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meet other squirrels

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walk on many beaches

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Travelog for: Resi

Wels, Austria - 14th December 2007

By: steffi*

I'm Resi, a squirrel from Austria! Normally i'm staying in Graz, but my mum is currently at home in Upper Austria. She is a student (20 years old) and is now staying at home, because there are winter holidays for students right now.
I'm very exicted going on my trip around the world!! my mum will post pictures from where i live now, before she is sending me off next week!
greetings from upper austria so far!

My Itinerary:
PLEASE don't forget to enter the latitude and longitude, so that i have a great map :))

PS: If you want to send souveniers, please send it directly to Steffi, because otherwise I'll be to heavy and my back starts to hurt :)

THANK YOU very much! you've been great hosts!!

* Carlissa - Florida: departed
* Shana10214 - Florida, USA: departed
* wmphimu - Washington DC, USA:  departed
* rothko - Texas, USA: departed
* Michele_one_L - Rome, NY, USA. departed
* Charda - The Netherlands departed
* sararingham - Australia departed
* JaymeC - Japan departed

Currently staying with:

ellienpaul09 - Manchester, England

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at home, Wels, Austria - 15th December 2007

By: steffi*

i promised some more pictures of myself in here. so here they are! i also love my new neclace, with the pretty flowers on it!

I really really like the christmas preparations here. i'm allowed to help steffi to find the right number everyday and have yummy chocolate.



it's also snowing outside, but it's too dark and cold now to go outside. i hope that the snow won't be gone by tomorrow!!!

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Wels, Austria - 16th December 2007

By: steffi*

finally i'm leaving for florida tomorrow.

so i had to say good bye to the cats (they actually are not as big as they look on the pictures :) )

and guess what?? there really was still a bit of snow outside!

but nevertheless, i'm very looking foward to seeing warm and sunny florida!

take care my little resi!!

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Wels, Austria - 17th December 2007

By: steffi*

I've just returned from the post office. resi is now on her way to florida. it might take her like 15 days or so. i hope she arrives safely at carlissa's house!!

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boat/plane/train/etc., somewhere - 9th January 2008

By: steffi*

Resi has not arrived in Florida yet. i really hope she didn't get lost.  :( actually i think, that it's the post services' fault, because they slowed down everything during christmas  :cyclops:

so carlissa: pleeeeeeease let us know immidediately when Resi arrives in Florida, so i don't have to worry anymore!!

Many greetings,

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Miami, Florida, USA - 15th January 2008

By: carlissa

I have arrived in Miami!    I sure am glad to be out of my traveling bag!  It was so dark in there and I was scared I would never make it to Miami!  But I am here now, so don't worry!

I was greeted by Prince Charming, Picado, and Mittens.  Prince Charming lives here and Picado and Mittens are visiting.

I was hungry after such a long journey, so I found the nearest oak tree to look for acorns, but since it's winter, there weren't any on the tree.

My host said she had some nuts she would share with me:

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Miami Metro Zoo, USA - 18th January 2008

By: carlissa

I went to Miami Metro Zoo today with Picado and Mittens.  We saw lots of animals and had lots of fun!

Here I am with the rhino:

I read all about the komodo dragons:

A hippo tried to eat us!

And we played with the elephants:

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Miami, Florida, USA - 26th January 2008

By: carlissa

My host took us to see Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden this morning!

Here I am with some pretty flowers:


I saw a colorful tree stump:

I wanted to pick some papaya, but they weren't ripe yet:

And I read a sign about water lilies:

All the walking around and the fresh air made me hungry, so I joined Tiger The Best and Frankenstein for lunch.    I had a turkey sandwich on a coissant.  I didn't like the turkey, so I gave it to Tiger and Frankenstein.  The lettuce, tomato, fruit sauce, and coissant was good, though!

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Miami, Florida, USA - 28th January 2008

By: carlissa

This morning I played with some of the animals (besides my host) that live here.  My camera was a little wonky, but I did manage to get a few pictures.

Here's Rambo, he's a German Shepherd:

Here I am with Salem, the witch cat.  Her eyes don't usually glow, but she must be possessed today!

After playing with Rambo and Salem, I took a nap with Kit Kat.

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Miami, Florida, USA - 28th January 2008

By: carlissa

It's Ladies Night at The Melting Pot on Monday night, so a bunch of us went there for a delicious fondue dinner.  We had the Wisconsin Trio Cheese Fondue and the Mediterranian Cheese fondue for dinner and the Cookies n Cream
Marshmallow Dream and the Dark Chocolate Raspberry fondues for dessert.  What a treat!

Here we are waiting for dinner to arrive.  Mittens, Tiger The Best, Frankenstein, and Smith are with me.

Here I am with Mittens in front of the chocolate fondue pot:

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Matheson Hammock, USA - 6th February 2008

By: carlissa

Today my host took me to the park at Matheson Hammock!  The park is enormous - 351 acres!

Here's the sign at the entrance of the park:


The oak trees in the park are beautiful!

I saw a squirrel!  Can you find it?


I thought a hammock was what people in Miami hung from trees to lie on, but I found out that it can also be forested land surrounded by marshes:

I saw some pretty birds:

I went for a walk on some of the nature trails!  Here's a little house at the beginning of the nature trails:

Here's the beginning of the trail:

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Miami, Florida, USA - 6th February 2008

By: carlissa

After we went to the park, my host had to pick up her bicycle from the shop.  When we got it home, I went for a ride on it!

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Matheson Hammock Beach, USA - 8th February 2008

By: carlissa

We didn't have time to see the beach when we went to Matheson on Wednesday, so we took the bicycle to the park and rode down to the beach.

Here's the bike path:

Here I am at the beach:

The view of downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay:

There are lots of big boats in the marina:

The marina office:

I saw a sailboat in the bay:

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Leaving Miami, USA - 9th February 2008

By: carlissa

I've had a nice time in Miami, but it's time to travel onward!  I am on my way to visit Shana10214!

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Tampa, Florida, USA - 11th February 2008

By: shana10214

Resi has safely arrived in Tampa. Resi was so happy to be out of that envelope, even though it was a short trip here. She was greeted by Chloe(my hosts dog), my host Andrea, my host's mom, and 2 other family members.

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