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Travelog for: LittleTeddy

Bruchsal, Germany - 6th January 2008

By: fam-united

6th January is Epiphany or Three Kings Day - that's what my hosts say, of course in German. Their children walk with the starsingers on two days around this day and this year it was the 5th and 6th January, that they walked.
At first they dress as the three kings and the star carrier and some little followers, who carry the bags. The children collect money for poor children all over the world and they receive a lot of sweets too. The adults prepare lunch for them and bring something to drink and eat to them, while they are walking from house to house. They also empty the bag, because these are getting really heavy. I saw some and have been very astonished, especially when we came back to the parish hall and I saw all these full bags, that the kids received at the end of the two days.
All toyvoyagers had been allowed to be with the children, while they sorted out their sweets in the livingroom. They all had a lot of fun. I believe, that this amount of sweets will last until next Christmas - like every year as my host said.

Januar 334.1.jpg
Januar 337.1.jpg
Januar 339.1.jpg
Januar 347.1.jpg
Januar 348.1.jpg
Januar 351.1.jpg
Januar 352.1.jpg

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Bruchsal, Germany - 9th January 2008

By: fam-united

It rang at the door! What's going on? We heard, that a new toyvoyager will come to us soon. It this the new one???
We had to sit on the table in the livingroom until our host  fetched us and showed us a little package. We helped to unwrap it and do you know, who came out of it? It was Hoppity from the USA! Hoppity is a very cute bunny and we all fell in love with her at once.


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Bruchsal, Germany - 10th January 2008

By: fam-united

Today Hoppity felt much better and so our host decided to walk to the baroque church St.Peter, which is next to the cemetery of Bruchsal.
You have a nice view from there.


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Bruchsal, Germany - 10th January 2008

By: fam-united

After we left the cemetery, we walked to the backside of the house Sancta Maria, which was led by Sisters of the order of Franciscans. It is a catholic school for child care workers.


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Letzenberg/Malsch, Germany - 13th January 2008

By: fam-united

Today Petra wanted to walk somewhere and Ralf drove to the Letzenberg, where is a nice chapel.
The Letzenberg is a place of pilgrimage since 1296 A.D. It is told, that already then there stood a chapel. 1722 A.D. prince-bishop Damian Hugo Philipp, Graf (Count) of Schönborn collected for a chapel, but without success.
In the year 1903 A.D. the chapel was built and consecrated.

When we were there, we had some wonderful views over Malsch and the vineyards, too.
On our way home we watched a wonderful sunset.


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Bruchsal, Germany - 13th January 2008

By: fam-united

At home again we showed the Christmas tree and crib to our new guests. Our hosts told us, that sometimes they have the Christmas tree up until 2nd February.
The Feast of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple (also known as Candlemas or Feast of the Purification of the Virgin) celebrates an early episode in the life of Jesus. In the Roman Catholic Church, the Presentation is a feast celebrated on 2 February and is the fourth Joyful Mystery of the Rosary.


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Bruchsal, Germany - 14th January 2008

By: fam-united

Today it is time for me to travel on to my next host. After a long time of thinking about my travel plans, I finally decided to go to the USA. So it was time to say goodbye to my friends Tenderheart Bear, Nicki Bear, Sylphide, Yuri Gagarin and Hoppity. Nicki Bear left her family too and also travels to the USA, but to another place.


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Hancock, MI, USA - 25th January 2008

By: masucci

Hi Mom!

I made it to the USA today - my new host Melissa was very excited to greet me:


It's very cold here, Melissa says the temperatures have been in the single digits or below zero degrees Fahrenheit for over a week now.  It sure looks pretty outside, but boy is it deceiving:


Melissa lives in a small, old town, most of the buildings are older and the people of the town like to keep up that image when 'new' buildings come in.

I was greeted by a lot of furry friends at Melissa's apartment.  I got to meet Stitch!  He's Melissa's buddy, and guards the TV and DVD player in the living room:


And her apartment-mate, Bill, loves Penguins.  I got to meet them all for a while:


Now, it's time for a nap.  Melissa works midnight shift at her job, and so she needs to sleep before work tonight.  She's taking me around town to see the sights tomorrow!

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Hancock, MI, USA - 29th January 2008

By: masucci

Melissa had big plans for the last couple days.  Sight-seeing, checking out the snow statues, being out in the wintery weather.

But, mom, it's been doing nothing but rain!  Today it's freezing rain!  So we've been stuck inside for a couple days now... it's just too icky out to drive around.


This is me outside of the Fine Arts building at Melissa's university - on a brief moment when it wasn't raining.  There's a big theatre inside that building and there are performances there every weekend.

