIGHT at this time of year.  It's the biggest HAUNTED HOUSE around!  It's so scary, that kids who are Jones' age aren't allowed in.  She says you have to be at least 14 to go in...so that's pretty scary!!!  Since Jones isn't allowed in, we could only go so far as the sign.  I guess I might be a bit too scared too, so I will go into the local haunted houses on Halloween night,  but I'm pretty close to meeting one of my life goals!  Can you see me next to the BIG sign?


The Big Lady insisted I take pictures with the election posters.  There's a federal election here in Canada on Tuesday October 14th, after that the signs comes down.  Right now the Canadians have a Conservative Prime Minister...the local candidate is this guy


Another main political party is the New Democrats, or the NDP...they're "left", whatever that means.


Then there's the current local Member of Parliament, who also happens to be Canada's Speaker of the House of Commons:


The Big Lady is kinda partial to a smaller political party called the Green Party.  They don't waste money and resources on road signs.  So I don't have a picture with their sign.

Fort Henry (aka FORT FRIGHT) is right beside the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) .  We took a short walk over there.  Can you see me in the picture?  All I am saying...is give peace a chance....


You can see the clock tower of RMC in the back of this shot...


YAWN!  I'm just winding down now and settling into my new routine.  Jones made me a little bed to sleep in, so I'll be very comfy while I'm here  :)

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Kingston, ON, Canada - 12th October 2008

By: aliyaNmama

Whoa, what a blur today was!  We started the day with a family meal prepared by the Big Man...he does a lot of the cooking around here, so I hear.  He made me a special pancake.


Then we waited for guests to arrive.  Psst...mom...these people speak another language  :o  Tout la journée était passé en français!...I spoke French all day!  Here's the scoop...Jones has her BFF, named "Rosa".  Rosa and her family came from Québec to visit for Thanksgiving, because Jones and Rosa are most thankful for each other.  They're 8 years old and have been friends since they were 5...and they miss each other sooooooo much since Jones moved to Ontario last year.  So this was Rosa's first visit to Ontario to see Jones!  And while Jones speaks English and French, Rosa only speaks French, so in order to be nice to her visitors, we had to switch languages.  Thankfully I'm a fast learner.

On special occasions, Jones takes her friends and visitors to one special place.  It's called Chuck E Cheese.  I think we have them in Australia too, and I know I saw some in the USA.  Anyway, Chuck E Cheese is totally for the kids, says the Big Lady.  Not her first choice for Thanksgiving but, hey...the kids has fun!  Me too!

Here I am enjoying some food (pizza again)


Then I rode some rides and played some games


After the games, I got to take my tickets to the toy store and buy stuff!


Later on at home, we had a Thanksgiving meal.  It consisted of Turkey, stuffing and grilled vegetables done on the barbeque.  It's been really nice out lately, says the Big Lady, so they're using the barbeque as much as possible.

Uhm...problem, we forgot the camera in the car though, and since everyone was settled into their meal and eating when Jones realized we hadn't taken pictures of me and the food...the Big Lady made an "executive decision" to skip pictures of the Thanksgiving Meal.

Here I am saying goodbye to my new friend Rosa (in the pink shirt...she jumped on me and Jones!).  She and her family had to drive back to Quebec tonight because they had other family to see tomorrow.  Thanksgiving is a 2-day thing in Canada if you want it to be, everyone has the day off of work tomorrow.


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Kingston, ON, Canada - 15th October 2008

By: aliyaNmama

Long time no write.  I think it's because, as the big lady says, this family is "crazy busy" during the week.  During the day I pretty much sit at home with the other dollies, visiting and such, while the people go about their days at work and school.  I can't reach the computer to boot it up either, so I have to wait until the big lady is able to start it up for me in order for me to update the blog.

So, what do we do during the day?

Jones is taking piano lessons, she's teaching me how to play "Frère Jacques" this week


I hang out with her newest Webkinz a lot, his name is Teri Teri, he's a Minikinz Blue Jay.  We like to play Frisbee

http://i447.photobucket.com/albums/qq196/jonesjones10/Sully038sm.jpg http://i447.photobucket.com/albums/qq196/jonesjones10/Sully040sm.jpg

Jones also made sure I got my own pumpkin for Halloween.  Here I am standing on it!


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Kingston, ON, Canada - 17th October 2008

By: aliyaNmama

Jones takes good care of me, always makes sure I have a good breakfast before she leaves for school.  Well, she lets me share with her anyway.  Today we had peanut butter on toast.

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