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Travelog for: wolletje

The Hague, the Netherlands - 27th December 2007

By: panienka


Right now I am still at home, waiting for my journeys!
My owner told my sister at home that I am going to be away for a veeeeeeery long time! And I'm looking forward to it!

I weigh 41 grams (i was put on the kitchen scale) so in my country, I can be sent in an envelope. And I am a little over 10cm long. I travel with my notebook and I hope you will fill it completly!

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Greven, Germany - 31st December 2007

By: Mizzery

Hi mommy!

How are you? I'm really fine. Today I arrived savely in Greven and already now we are having fun! And guess what? I am invited to a new years eve party!!!!
I'm sure I can take a lot of pictures!

So don't worry mom my first flight was good and I am really happy to see a bit more of the world now!

Take care and greetings to Wollie and Clarabella cow!

Your little


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Settrup, Germany - 1st January 2008

By: Mizzery

Hi mum!

New Years Eve was really cool! Ok, already at 10 pm I was very tired...


... but then we (my host Martina, her boyfriend and a good friend of them) went outside to a little house near a small lake. I was a bit scared because of the darkness...


We made a campfire!


It was very cosy in front of the campfire but Martina says I look a bit scary on this picture....


Unfortunately it was very foggy so we weren't able to see the fireworks of the neighborhood at the lake... but nevertheless we had a lot of fun!

First thing next morning I needed a cup of coffee... I was sooooo tired!


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Püsselbüren, Germany - 3rd January 2008

By: Mizzery

Thursday we spend some time with Martinas parents-in-law.

And guess what? I've met a few sheeps!! Määääh!!!


And look! Thats a big candle! (Or I am just to small...)


I was still in the mood to party! ;)


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Greven, Germany - 5th January 2008

By: Mizzery

Today we played a little hide and seek!

I think my place to hide was the best of all!
Martina needed nearly half an hour to find me!!!! Hihihihi!


Can you find me mommy?


We played a few games and afterwards I was veeeery tired!
So I spend the rest of the evening reading a good book about Vikings.


Ok mommy, I have to go now, the evening meal is waiting! *yummy*

Take care and greetings to all!


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Münster, Germany - 12th January 2008

By: Mizzery

Hello Mommy!

The last week was fun! I went to work and to school with my host every day! Unfortunately I'm not allowed to take photos there but on Saturday we made a trip through the city of Münster.

We went by train and that's funny.


We saw a lot of churchs.....


... and my host said, thats so special about Münster...


...the people say, in Münster either the church bells are ringing or its raining!


They also have a lot of art sculptures here...

Yeah, finally someone my size!!!!


Ok, this one is a bit taler than me....


The girl next to me is trying to look taler than me but she's cheating!!!


Even if its already in the evening these people are still working....


Afterwards we visited the town library....I think this building doen't look like it...


The shopping area is pretty cool... a lot of veeeery old buildings.


Old buildings where ever you look... and again in the backround: a church...


I already praised the architecture... but here, I think some think is missing....for example: windows, a back wall....


As my host wasn't able to show me the entire city, I explored the rest on my own!


The next time, mommy, I'll show you some of my new friends I found here in Germany!! I'm sure you'll like them!

Take care!



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Ibbenbüren, Germany - 29th January 2008

By: Mizzery

Hello mommy!

Here my last update from Germany!

As already said, I want to introduce my new friends to you!!!


This is Svään a really nice sheep boy!! He told me that german sheeps say: Määähh

And these two are Kitt and Elli, say look a little boney and creepy but they are very nice!


Today we went to my hosts parents-in-law to have a nice evening meal together. I really like to go somewhere by car!


And the food was very good, too.



And now I am ready and prepared to make my way to Scottland! I'm already very curious to meet my new host!

I miss you mommy! Take care and greetings to all the others!


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Cupar, Fife, Scotland - 11th February 2008

By: Ocean_Soul13

Hi mum! I arrived safely in Scotland this morning, and was let out of my dark envelope ten minutes ago, when my host got back from university! It's very dark and foggy here already, and my host is at university until Thursday, so she has promised she will take me out on Friday, for a nature walk with Theodor and alfie langer who are staying here already!

Hopefully she will have batteries in her camera by then...her little brother keeps stealing them for his remote controlled toy cars!

Anyway we just got called through for our evening meal so I will try and update later!

Miss you lots mum! Kisses!  :)

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Cupar, Fife, Scotland - 22nd February 2008

By: Ocean_Soul13

Hi mum! I have to apologise for not updating my travel log sooner, there has been so much to do around here! I made friends with the cat that lives here - she kept me warm during our afternoon naps, although she seemed to do nothing but nap so...

The weather has been very very bad here recently, with a lot of strong winds and heavy rain. I nearly got blown away when I accompanied Becca to university in Edinburgh the other day, because a huge gust of wind almost blew her bag out of her hand! It was a scary experience! I hope the weather gets better soon, I'm going to stay indoors until it does, I think!

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Cupar, Fife, Scotland - 1st March 2008

By: Ocean_Soul13

Hello! It seems that since it is March already I will be going on to my next host soon! Time has flown by being in Scotland, and I really have enjoyed it!

This weekend, my host has time off work, so after a nice long lie this morning, we woke up to find that it was a very nice day outside!


But before we could go out and play, we had lots of housework to do! We helped as much as we could, although we were a bit small for most tasks!


On our way outside, we found some really nice pink stones, which our host told us were brought back from South Africa on a family holiday many years ago! They were so pretty!


We found some pretty spring crocuses growing in the garden - although with all the leaves being blown about it was difficult to get a good picture! It looks like a candle holder has been blown over by the wind and broken too!


We found a tree to climb, and I nearly beat Theodor to the top!


Then Alfie spotted a football and suggested we played a game...but the only problem was, we couldn't decide which one to use!


We were all tired out after so much excercise, so we sat in the sun and had a nice cool drink.


Hopefully we will have a few more nice days before I go on to my next host!


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Rome, NY, USA - 14th March 2008

By: Michele_one_L

Hi Mom! I arrived safely in New York this morning. It was a long bumpy ride so I'm happy to finally be on land. I'll update again later. I need to rest and explore this place.


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Rome, NY , USA - 14th March 2008

By: Michele_one_L

I arrived in New York this morning and was surprised to see 4 TV's awaiting me! My new host helped me out of my envelope, I was thankful to be out of there. Waiting to greet me was; Angus, Hazle, JamaBanaDukLuv and Honey Bear. We sat and talked for awhile but I was really tired and wanted to take a nap.


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Heading East, USA - 15th March 2008

By: Michele_one_L

Today we all got up early because we were going to spend the day with Michele's sister Jessica. She lives 1.5 hours East of Rome in Schenectady, NY. We were tired so we cuddled together in Michele's back and slept on the way there.


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Schenectady, NY, USA - 15th March 2008

By: Michele_one_L

We arrived at Jessica's house at about 10am. She was happy to see everyone. We dropped off Michele's dog Riley and went shopping!

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Colonie, NY, USA - 15th March 2008

By: Michele_one_L

Our first stop was to Krause's Candy Shop! It smelled so good in the shop, it was almost like a dream. It was very busy as Easter is coming, so we didn't get out of Michele's bag. Which is probably a good thing. We helped Michele pick out some chocolate bunnies for her brother and step father. Of course we didn't leave there empty handed.  :p


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