I'll show you more buildings as soon as the weather improves.  They sure are big!

Today, since it's rainy out, we're helping Melissa do her laundry:


Not too exciting, but there's promise of going out later and visiting people!

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Hancock, MI, USA - 31st January 2008

By: masucci

We got a new visitor today!

This little alien is Weasley.  He sure is a very interesting sort - those aliens sure do weird things.  Him and Stitch have bonded right away though, and me and Teddy warmed up to him pretty fast.


Today we're going to have a tea party with Melissa's friend Alyse!  I can't wait!

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Hancock, MI, USA - 31st January 2008

By: masucci

There is this small little tea room in Houghton (Hancock's "sister town") that Melissa goes to at least once a week and writes postcards and letters.  Everyone there knows her, knows what she orders, and they're all very nice.


You can order an endless pot of tea, soup and sandwiches, cookies, and cake.  There are also lots of older/silly hats to wear while you're there.  Look at us!




We had a lot of fun and it was nice to have something warm to drink to get rid of the chills.  The weather has been -way- below zero for several days now.  Brr!

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Hancock, MI, USA - 2nd February 2008

By: masucci

Just a small update to show you the town Melissa lives in.


It's a small, homey little town, and there's lots of snow.  There has been snowfall of over 170 inches since the beginning of the winter.


This is the Portage Lake Lift Bridge.  It's pretty famous - there aren't too many bridges that open the way this one does.  It gets featured on a lot of videos about bridge designing.  Melissa says we'll get a better photo of it later this week.

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Hancock, MI, USA - 7th February 2008

By: masucci

We got another new visitor today!  Just in time to go see the snow statues this afternoon.

That's me, Weasley, Sully Monster, and our new friend Winnie the Pooh!

We're all getting ready to go look at the big ice and snow statues.  The deadline to be done was this morning at 8am, so we're all excited!

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Hancock, MI, USA - 7th February 2008

By: masucci


The snow statues we went to go see are part of the larger celebration at Michigan Technological University called "Winter Carnival".  This is the history about it, from the Winter Carnival website:

Michigan Tech often registers more than 200 inches of snow in a season. Not content to let this abundant natural resource go to waste, students band together in an annual celebration of our beautiful, tough, exhilarating, and character-building climate.

Winter Carnival began in 1922, with a one-day Ice Carnival. It was so popular that students made it an annual event, and Winter Carnival as we know it began to take shape.

It was suspended in 1930, in the aftermath of the stock market crash, but in 1934, Blue Key Honor Fraternity resurrected the event. Then, 1936 brought the biggest change, one that would become Carnival's best known tradition: snow statues.

Since then, the statues have become famous for their size, detail, and design as building methods (and secrets) have been passed from year to year.

During World War II, Winter Carnival was again suspended. It took off again in 1946, when the Stage Revue was added, with fraternities, sororities, and other campus organizations presenting skits for the enjoyment of the crowd and the performers alike.

Winter Carnival events start at the beginning of the Spring term, with the construction of the month-long statues (the bigger ones I'll show you in a minute!).  Then two or three weeks before the actual event, there are a lot of competitions, like broomball, skiing, human dogsled races, snowboarding, etc. 

Then there's a big ta-da at the end on a Wednesday night.  On that night a lot of other groups get together and while the people making month-long statues are finishing theirs, they make one-nighter statues that are a lot smaller.  There is activity on campus all night until the wee hours of the morning, and the deadline to be finished is 8am on Thursday.  Then Thursday morning everyone walks around the area taking photos of them all before they melt/fall apart.  All the minute details usually don't last more than a couple days (it warms up and melts, or it'll snow more on top of them, etc.) but the big structures will be up most of the rest of the winter until they melt.

There are so many people around that it was too hard to get a photo with me in it, but I hope you like them anyway!  They look  so awesome in person, the detail on some of them is amazing.

First the big month-long ones:

King Kong fighting a monster!

Oh yeah, the theme was Frightful Creatures with Chilling Features...

The Abominable Snowman!

The Ghostbusters fighting the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

More coming in the next post!

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Hancock, MI, USA - 7th February 2008

By: masucci

Melissa really liked this one.  It's a bunch of different monsters wreaking havoc on models of all the campus buildings.  Like there's Godzilla in something called the "Chem Sci".

One of the Sororities made a monster out of a can of Monster energy drink!  :D

The gay pride group paid homage to Sully Monster!

This is the monster from "Tremors".  The description says something about not eating Kevin Bacon - lol!

This is of Frankenstein and Frankenstein's monster.  This was the winner in the "Women's Groups/Sororities" category.

More coming soon!

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